Autumn Copper Eye Makeup: Binky’s Boutique S06E3/8

Autumn Copper Eye Makeup: Binky’s Boutique S06E3/8

Hello, it’s Binky from Made in Chelsea, and
welcome back to another episode of Binky’s Boutique. I love matching my makeup to the
season, and as it’s autumn, I’m going to be doing lots of browns and coppery shades to
create a really pretty and shimmery eye makeup look. [music] So, first up I’m going to be filling in my
brows with this bareMInerals Frame And Define eye pencil. Do little strokes. No one’s eyebrows are perfectly symmetrical,
so it’s best to even them out. Next up, we’re going to be using this bareMinerals Prime
Time brightening primer for your eyelids. It’s like a nudey color. Put some on my hand
for, it’s going to blend and really look really well. Got a nice little nudey shimmer, which
is a good base for applying your eyeshadow onto. I’m using this Clarins Eye Quartet eyeshadow,
and I’m using this pinky one here, getting it all over the lid. You don’t have to be
too precise with this, just apply this over the lid. Now I’m taking this light brown shimmery
shade from the same palette. I’m just applying it along the lash line to about here, halfway.
It’s great to use a few different shades. It adds definition and dimension. Now I’m
using this bareMinerals High Shine color, and it’s called Rose Gold. It comes with a
little brush. Be careful how you open it, because it pops. I’ll be applying this to
the socket line of my eye. Taking a clean, fluffy brush, I’m just going to do circular
motions above the socket line, just blending it in together. Just, the lines look very
harsh, and it makes it a little bit more natural. I’m also going to use this to blend in the
light brown color, and the copper color, too. Going back to the Clarins palette, and using
a slightly angled brush, I’m going to be applying this darker brown using small, little strokes.
By applying a darker color to the lash line, it will make your lashes look thicker and
fuller. I’ve got another eyeshadow palette from bareMinerals, and it’s called The Next
Big Thing. Take another angled brush, and we’ll be using this goldy color here along
the lower lash line. We’re putting this green color over the top
so you’ve got that autumn green leaf color. I really like it when you’ve got different
shades in the upper and lower lash line. Now, I’m using this Clarins Instant Definition
black mascara for the top and bottom lashes. Make the mascara go on quite thick, and fan
the lashes out at the same time. This look is all about being shimmery and golden, so
I’m using a bronzer called The Skinny Dip by bareMinerals, using quite a big brush to
apply it right over my face. Don’t forget your neck and your jawline. You don’t want
a horrible tide mark. Next, I’m going to be using a nudeish lip. This is by Daniel Sandler,
and it’s called Buff. This lip color really does tie in well with the eye color, and it
really does complete the look. If you like this video and want us to do more
autumn and winter looks, give this video a thumbs up. All the products that have been
featured you can get on Full list of products will also be in the description
box below. Tune in next Friday, as I’ll be showing you guys how to do a really cool side
bun hairstyle.


  1. You really are asking why? when she was putting the eyeliner did you see how she almost poked her eye out?
    it doesn't matter how expensive the makeup is, if you can't apply it properly it becomes a weapon of mass destruction in your hands!!!

  2. Hi binky, whats the best way of getting rid of acne? When i go to the shops to ask them they obviously say that theres is better – but do u no of the best one as you said u went through it thought u might no?

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