Beautiful Gold Find After 3 Minutes Of Hunting!

Beautiful Gold Find After 3 Minutes Of Hunting!

HELLO HUNTERS This is a very “trashy” place. You will see uninterrupted footage until my gold find. Starting now! First target. Just a piece of foil. Foil again… The discrimination is set to “3”. That’s why iron may sound “good” to you. Holes from other detectorists. Boars are doing its part too. I have no idea what it is. Iron… Iron again. 4 small holes… This was my “where are the finds” hand sign. Sounds good only from this angle. Gold! Solid gold, it was soldered to something else. I discovered nice engraving at the back of the stone (I will show you pictures at the end). Stick as a reference point… I’m not expecting finding anything related to it, but who knows. Something tiny. The sensitivity of this pin pointer could be better… It’s a ring from a small bird. Again tiny stuff, this time I have no idea… No HF coil needed… A shotgun cartridge. It’s a badge. GPS POI #2. A lead bullet. Hmm… Look, a small hole. And a target next to it. Looks like Roman coin to me. With a crust on it. This was unexpected. Surface find… Modern (EU) “20 Cent” coin. From 2002. It’s all iron. Hmm, difficult to say… Next hole. And a deep target next to it. Could be iron, but I have to be sure. It took me quite a while… Almost there… Could be a key… ~8.6″ (22cm) depth. To be honest, I saw the “key shape” at home first. Sounds like iron from this angle. The soil is partially loose. Maybe someone was already digging here. It’s out, I misjudged the depth a little bit. Oh no, it’s a chain, that was risky from my side… …but after a signal like this, I wasn’t expecting anything good. Everything in one piece… It’s hard to see on a 2D screen, but there are holes everywhere… This area was bombed during the WWII. The big iron signals are bomb parts. A lead bullet. Looks (to me) like part of a bell. Trash. A button at the surface. Ring from a pigeon. Always nice to find. He/she came from a long distance to die here. I’m out of shape today… Hmm, a big piece of lead folded together. I have no idea. A “lead ball”… No hunt without anti rage vaccine. Foil. It looks “old”, but what is it… With a pattern. %&$?! Look at the leafs! That was low. It took me by surprise… I’m trying very hard not to shake. I reacted to the sound and could not “catch” him on cam. Please take a look in the description below – I added more details. Is he coming back? Is he going to kill me? He was turning left somewhere in the distance. That was awesome. I’m still trying very hard not to shake :D. Hmm… From a giant tent? It’s a nice looking button. It’s just trash. The time is up – I have to go. Please wait for the pictures. It was a short but intense hunt. Modern (EU) “20 Cent” coin (2002). The lead collection. The pigeon came from Belgium. Another tiny bird died too… Chunk of folded lead. Probably a bell. Any suggestions about this badge? It really looks like a key. I’m not sure about this object… Sorry, I’m not very familiar with buttons either. Probably a Roman coin. I wonder how old this chain could be… The beautiful gold find. Feels heavy for its size. With interesting engraving. Size comparison. Trash… And treasure… Hunting time: 1h:30m


  1. A few words about the jet-fighter. Please keep in mind that the camera is automatically adjusting the audio recording level. That's why the volume seems normal, while it was screaming loud in reality – the hearing in my left ear was reduced for a few minutes.
    If you want to hear it one more time, turn up the volume and take a look again: 33:01

    If you are visiting an air show, you can see low planes flying, but you are expecting and waiting for it.
    When you are in a relatively quiet environment like the forest, with your thoughts somewhere else and a jet-fighter comes out of nowhere at this low altitude, it's a shocker.
    It was simply amazing. I enjoyed it very much. I tried to capture it on camera, but it happened too fast (I was "aiming" at the sound, when the plane itself was out of frame – I couldn't see it myself).

    I hope you enjoyed this video. It was a little bit more technical, because of all the signals at this trashy spot, but that's how it sometimes is. It was a relatively short (1h 30m) hunt. I just wanted to swing the coil a little bit without any expectations (to be able to find anything at all, was a nice surprise).

    Have a nice day (or evening).

  2. What is that weird sound when coming from the metal detector(not the sound when it detects something) it’s a weird glitch-like sound

  3. The damn was unbelievable. I fell in love with the throwing knife. From the fingers.kissssبوس بوس

  4. there any one where to buy metal detector' in the phillipines i want to try hunting gold in the phillipines?

  5. 33:23 sounds like a plane crashed into each other, does anyone know why? I have not met this phenomenon in viet nam 🇻🇳

  6. Hope there's Who can visit in my country because i need someone who knows about the symbol of yamashita treasure, pls message i have someone who can look for my sight

  7. I have idea about gold here in philippines but i have no gold detecting if where the exact hole and i have also Stone which is look like finish product .

  8. Much too fast swinging the coil, I think. If I would do that with one of my detectors, they wouldn´t show anything, I guess.

  9. Only an amateur would pass up hits even if you think its iron it may not be u have no idea the good finds ur likely passing up even silver coins can often give and iron sound all holes matter theres great truth in that statement

  10. It's kinda weird how the gold was all ready cut and in the perfect shape it looks like someone was going to make jewelry before they lost it amazing find could be worth at least $100

  11. I thought I was watching Darth Vader metal detecting…deep breathing on the audio. LOL. Keep on searching. Good luck.

  12. All I can think is "imagine how much poison ivy is coating the end of that detector". Also looks like you possibly put it down in poison ivy at the end. Did you end up covered in poison ivy?

  13. Whites Mxt and Gmt are good for trashy areas like this …gmt will tell u its a solid metal with a 1 bar on the id graph. And has iron grunt. Mxt has good audio discrimination and depth. And i beleive iron grunt can pick them up used for pretty cheap.

  14. Sir how can i get this muchine for buy i am in saudi arabia my whatup number 00966581987080 i need this matel machine

  15. Please sir how much for this equipment and how to have it. Is it for metal or for gold
    I'm in Côte d'Ivoire 🇨🇮

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