Bangle Illusion Memory Wire Bracelet-Jewelry Tutorial

Bangle Illusion Memory Wire Bracelet-Jewelry Tutorial

Hi there, Sandy here. Welcome to another jewelry making video at Memory wire bracelets are a favorite because
they’re so easy to wear and really it’s just simple stringing. Most of the work is in the designing and the
planning. This bracelet is all about the designing and
planning. So for this bracelet, I am actually going
to have seven wraps of beads and you want to make sure that your memory wire is long
enough to accommodate that. First of all, for a memory wire bracelet,
you actually need a little bit more than your usual bracelet length for each wrap. Since we’re planning these very deliberately
so that each round is one type of bead so that we have the look of a stack of dangles. We need to really plan that and get those
numbers pretty close. In my estimation, what I figure is that I
end up needing 8″ of memory wire per wrap. So 8×7=56, so I’m going to have about a 60″
piece of memory wire here and you can see I already added a memory wire end to one end
and that is just glued on with some 5-minute epoxy and if you want to know more about memory
wire ends, I’ve done a whole Friday Findings video on those. So then it’s time to start planning our center. Now I thought you might be interested in some
of the design process. So I went through my beads and found what
I liked and I decided that my central strand or bangle is going to consist of these pink
pearls with these little filigree spacers. And then I chose some other beads from my
stash and I have them on this scrap of bead stringing wire crimped because I needed to
bring it to the craft store to find some other beads. I didn’t have quite enough of what I needed. So that’s a good tip for you. Just string a sample of what you have on some
bead stringing wire, crimp both ends securely and then you can hold this up to the strands
at the craft store and really get a good idea of how it’s going to look. And interestingly I chose these antique gold
filigree bead caps, but I really couldn’t find any matching spacer beads that I liked
at the craft store, so I’m actually going to end up going with copper for the spacers
and the copper looks really nice with the pink. So the first thing I’m going to do is arrange
my central section of beads and often it’s just dictated by how many beads I have. I only have 4 of these big ones and 3 of these
smaller dark ones. So these are going to have bead caps just
on the dark ones and then in between each of those I’ll have one of the smaller light
ones. And this is often how I design. I just start putting things together and then
I put things on either side and then I put things in between and then we end up with
a nice symmetrical design and I’ve taken the time to measure this out so that I know this
is about 8″ of beads. For the rows on either side of these pink
pearl beads, I’ve chosen these faceted rose quartz beads and I also have some oval cherry
quartz beads. I only have like 6 of them so I’m just going
to put 3 in each of these rows and then I have like I mentioned, these copper saucer
spacers. Now I made sure to pick a different shape
than round. It kind of looks boring and repetitive and
static if you use the same shape. So using faceted rounds instead of rounds. I’m using saucers instead of rounds. It just makes it more interesting. Then for the middle of the outer rows, I chose
these large seed beads. I was looking for something metallic, but
again, they just didn’t have what I wanted for what I had in mind, but I thought these
look nice because they kind of have the copper look, the gold and even a bit of the pink
in them. So I thought that would be pretty framing
it. Framing everything I have these pink pearls. Again if you picture, this is a little more
than half of the design. These patterns will be repeated in the opposite
order on the other side. So there will be 7 wraps of the bracelet. With each of these being a different color,
it will look like a stack of bangles. Now if you don’t have memory wire ends, you
can use round nose pliers and make a loop here. That’s certainly one way to do it and it’s
fine. I’ve made a lot of memory wire bracelets that
way, but I just like the look of the ends. It’s just a nice finished look. So we’ll find the other end and start stringing
about 8″ of one of our outer rows of beads. So I’ve gone ahead and strung on 8″ of beads
and I’ll just try it out and so you can see just the natural way the wraps fall, maybe
I’ll remove 2 beads from that overlapping, but it will naturally, I think I’ll probably
leave it because it will actually magically open up a little bit more the more weight
that is on it. So yep, that’s just about right and that’s
how you can test it. Just take one of these bead clamps and put
it on there to hold everything in place and put it on your wrist and then you’ll see that
fits just about right. So if your bracelet size is a lot smaller
or larger than 7″ you might want to test it for yourself, but I found 8″ was just about
right. So now I’m going to add 8″ of these seed beads
and I’ll just continue on adding 8″ of each of the beads. Checking in between just like I did just to
make sure that everything lines up because like I said, the more weight that’s on the
bracelet will change things a little bit. So I thought I would show you. I’m a little bit more than half way through
and you can see I’m checking this latest wrap and that’s pretty good. See how they all pretty much meet up. If I had one more pearl of these pink pearls
I might add it here, but I don’t so it will have to do. It will be fine. Just one little tip. When you’re working with this memory wire,
think of it like the Slinkies that you played with in your childhood. It’s pretty much the same thing. It’s a hardened piece of wire that holds its
shape and like the Slinkies that you played with, you can distort it and pull it out of
shape if you handle it roughly. So just be sure to handle it gently. So now I’m going to set up my final 3 rows
and so I’ll be doing what I just did, but in reverse. The rose quartz and saucer spacers and then
the gold seed beads and finishing with the pink 4mm pearls. And so here it is. All the beads are strung on and here you can
see the look of a symmetrical stack and it’s all just a memory wire bracelet. So now to finish, you can either turn a loop
here on the end, but I’m going to glue another memory wire end and you can see it’s just
a bead with a single hole that’s drilled only half way through the bead and you glue that
on and then that finishes the end just like the beginning. Here it is. And so that’s glued on there. I’ll use a short setting 5 minute epoxy so
that I can stand to sit and hold it for 5 minutes until it’s set. It won’t be completely cured for longer than
that, but I don’t have to sit and hold it for hours. And then that’s it. For trimming your wire, make sure first of
all that all of your beads are down tight against each other and then use a pair of
memory wire shears or use just a junky old pair of wire cutters. Don’t use your good ones because it will ruin
them. This is hardened metal. So we’ll just trim it, glue on my memory wire
end on the bracelet and it’s done. I hope you’ve benefitted from these videos. If you’re interested in any of the supplies
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help keep them coming for everyone. So happy creating. Bye bye.


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial ! Of course now my brain is bursting again with all the combinations that are possible with this bracelet 🙂

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