Bailey Golden Retriever Puppy Swim in Sea for First Time!

Bailey Golden Retriever Puppy Swim in Sea for First Time!

Golden retriever swimming for the first time!


  1. Bailey is so adorable! My old cats name was Bailey was got her at a place we could return her because my Cody was feeling left out! This is such a awesome video I love how you got the best parts of it!

  2. Hey Daddy you are really lucky to have such a smart boy (Bailey) in your life. I just love this video.😍😍😍

  3. Dog was struggling to get out of the water. Slightly traumatized. The things desperate people do for YouTube views is beyond stupid.

  4. Bailey is so sweet! ❤️😍😍I like golden Retriever dogs ❤️but we don't have enouth money for a dog 🙁😢

  5. Has Baily gone swimming a second time? He didn't seem to like swimming too much. I'm courious what his response would be to swimming again. Retrivers I think are swimmers.
    I grew up with a Boston Terrier who loved the water. In fact I like to say she helped teach me to swim. She was a natural.

  6. Bailey you are an awesome swimmer
    without your video my day is incomplete
    Bailey you make me soooooooooo happy 😊
    Bailey i love you soooooooooo much
    Cutie pie 🥰🐶

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