Backyard chickens – Chicken coop tour- Easy to clean

Backyard chickens – Chicken coop tour- Easy to clean


  1. I find the "poultry nipples" to be woefully inadequate in hot weather. They just don't provide sufficient volume to keep up with their needs. Similar concept as a salt lick/salt block vs loose salt for large livestock. They just can't lick as much as they need fast enough in hot weather.

    I will only use the small cup watering system for my poultry and loose salt for the horses and cows.

  2. Windows. An idea I would have turned it around so I could use the mechanisms to open and close it from the outside

  3. I'm not sure they prefer the rounded branches to flat wood. I have been watching mine pretty closely since I got them about a year ago, and at the moment, I have 2×4 roosts, but if they really want to rest and relax their bodies, they need it even wider. Even 4" is not enough for them to rest their full sternum (underside of body). I will probably make new roosts at least 6 inches wide.

  4. I opened the link to your plans but the cut list is too blurred to read. Would you mind posting it again? All of the rest of the post is legible but not that part for some reason. I want to make one for the wife and this is perfect. **Disregard – I worked it out**

  5. Wow! What a cool coop! I had hens a few years ago and built my coop from pallets. But it was very difficult to keep clean. Great plan!

  6. Did you or will you post the plans for the whole build? I like the look of it and want to duplicate. Thanks!

  7. I like the linoleum idea I have often wondered about using that for easy cleaning and saving the wood floor.

  8. What should the chicken do all day long?? There are nothing in that coop!
    😢No invironment like stones, small hills, plants ect. Think people forget about that. You have to think: “how would I like to live if I was a chicken”. Not a place without invironment thats for sure. And maybe a double up coop because you got the space for that.

  9. We also put sand down in the chick yard. We live in the city and started putting the fresh cut grass in top of the sand. Every 3 months or so we muck it out and use in the garden. It works great and we save money on fertilizer. We also allow the girls to go into the garden two hours before their roost time. We have several pest so added a top to the chick yard and trap opossums and cats and release to animal control. We also have to watch for hawks but enjoy the little hens.

  10. I am confused as i dont know how chicken behave to this kind of setup. where will the chicken will lay eggs? I think in the dark area as he was mentioning but how will they go there as the gap i see in this video is very small from inside the coop

  11. Nicely made, might want to figure a way to keep your water from freezing in the winter… I'm going to have to rebuild my coop after 14 yrs so I may just build something of your design on a larger scale….good luck with your ( what look to be ) golden comet's

  12. Great Video. I am a fan of backyard chicken and have them for the past 7 years. I really enjoyed it !!

  13. Pretty coop! One guy put a litter box under his roosts, much like you have done. Your Isa Browns could start laying at 4-5 months old. Thanks for sharing!

  14. DUDE! You could have put gutters on that roof and had the spout go down to the feeding pail. That way it would be totally self sufficient!

  15. Man I love this, my whole house is automated and I will def use your model when I build my coop. The only addition would be to automate sensor the door latch at sunset and sunrise using an Arduino. But a perfect coop man, well done.

  16. you have done ad great building job.
    Id believe you went wrong with the "night light" and heating you mentioned in the winter time. especially if you plan to heat them with IC light. they dont need the heating and light will mess with their moult (and health). Dont even close the ventilation during the winter as it could lead to respiratory and other health problem. hello from Serbia to all the chicken lovers.

  17. You should of had a sliding poop catcher. That way, you just slidel out and clean. They only have to slide out 1/2 way.

    They prefer those branches as it fits their grip. These are bird species after all.

  18. Indoor plumbing Double Payne sliding window lighting ventilation end more These

    Chicks have a nicer Home then some humans

  19. Coop is beautiful! Don't you need to clean the ground or move the coop ever so often? Otherwise their constantly walking in their own poop.

  20. Nice setup! I like the way the water will stay clean and you can fill both the feed and water from the outside. Good planning! You should be getting lots of good eggs in a couple of months 😊👌👍

  21. That's a nice design. I would have hooked the water to a float-valve setup so it auto-fills, and added an automated door opener for them. You can buy one (I saw it on another coop design) where you can do manual door opening or automated (must be on a timer). You already have a battery in place, might as well hook more stuff to it. The only thing you would have to do is refill the feeder.

  22. for a charger you could use a solar panel with all the trimmings to keep the battery charged…. research to see how to do it…….but they have them for camping

  23. Not bad, I modeled my coop after Carolina Coops design.
    I put a solar powered camp light in my coop. ($10 on Amazon)
    You'll probably want to put hardwood mulch down, it will keep the ground in there dry.
    Plus when it breaks down you can shovel and sift it through hardware cloth for the best garden compost.

  24. Chickens dont like Light during the night, I found that out real quick, and the roosters will keep crowing all night long, the light messes up their natural rhythm and the hens may not want to lay eggs or they will lay very few eggs.

  25. I used fence like you have. Not hardware cloth. I went out one night and a skunk was in the pen. How? I was at a loss on what to do. I went to the opposite side where the door was to do what? I don't know. As I looking and thinking, I looked at the other side and the stinker was walking down the back of the yard. He got out easy peasy. I put up hardware cloth after that.

  26. I might use the idea of a smoother surface, in order to clean the coop easier. I have just finished building my coop, I used a few of your idea's, like the natural wood for resting on and I am in the middle of altering the coop door. Thanks for the upload!! Have a look at my chicken coop build video if you get the chance, some feedback or ideas would be great.

  27. dig a hole about 4' x 4' and 2' deep…fill it with leaves,
    grass clippings etc….and your chickens will have bug-infested playground to scratch through…and you can empty it out and get the best compost to add to the garden.

  28. wow nice chicken coop this helps on my project for school this is Lisas daughter by the way Kymberley

  29. Really great looking coop, and I love how you've hooked up the water and food. You said you clean their bedding into a garbage bag? Do you compost it? Even if you don't grow a big garden, composting helps the soil, and is good for any kind of plant. 🙂

  30. Nicely thought out – except for the constant light! Those poor chickens must have gone mad with no true darkness, ever. As for falling off the roost at night… never heard of it. And any chicken stupid enough to drop off the roost doesn't belong in the gene pool. Hell, a lot of chickens, left to their own devices, roost in trees.

  31. Ya….you got those plans for sell? Because I'm just going to copy and build this amazing coup, exactly what I want and need.

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