Beaver Bay to Silver Bay

Beaver Bay to Silver Bay

Lisa: Well my new favorite section would be Silver Bay to Beaver Bay. There is a nice downhill and coming back it is uphill, a great
workout… so lots of great views. It’s approximately three miles. I think the elevation drop is
approximately three hundred feet, so Silver Bay is the higher end which goes down three hundred feet to Beaver Bay. It’s windy, a little up and down but… it’s probably one of the straighter sections of trail
I would say, but it’s beautiful. You can overlook the lake and see the
backside of North Shore Mining. There is a nice tunnel, there is a lot of wildlife out there that you come across… I’ve seen deer, I’ve seen wolf tracks, lots of birds. I’ll see eagles out here all the time. Don’t miss the North Shore, it’s beautiful any time of year,
especially in the fall, but the North Shore is a fabulous place to bike.

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