Avengers Iron Man Silver Surfer Easter Eggs Scene – Marvel Phase 4 News Breakdown

Avengers Iron Man Silver Surfer Easter Eggs Scene – Marvel Phase 4 News Breakdown

Your Herald summons you another world awaits Let it be done quickly What happy here happy Hogan here, I know what do you want over it? Mr. Starks going through his belongings Apparently it was a surfboard that you left behind People over there said they think that Nick here was a surfer guys sake appearance is gonna be juicy. Not mine Don’t ever call this number again Welcome back everyone is Charlie we have news about the Marvel Silver Surfer movie that they’re working on Obviously we have that Easter Egg during spider-man far from home. So we’ll break it all down We’re doing the giveaway for spider-man far from home on blu-ray All you have to do to enter that is be a subscriber and leave your best Silver Surfer theory on the video The reason why they included that in spider-man far from home is the same reason why they included that Fantastic Four Easter Egg at the end on the billboards side and then the one in Nick Fury’s sword Space Station in the post-credits scene because when they were making Spider-man far from home the Disney Fox Steel had not cleared yet. So they could have been sued out of existence So that’s why you don’t see Fantastic Four characters walking around in spider-man far from home or the Silver Surfer show up at the end of Avengers endgame They just didn’t get the rights to the character fast enough to do the CG That would have been required for something like that recently We all saw Kevin Feige announced the Fantastic Four movie reboot plants during the Marvel phase for Comic Con panel right now The rumor is is that movie could happen as soon as 2022 in there’s news of a Silver Surfer movie after that we’ve been hearing rumors about a Silver Surfer movie all Year long people even thought that he might show up at the end of Avengers end game for a little while I’ve already done a couple videos on the Fantastic Four teasers that we’ve gotten so far So this video is just gonna be about the Silver Surfer movie earlier this year director Adam McKay said that he intended to meet with Kevin Feige to talk about doing an actual Silver Surfer movie at the same event Kevin Feige also talked about Silver Surfer and future stuff that was coming We’re I not on this carpet talking you right now I’d be in the cutting room and on the mixed age where the rest of the team is Right the second you spoke recently about obviously the coming merger, and it’s a little premature to get too deep into things I don’t know if you heard I spoke to McKay the other day Adam McKay said Silver Surfer movie I might you know, I might need to give Feige a call. Have you gotten the call? I’ve not gotten a call yet But I’ve seen Adam tonight and at a number of these awards and he is not only as everybody knows incredibly smart guy He’s a honest-to-goodness fan yeah, and and you know, he did a lot of sort of behind the scenes help with us on the first ant-man film and Have you seen Vice Cameo little actus cameo in there We helped him get so I look forward to speaking with him or if there is there a Fox property you’re you’re just excited to Potentially get your hands on a particular that the truth is I’m excited for all of them I’m excited and it’s not just the marquee names, you know, there are hundreds of names on those on those documents on those agreements and the fact that Marvel is As close as we may ever get now to having access to all of the characters Is something I’ve been dreaming about for my almost 20 years At Marvel and it’s very exciting Mikey. He said he just sung your praises a moment ago He sounds like he really wants to make this work. I assume there’s been no movement You haven’t called him since our talk about Silver Surfer Some discussion about Silver Surfer my agents certainly woke up they were excited we’re in the middle of you know backing vice right now, but who knows in a couple months, it could pop up I Really am excited by that idea Most of you are probably familiar with Adam McKay from all of his work with Will Ferrell and all the movies and Saturday Night Live stuff that they did together But for the past several years Marvel has been using him as a script doctor on their movies going all the way back to the first ant-man movie They bring him in to punch up scripts when they’re shooting movies He’s an amazing writer and he’s actually a pretty good director in his own right too And he’s a lifelong Silver Surfer Stan a Silver Surfer movie would be the perfect opportunity for him to do his first big MCU movie himself instead of just being a lowly uncredited script doctor side note He’s also behind the succession TV show that’s on HBO right now starring Brian Who was himself a big x-men character for a long time? But right now aside from the Silver Surfer Fantastic Four Easter eggs in the Marvel phase three movies Marvel has not backed itself into a corner with an Odin’s vault Infinity Gauntlet situation that they’ll be forced to pay off so they can bring an Actual Silver Surfer any way that they want with any kind of story? typically that’s been through Fantastic Four stories because silver surfers first appearance in the comics was during a Fantastic Four storyline called wait for it the Galactus trilogy Stan Lee tells this great story about how they wanted to do Galactus so they had the idea for that character first inside the Fantastic Four comics the way Stan Lee tells it Jack Kirby showed up one day with a bunch of artwork in this weird dude, walking around with a silver surfboard So Jack Kirby explained the concept to him saying that well if Galactus is this huge character? Literally huge then he would probably have minions going around the universe helping him. So that’s where the Silver Surfer came from He was on the Fantastic Four team for a little while But then they turned the character into this observer of humanity and used him to comment on the human condition this is a clip of Stan Lee talking about the Philosophy of the Silver Surfer character and it gives you a good template for how the character is going to be used when he’s working with all the Avengers characters in Marvel phase 5 and Beyond he would drain all the Energy out of a planet to keep himself alive he was huge and he had this huge spaceship and he didn’t want to harm anybody, but he had to live and Instead of just a guy flying around fighting for finding planets. I made him a philosophical observer of the world and the universe and I had him talking semi Shakespearean and biblical language and He became my mouthpiece for how I feel about a lot of things I told Jack I want to use this character a lot and he came to earth and He would say things like And I don’t remember the exact words. I’ll just paraphrase it, but he would talk about the fact that We live in the greatest planet we could ever want it has everything it has clean fresh air in a sunlight moonlight It has all the water we could need most of the planet is water It has beautiful growing things all the food. We could one room for everybody Why do we fight each other? Why do we hate each other? Why? Is there chrome? What’s the matter with us? Are we insane? It’s always fun to listen to Stanley talk about the origins to some of these characters because when Kevin Feige talks about them he talks About them in the exact same way when they introduce really big comic book characters like this They try to be as true to the origins of the character as possible What they were originally intended to be used for but just on a practical level a Silver Surfer Spin-off movie would obviously spin probably out of a Fantastic Four movie in which is deal with his origins Norrin Radd where he came from how he came to be Galactus is Herald when she show all that history you show him then in present day working with the other current Avengers roster whatever that new roster is going to be I haven’t done a whole lot of Avengers 5 videos yet because a lot of the new Avengers team members will be the new characters that show up during Marvel phase 4 Probably the biggest surprise is kit harington’s Black Knight being on a future Avengers team That’s something that I would never guessed Kit Harington 1 being in an Avengers movie into even bigger surprise the Black Knight being in an Avengers movie if you’ve never seen it really the only other big Cinematic appearance of the Silver Surfer was in Fantastic Four 2 when Chris Evans was still playing the character It’s not a good movie. But Laurence Fishburne does the voice for the character Laurence Fishburne now in the MCU is playing Goliath So hopefully when they bring Silver Surfer in they’ll have some sort of Laurence Fishburne Easter egg in the background if they’re able to include That character sometimes that doesn’t always happen. He wasn’t anywhere to be found during avengers endgame That was a bit of a surprise, too but they also didn’t include a whole lot of Hank Pym Janet Van Dyne until the very very end if they really are able to Get their Fantastic Four movie out by 2022. I would say Silver Surfer movie would probably be the year or two after that Let me know in the comments though Who is your fan cast for the new Silver Surfer in the MCU? Could be anybody from their late 20s to early 40s I imagine it probably would be a whole lot older than that but if they find a fantastic actor Like if Keanu Reeves actually wants to be the Silver Surfer Kevin Feige would probably Bend time in space to make that happen That’s how the blade movie wound up getting green lit because Marvel had no intentions of doing a blade movie before Hershel alley walked in the door since it’s still really early days I’m not expecting to get a whole lot of news about Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer movies till at least next year sometime Next year’s Comic Con panel is when you’ll really start hearing about that stuff But Kevin Feige did say that they would start teasing all the really big stuff x-men Fantastic for the next big threat after Thanos which is probably gonna wind up being khalaqtu s’ during all the Marvel phase 4 projects So that’s why it’s important to watch the TV shows as well as the movies when they drop there will be a Black Widow trailer Coming late November early December. That’s just when Marvel usually drops its spring trailer They did the same thing for Avengers infinity war in Avengers endgame in the last two years So when we get new footage or if we hear any big news, I will totally do a video for it But leave all your requests in the comments below Congratulations, Ryan Hilton. You’re the giveaway winner from my last big Marvel video. Please email me on the about page of my channel So I can get your details Everybody click here for my new spider-man far from home post credits scene venom teaser Marvel phase 4 teaser breakdown in Easter eggs And click here for my video about Quicksilver coming back during Doctor Strange – thank you so much for watching. Everybody. Stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight


  1. Here's my new Silver Surfer Marvel Phase 4 video. He's right behind the new Fantastic Four Movie, so post all your theories and fancast pics in the comments!

  2. My theory for how they will bring in silver surfer. Is in Thor 4 as a post credit scene they'll show a silver surfboard or the silver surfer like thanos post credit scene in avengers. They could introduce Reed Richard's as a former stark employee.

  3. I feel like these choices are unlikely, but we if they wanted to bring James McAvoy, or Especially, Michael Fassbender into the MCU, I think they would make great options as the Silver Surfer!

  4. I can see Keanu Reeves as the Silver Surfer. This is a fantastic time to be a fan of the comics, the chance to see so many of the characters and stories come to life!!

  5. So I watched the Wolverine tonight for the trillionth time n I think I figure something out. If you really look at it at different angle on this kind of movie of the Wolverine Logan. Especially him being in Japan . There is a Archer character in this movie that I think give you put 22 together with Avengers and game of hockey I go to Japan I think this is that character that played as the Japanese Actor.

  6. Galactus devoured the Skrull Homeworld. If the Silver Surfer was his herald that would explain why Fury/Tallos did not take news of a surfboard well.

  7. Keanu is the smartest casting for the Silver Surfer. He'd be mostly CGI, so it would be easy to work around his schedule and insert his character wherever need be.

  8. How would Tony have Silver Surfer 's board?He would have done so much with it and I'm sure Mr.Radd would be looking for that.

  9. Anyone else reckon Jon Hamm would make a fantastic Silver Surfer? I can see him pulling off the nobility and virtuosity of Norrid Radd really well, along with having a great look anyway for the character (even though I imagine he'll be again mostly CGI).

  10. Is odins Sister Stronger than the infinity gauntlet and Thanos? is that why she flicked it over as if it was worthless? or did she do it because she new it was a fake?

  11. Silver surfer should be played by Jason Schwartzman hehehe. If he's animated like before he can be played by anybody. That way we just need a voice. Jason Bateman maybe?

  12. If Marvel cannot get Keanu Reeves to play as Silver Surfer, can they at least get Luke Goss? To those unfamiliar with the guy, he's the guy that played Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Jared Nomak in Blade II, and 'Frankenstein' in Death Race 2 and 3. So yeah, the guy's pretty good. Personally, I still cannot unsee Keanu as someone else other than John Wick, that's why I am not yet sold if he's to play any other character, in the MCU or not.

    I am also patiently waiting for Marvel to cast Charlize Theron, either as a villain or an anti-hero. She's awesome!

  13. I think Sliver Surfer makes a cameo in an ending scene in The Eternals. Galactus has to be in that movie, so why wouldn’t his herald? That would also make Norrin’s origin story worth producing before The Fantastic Four. He was theoretically finding worlds for Galactus before the FF was even created.

  14. (Sorta the cartoon beginning) Silver Surfer starts on Noran Radd's planet, Kree and Skrull are having a peace meeting as the watcher appears to warn the planet of an apocalyptic cosmic entity arriving that their planet's legends name, Galactus. Then as Noran gives his life to save his planet and become The Silver Surfer he travels the galaxy in search of planets for Galactus and struggling with memory loss they edge closer to the milky way that humans soon detect with the technology they had to detect where Thanos was using the stones, then whatever the nitty gritty is in between all those things but one of the wnd credit scenes should be Noran looking down at Earth same as the bad movie calling to Galactus (this being very far into phases and very close to the big big event)

  15. I don't understand the big general hate towards the first two fantastic 4 movies. They were lighthearted, had great casting, story seemed consistent. Even Ben grim looked very cool and aged well. I'm sure someone could shed some light on what makes these movies so bad? But I can't see it and I've watched every comic book movie that's been released dc, marvel, etc

  16. Silver Surfer being introduced into the MCU will be a post credits scene in the Fantastic Four movie, similar to how Thor met Captain Marvel. It'll be a scene in the next movie

  17. I think silver surfer will debut in Doctor Strange movie will be hinted towards as he’s going through all those realms and realities. I’m sure strange will come across eternity and all the supreme entities And of course Galactus And the Silver surfer

  18. Keanu and McKay would be so dope! And it would be easy for Keanu as being the silver surfer he would just have to do mostly voice acting

  19. I just thought of something clearly obvious. Disney plus characters are totally going to cross into the movies. Think of how we all thought the defenders were maybe going to show up in an avengers movie. I'm not exactly sure why they never did, but marvel probably saw a continuity problem with bringing them In and that's when they drew the line, cut off Netflix and said look, we have to do this a certain way for it all to work together and be successful. You did good but we gotta take this thing to the next level. I am hoping with this ideology Sony might have some leverage. They kept continuity but now it's time to get their share of the take. I hope we at least get a deal where they are allowed to call back eachother instead of acting like nothing ever happened. That balance act they pulled off between endgame and Far from home was so beautify done. It really proved that when big companies play nice together, they can accomplish greatness hitherto undreamed of

  20. I have seen every single video you have made about phase 4, the only character that I'm very interested to watch a video take from you is Ant-man (you haven't make a video about him). You're right, there was no Janet or Hank Pym until the very end of Endgame.
    I truly want to know if there is any chance of a third movie, especially with all of this announcements I started to feel than it might be unlikeble. What do you think about? is there any rumour?

    I mean, ant-man 3 could actually be the set up for young avengers, thunderbolts or even avengers 5 (since ant-man and the wasp are founder members in the comics). What do you think?

  21. That wasn't a SS Easter egg that was just a random object they picked so it would sound ridiculous. Because Fury needed to know the story was nonsense to get the message. Jesus not everything has some hidden meaning.

  22. I swear to God, if Sony doesn't let Marvel continue with Spider Man, I will NEVER IN MY LIFE again buy ANYTHING from Sony. Those motherfuckers!!!!!!!

  23. What I really am looking forward to seeing is the fact how Silver Surfer became the herald of Galactus and the villain himself in the MCU

  24. Fantastic Four 2 again? Great. God..they are doing a Skrull sabotage movie. I personally hated the Silver Surfer, even when it was a comic.

  25. I think Marvel should do a Silver Surfer movie first and set up the Fantastic Four as a post credit scene at the end. Norrin Radd after the events of his solo movie is speeding through the galaxy towards Earth to warn them of their impending doom at the hands of his former master Galactus, in his haste to make it there before Galactus his power cosmic triggers a cosmic energy that strikes a joint NASA space station with a '4' insignia!!!

  26. The Silver Surfer movie should start off with him already the Herald of Galactus, but as the film progresses we get glimpses of his former life as Norrin Radd of Zenn-La and of his wife Shalla Bal. As he slowly regains his memories and humanity he must face off against his former master's new heralds Terrax the Tamer and Fire-Lord!!!

  27. My outline of a MCU Fantastic Four movie. Reed Richards is a scientific wunderkind on the same level as both Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku, the only reason Reed isn't as famous as Tony Stark or Hank Pym is because he has become a recluse after the accident that left his friend and fellow scientist/European Royal Victor Von Doom scarred. Sue Richards is already Reed's wife and a Biologist/former fashion model she's the only one who can get Reed's attention away from his work, Johnny Storm(Sue's younger brother) is a YouTube/social media sensation who'll do anything for views. Ben Grimm is a All-American former pro running back who joined the Air Force after being sidelined with a injury early in his career, he has also joined NASA as an astronaut (he aspires to be a modern era Neil Armstrong). Victor believing Reed's negligence is what caused the third degree burns on his face, hands and upper body, has gone back to his home country of Latveria (his country borders Sokovia) seen as a hometown hero to the locals. The country has become a democracy and has become a third world nation, Victor uses his scientific expertise to overthrow the Latverian government and install himself as Monarch/Dictator, along the way he crafts himself a suit of armor inspired by Tony Stark's design. He also discovers arcane books and scrolls left to him by his mother Cynthia from when she was a former student of the Ancient One in Kamar Taj, meanwhile Susan's former biology teacher Harvey Elder reappears after retreating from society having suffered a nervous breakdown years ago. He had been working to splice animal and fungal DNA together to create new life forms, Fast forward the Four are already burgeoning superheroes/intrepid explorers and have to fight Elder now going by a new moniker….. Mole Man!!!!

  28. Can't wait for a Silver surfer movie!! But would love that to be before Fantastic Four.

    They could end it with his Power cosmic causing a explosove wave headed out into the Galaxy and a end credits scene show The 4 boarding the ship for space.

  29. Liam Neeson as Galactus
    Keanu Reeves as Normad Rand/Silver Surfer
    John Krasinski as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
    Emily Blunt as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman
    Zac Efron as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
    David Harbour as Ben Grimm/The Thing
    Luke Evans as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

    before you guys go commenting David Harbour is already Red Guardian in Black Widow movie… think about this, Mahershala Ali has played Cottonmouth in Luke Cage and now he's playing Blade. If 1 Actor could play 2 MCU characters so can David Harbour.

  30. Keanu Reeves needs to be a bad ass John Wick type character since he can do everything a character like that needs to do I feel like silver surfer would be a slight waste of his talent Idk what character he would fit best but ill take whatever they choose even if it is silver surfer but I'd love to hear some ideas on who he should play so comment your fan castings

  31. I feel like Kevin Feige loves these characters as much as Stan Lee did and can tell a story. Thank you. This has been the FUN and awesomeness that Star Wars used to be for me. 🙂

  32. Awesome looking forward to seeing how the silver surfer one of my favourite characters how his movie will take off in the mcu like to see him join the avengers 😀👍

  33. Well, Technically that Wasn't Fury & Hill, it was the Shape Changer assholes from Capt Marvel standing in for him. So, what if FURY Actually DOESN'T know about the Silver Surfer. What if Tellos (SP?) Just Stashed the board there without his knowledge, for "safe keeping".

    I am just saying that it seems rather insulting to just have this OBVIOUSLY advanced Race of beings doing menial tasks and errands for Nick Fury and his EGO.
    So, I kept thinking, what if they are actually using Nick, not the other way around. And then I thought, still.. this IS Nick Fury. He doesn't buy the fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice, shame on Me. Uh, uh.. he is more like "Fool me once, Ah HELL NO… Fool this Motherfucker [as he presses the button on a remote transmitter, which caused Nothing to happen… For a few seconds Anyways. Then, CRACKLE – Pow BooM.. The sky comes to life with thunderous BOOMS as almost 2 Dozen Tungsten/Adamantium/Vibranium Rods about the size of a light pole or telephone pole come crashing through the clouds above their heads. Only, while everyone IMMEDIATELY looked up to try and figure out what the first couple of sounds were, Fury stood stone still, but calm and cool..fully collected, and not so much as a drop of sweat on his brow, despite the pressure of the situation Quite literally raining down upon him.. them, Everyone. Yet he just gazed across the distance at the Man Tellos and the his team of highly trained killers who accompanied him on this, the final part of the mission to work with Fury, to convince him that they wanted nor meant harm to anyone. Then finish reconning the operation S.W.O.R.D. Information he had stumbled across. He is a brilliant soldier and Scholar and many more things, however despite his ability not change shape, he is Not Human, and as such he cannot and will never fully und them, as a species or as individuals.
    Still, as he looked back across the distance, trying to gauge the statistical probability of being able to close the distance in the few remaining seconds he had before the weapon Fury had unleashed upon them, the shamelessly Simple almost to the point of being primative weapon that without explosives, or nuclear fusion, plasma, or even so much as propulsion… simply a few tanks of compressed O2 and a rudimentary guidance system to help them line up with their intended target. Yet as the acceptance of his demise washed over him, it all faded away into the distance…as his last moment was taken up with the notion that He was Absolutely convinced that his cunning ruse had fooled Even the mighty Director Fury – while in the background, the Earth shook, as noises that didn't seem to make sense was heard as the "Rods of God" Tore through EVERYTHING they encountered.

    The truth is that, Quite honestly, Tellos did Fool Nick Fury…HAD HIM COMPLETELY Bamboozled. But Nick would NEVER ADMIT THAT to Anyone. Still, as he gazed across at Tellos, with a stare that was befitting of his sir name, he realized… Through waves of rage and Hatred, that had he not listened to his gut, not been his usual paranoid self… Paranoid to the point of being insulting to some if they ever found out, well – IT Fucking SAVED HIS LIFE YET AGAIN, so it can't be all bad!!

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