Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Hi there. Welcome to another jewelry making
video at my YouTube channel and my blog, Today we’re going to be making this leather
cord wrap bracelet with beads. It’s a design that’s been floating around the internet for
awhile, but it’s a really easy thing to do and great if you want to make gifts and use
up the supplies you have on hand. So to make the bracelet, you will need an
assortment of beads and some leather cord. Here I have just a spool of 1mm leather cord.
You can use any color you like. The trickiest part of this whole design is finding beads
that have a hole large enough for the cord to go through, so you’ll have to go through
your stash and find them. I’ve pulled out a selection of pinks and some silver spacers.
You’ll need a clasp. Now you can use a toggle clasp or you can use a button. I’ll show you
how to do that as well and then the only other tool you’ll need is a pair of scissors. So the first thing you need to do is cut two
long, like ten foot long lengths of your leather cord. After you’ve cut your two ten foot long
links of cord, if you’re going to use a button, you simply slide the two ends through the
shank of the button and then center the button on the cord. You do want to find one that
has a shank that’s wide enough for your cord to pass through twice or if you’re using a
toggle clasp, you do the same thing passing both cords through the loop of the toggle
and if you need to, you can use your scissors to cut these cords at a point. That will make
it easier to thread on your beads. Center the clasp piece on the cord, bringing all
four ends together. So there’s my clasp piece at the center of the cords and now I’m just
going to make an overhand knot and you would do the exact same thing if you were using
the button here and just pull on each cord individually to make that knot nice and snug
and tight and now you can start stringing on your beads and what I’m going to do is
kind of mix up my beads and then I’m going to arrange them. I’m going to make this wrap
bracelet wrap around the wrist twice so that will be about 14″. So I’m going to arrange
these in a row of about 14″ long. I’ve got like my main beads, these ones and the fuchsia
ones kind of evenly spaced throughout. So then all you do is start stringing a bead
onto a cord. Slide it down and then make a loop and poke the end of the cord through
that loop and make a knot to hold your bead in place and how frequently you space them
is entirely up to you and this one I didn’t put a knot after the clasp, but I think I
will now to keep my next one from moving up too much. Just make a loop, poke the end through,
slide on a bead. Try not to worry too much about these being random. Just pick up the
next one your hand goes to, slide it down and then make a knot again. You don’t have
to hold them tight in place, but you can if you want to. You can put a knot right next
to that. I like to let them float around a bit on the cord
and let’s see, my next one I want to put a
knot right next to those so I’m going to put a knot up here. Try to have them staggered
around the lengths and you can put more than one bead in a section if you want and then
you just carry on placing beads along the entire length of the cord until you can wrap
it around your wrist two times. So now I have finished knotting and stringing
all of my beads and I did use all those beads. It was about 65 beads so used them all and
now we just need to finish it up. It’s quite simple. I’m just going to gather all four
strands together making sure that they’re even and then I’m going to bring them down
here and make an overhand knot using all four. Now that you have your knot made, it’s a good
idea to take a little strong glue like E-6000. I like to use E-6000 on this because it’s
flexible. Super Glue will hold, but it dries hard and kind of brittle and it can crack
off, but this stuff flexes a bit as does your leather. So you just take a little bit and
then just tuck some in that knot just to hold those cords in place and then what I’m going
to do, since this cord will only fit one strand through the other end of my toggle, I’m going
to trim off two of these cords and this is one important reason for the glue, just to
make sure nothing comes undone. Then I’m going to slide one of my strands and you can see
here maybe ten feet was maybe a little bit long, but depending on how many beads you
add and the size of your bracelet, this stuff isn’t so expensive and it’s a good idea to
just have a little extra and then all I’m going to do here is make another overhand
knot right after the toggle. Because this is a leather bracelet and it’s kind of rustic
looking, I think the look is fine. Again a little dab of E-6000 just tucked in there
with a toothpick and then I’m just going to trim these at a jaunty angle. Let me just show you. If you were using the
button on the other end, if you started that way, all you need to do is make a loop here.
Make sure it’s just big enough to go over your button. That’s a little too big. You
want it just big enough and then you would take these loops and make a knot below that
other knot and that would be your closure for your button. Now I can wrap it around my wrist twice, do
up the toggle and there it is. A really pretty, full and colorful bracelet. Here’s another
look at the bracelet we made today. I hope you like this project and you’ll give it a
try. I think this kind of bracelet is a great way to use up lots of different odds and ends
of beads in your collection. You can gather together a whole bunch, a certain theme, color
or style and get yourself something really nice. If you like this video, please be sure to
give it a like and share it with your friends who would enjoy it as well. You can follow
me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on my blog and there are a couple more videos
up on the screen for you to check out. Thanks for watching. Happy creating. Bye bye.


  1. Sandy you are just a delight. I am just venturing into creating jewelry and am learning so much from you. Many thanks for sharing your talents and inspiring me. I wish you continued success in all you do.

  2. so disappointing when half the time detail was lost as camera was not in correct position spent most of the time looking at the row of beads….but lovely bracelet

  3. Acabo de ver tu pulsera y me ha enamorado felicidades es la primera vez que te escribo porque me he suscrito ayer me llaman Geli y soy española gracias

  4. I love this and I appreciate your tutorial but I wonder if you could show your hands putting the cord on the clasp instead of showing the beads? That would be more helpful to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  5. You make such beautiful jewelry. Your selection of beads are fab! It seems when I go to get cord I can’t find beads to go thru beads with big holes or clasps to go with the cord. Where do you get yours?

  6. Beautiful. And in my color!! I made a few of these but I didn't put enough knots in it and the beads clustered. I'm going to unstring and do right this time!! Thank you for sharing your art. I always learn from you. Thank you. ❇️☮️☯️🙏💜✌️✳️

  7. I discovered you a few weeks ago and I am so in love. This bracelet has all of my favorite colors. Thanks for the wonderful videos.

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