1. Hi Tomoco i like your backyard foundry, please where you find that crucible with the hooks and the ingot mold?

  2. What material did you use for the crucible? And what nozzle did you use on the gasburner? And last what happens if you dont preheat the ingot mold?

  3. Very impressive.  I wondered if it was an oil burner at first, but clearly it isn't.  You should definitely check them out on youtube 😉

  4. Hello,
    I have been thinking about making my own foundry melting copper. What I want to know is the cost of fuel used to melt the copper vs just scrapping it, worth it? I have at least 80 pounds of copper that is silver or nickle plated. The scrap yard pays less for it. IF I can melt it at a reasonable cost then maybe I will make the foundry. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I've been getting into the idea of smelting. When it comes to copper; how much overhead does the foundry create? Does the gas used take a lot out of the profit?

  6. Tomoco how high is the Psi ur using?
    I've made a foundry recently but it wouldn't get hot enough to melt copper.
    I had the psi up to 35.
    Also from my bell shaped reducer I went from 2 inch down to 1 n 1/2 . Yours looks like 1 n 1/4.

  7. thats cool ….hot…can u drop insulated wire in there or do u have to strip it i want to make round cast's to turn on my lathe

  8. Great video and part. I too would like details on how you line the tank and what type of material you use for refractory(insulation). Thumbs up to you sir!

  9. I like the simplicity of this one man system, also like the reuse of the propane tank. can it be possible to make a tutorial of building this wonderful masterpiece. 

  10. Hello again tom and everyone else who finds this awesome and wishes to build their own, I just found this tutorial of how to build one of these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFOq88iQg60

  11. is propane a must to melt copper…im just doing aluminum at the moment….charcole and lost of cut wood.scrap form construction trash but works great….
     your deal looks trick

  12. thanks for the vid,try adding boric acid powder to your metal when molton to clean it, it will pull slag and will make a glass type resin over the metal it will quinch off mostlly tap off the rest.if you can get a carbon rod to skim the slag.

  13. Very cool bro, I dig it. I was wondering if the plastic chairs are, perhaps, too close to the work area? Cool, regardless 🙂

  14. haha I looked at the video halfway in and thought I saw the gas bottle in flames,,,its all good….nice video……. thanks

  15. This is so cool. I work at my familys industrial foundry, we produce circular bars not ingots. Seeing it on a miniature scale is amazing! I could watch it for hours.

  16. Im on youtube looking at different people doing this and curious about the economic element to this.

    I see some people just collecting copper and then I see some people like Tomoco melting down the metals.

    Is there more money in producing bars? Like do companies or who ever pay bigger bucks for the bars?

    Thanks in advance.

  17. When you had the pulse-jet effect and orange exhaust, was that an indicator that your air/fuel was too rich or too lean?

  18. Pls I took copper ore and grinded into grit powder just like table salt mesh then fired it with charcoal and lime stone in my kiln and got blister copper but pls I want to know how to convert this blister copper into metallic copper by firing and not by electrolysis. Pls also email me at: [email protected]otmail. com

  19. i have 4 copper ingots at the moment. each one is about 2.5 kg !!!

    i get them regular for 150.-$ each. i asked by the time for aluminium ingots .

    they make them as well . i pay 100.-$ each one , also 2.5kg .

    i like , to clean them as crazy , until there shine like the sun.

    aluminium ingots look like massive silver !!!

    what are the price for ur ingots , and how heavy they are ??

    BIG VIDEO !!!

  20. Where does the copper come from? does it condense out of the atmosphere?
    I never see any thing loaded into the crucible, it's like magic! what do you use 4

  21. Totally brilliant. But why bother? Do you get more for the copper? I you put in tinned wire will it remove the tin? (I have loads of borax) and about 300kg of stripped tinned and bright cable from rewires.

  22. Hello Sir
    I melted some copper in a waste oil furnace then i made some ingots for future casting but when i tried to melt the same ingots i made before i couldn't melt them in the same furnace and same temperature i don't why i failed can you give me some advices please thank you

  23. Hi. Bloody great video. Just a question if I may ask, Could you do a step by step video on how you made you gas torch or could you make one and ship it to Australia for me please. My furnace doesn't get anywhere as hot as yours and the best I can do is Ally and even then its not staying hot enough to work with. Many Thanks

  24. Thanks for the comment Patrick sadly ive not got time to do that at the moment but if you look at this link you can buy the same burner off ebay
    https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/261409518679 Hope this helps you regards Tom.

  25. Is there a market to sell these ingots? I have been collecting cooper for scrapping purposes, and I have the makings for a foundry. Is it worth smelting down and selling?

    Awesome video by the way, great setup!

  26. hey how are you using a steel crusible because I use a coal furnace and it just completely melts it and it's one quarter inch thick and it was made out of a fire extinguisher

  27. ok I'll try that I'm getting a graphite crusible shipped in from eBay soon so I won't have to worry about that anymore thanks anywhy

  28. That is a nice burner. would like to see a video of that burner. And at what level you keep the propane cylinder? coz whenever I try to fix the burner so low like that, i have this issue of propane back flowing and catching fire.

  29. This video is boring. No talking, no showing what furnace looks like inside, no explanation, whatever you're running on propane or waste oil.

  30. I like how you are organized! Every step is planned and safe. I would like to see how did you built that foundry, what kind of crucible do you have and from where.

  31. I would like to get some information from you on the crucible that you're using did you make it or did you buy it if you bought it where'd you get it and what size propane tank do you use

  32. This is genius! Here i've spent hours looking for the right sized containers to build a blast furnace, I just need the damn refractory cement! what do you use? does it last? i dont want to be casting and recasting the thing after every 4 runs….

  33. Enjoyed your video. What's the weight on those copper bars 3lb? How much propane do you go through to do how many bars? What's the cost on propane vs quantity of bars? Example: You can do 100 bars with how much propane size and expense? What is your furnace made out of and what material is your crucible ( steel ?? ) ( concrete walls?? ) What i loved the most is you bang them out one after the next while that sucker is HOT and ready that's they way to do it brother nice…

  34. This is awesome. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind?
    1. Are you using forced air, or is your burner naturally aspirated?
    2. What would you say the capacity is? Looks like the crucible is a decent size, but I know copper takes a lot of heat. How many lbs of copper do you think you could melt in one go?

  35. bcas quanta, you are dreaming to become a millionair by a backyard scrap project…all others at here like you..( sighs )

  36. Hi,need your guidance plz,I am recycling copper wires so when we r recycling some of the copper goes to plastic side some copper and plastic goes to dust collectors,copper size is too small and also plastic can you tell me how to separate them?

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