Bangor University awarded Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework

Bangor University awarded Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework

When I came here there was just something
about the atmosphere and the buildings. It just felt like I was in the right place and
you know, the course is amazing, we’re quite renowned in terms of research internationally
and that’s what I want to do with my future. I would say that the staff are absolutely
brilliant. They help so much in terms of the seminars and lectures as well, they give you
lots of information but they don’t overload you with it so it’s not scary. I never felt
that I was a number on a list. I know all of the lecturers relatively well and I just
felt really at home when I came. They’re very supportive. Any questions that you’ve got,
anything you need to know, go in and they’re happy to help. And they do give you very helpful
feedback. The level of teaching is so high here. All the lecturers know your name, all of them personally engage with you, which is really good. I really enjoyed the small
class sizes, it was really personal, everyone knew each other and knew the lecturers and
we had lots of visiting lecturers like clinicians from the local hospital, I really enjoyed
that. If you ever have anything that you need to ask people, whether it be to do with dissertations
or any course, any module in particular, their doors are always open. It’s very friendly,
everybody gets on and that was a lovely thing to experience here in Bangor.

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