Beading Projects : How to Tie a Beaded Bracelet

Beading Projects : How to Tie a Beaded Bracelet

Hello I’m Audrey Parramore with
I’m the beading expert and I’m here to show you how to tie a beaded bracelet. These are
some of the supplies that you will need in order to tie off the beaded bracelet. Of course
a variety of beads of your choice and color combinations. Here I have a center stone that
I am using and I am kind of using the same accent beads to go around that center stone.
I took off a few beads to just show you how to put it on the elastic chord that we are
using for the process of how to tie off a beaded bracelet. So as you can see I am adding
on each bead to the elastic and after I finish adding the beads, you know I make sure it
is the same number of beads on each side so then you know it balances well after finishing
the piece. Then we are going to take the elastic and we’re going to tie the piece off and I’m
just doing an over hand knot and I am going to do another tie. I like to do a few more
just for again I know I say this, security. I’m actually going to do another technique
where I run in back through a bead and pull it out and I’m going to run it back through
one more and again my famous word security. I take my scissors and give that elastic a
good snip. I have one more tail that I’m going to take through the other end, I ran that
through that end. Coming back through one more bead and now I’m going to cut that tail
and that is actually how you tie off a beaded bracelet. Audrey Parramore, your beading expert,


  1. @ftrrsherdiwala1 that isnt a wire its an elastic band and you can get them practicaly in any craft store ( even dollorama or something)

  2. Yes,she does..I'm new to beading,and these videos are so helpful to me..and,I'm glad she has such a soothing voice,it makes the instruction flow much easier 🙂

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