Belgium’s Best GOLDEN BUZZERS! | Top Talent

Belgium’s Best GOLDEN BUZZERS! | Top Talent

!!!Sorry if things aren’t correct!!! We are Avant Garde and we are with 7 dancers. I’m Samuel, i’m the only Belgian. Everybody else is from The Netherlands. And yeah, i’m the only one from Belgium. To win, I don’t know, I just want to enjoy this with these amazing friends on stage. We dance. And we just want to present the other things. ??? I have never seen this before! No because I Audience: Push, push, push!!! Yes, yes! They deserve it. Super, I think. Are you excited to sing? Of course! For so many people. And you too, we will certainly encourage her. You can’t sing together with her. You can wath and encourage her, but you need to be quiet. Thats cute! Good evening, miss. Who are you? I am Marjolein. Hello Marjolein. How old are you? I am nine years old. Nine? Nine years old? What are you going to do for us? I’m going to sing. Do you sing a lot? Yes. Yes, a lot. How many times a week do you sing? How many hours? Every day. Every day? Yes. As much as possible. Do you want to become a singer later? Yes. Yeah really? OK, and what are you going to sing? Avé Maria from Cacinni. Take a tissue. Uhm, that’s special. And uhm… songs from Niels Destadsbader? Is that something for you? (Stan) Yes, no no, I get it. (Niels) No that isn’t true. (Ann) Oh nooo! Did you bring someone? Supporters? Here or there? Yes. Yes, are there people in the audience or are there people… My father and my brother are in the audience… … And my little brother and my mother are (judges) They are there. We are going to supporter you. Enjoy it Marjolein! ??? It was so beautiful. Oh! I know what’s going to happen! Dear Marjolein… … Uhm, I think that I have never heard someone sing this song so beautiful. And… And there was a lot happening, and actually… I was here, only looking at you. And that is fantastic! Thank you. There was someone crying next to me, Anneke. Yes, Marjolein. You came on stage and then it’s pretty easy to think oh such a cute little girl that’s going to sing a song. And then you started and the tears were rolling over my cheeks I couldn’t stop it. I tought it was beautiful. And I would love to see you sing a whole evening. We are going to hear a lot of this girl. Congratulations! You have The Golden Buzzer. How cool is that?! Hello. Tell me, who are you? I am Aya Courouble. And you brought a ball with you. What are you going to do with that? I’m going to do rhythmic gymnastics with this. Cool! Did you specially prepared for Belgium’s Got Talent? Why did you come to this show? To promote gymnastics. And I also want to win because then i can go to the Olympics but for that i need to qualify so with that money I want to go to the international matches. Wow, this is serious! That’s a good reason. When she was ten, people on her school asked what she wanted to be… … she said: become world champion. Amazing. So this could help you to make another dream come true? The Olympics are very big. The stadsschouwberg in Antwerp is that too, in his own way Here are 2000 people, so I would say… … impress us and enjoy it. Thank you. I didn’t expect that. I’m going to stand up for this. Aya, do I say it right? Aya. Aya… We have a sheet of paper here where we need to write down stuff if someone is performing. And by your name, there is nothing written. That tells everything. Because what do you need to say to this? This is just so beautiful to watch. It’s so elegant. You have so much control over it, and it stays playful. Its stays pure, very youthful You never forget to watch at your public. Wow, wow, I enjoyed it. Thank you. For real. Anneke, i see you smile. Yes, wow, Aya. If you are here, talking to us, just having a conversation. Then I thaught Wow she is nervous. And a little shy, a typical teenage girl. Then you started and I saw you probably don’t know, but I saw a cheesecake pin up girl. Very playful, with the wink and still a little sexy. And still very tight and strong. doing these movements. Its breathtaking, it’s not only technical super good but also your character is very rare. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Dan, I wish we had our Golden Buzzer. Thank you. Now it’s time to vote. yes, I knew it! Good choice! Come on! I’m so happy! It was fantastic! Thank you! Directly going to the live shows. And there you need to give everything! Wave to the judges. Amazing. Audience: Push, push, push!!! It’s a coat hanger. Hello Who are you? We are Jhalik Punjab Di. Wait, I have an idea! Do that again piece by piece, and then we can repeat that. Say it again, so? OK, you guys seem very colorful. What are you going to do toninght. We’re going to dance. It’s a traditional folk dance from ??? And what’s your connection? Family, friends? Just friends from social media, Facebook. OK, get ready. We’re ready. You can start. You just get happy when seeing this. Standing ovation! Sir on my left side, in green. You smiled from the first till the last second And you also putted that smile on my face. You were the most striking of them all. No, I just said something about you but all the others were striking too. I think it’s amazing what you guys do. You look so happy and it also looks like you enjoy it a lot on stage. Do you have Facebook friends with whom you can do this? I wish I had them. I want you to come and dance. Come with us, you need to come too. So, is it a yes or a no? Audience: Golden Buzzer, Golden Buzzer, Golden Buzzer! The Golden Buzzer, who thought that? They are gone and we didn’t say anything! Yes Niels, your Golden Buzzer. A Golden Buzzer for you. Yes, you know what it is Once, I had the chance to go to India It’s a fantastic and beautiful country. It was a little while ago, I’m happy that it came back for a few minutes. If I look at your faces, I become so happy If I look at your costumes, then I ask myself why I don’t have something in my closet. There is a reason for that. And if I looked and heard the audience to see what they thought then I needed to push it. I’m so, so happy that you …. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are Belgians, we live here and this is Belgium’s Got Talent. And that’s why… And you are proud to be Belgian. Yes we are proud of that. I think that we agree that we are happy to see you come back in the Live Show. Thank you Congratulations. Till next time everybody, bye! Also, my mother is here, where is my mother? Thank you mother! Ugh, I hope it’s not going to be something silly. They’re still building up. No. Its probably super silly. Did it start yet? Sorry, what? Did it start yet? Yes, I think so. Open here. Do we need to open that? I don’t know, is somebody else going to do it? No, come. Shall we do it? Yeah, right? I can’t open that. I can do it. That’s freaky. That’s weird. Oh, that scares me. Don’t come too close to me. I think it’s a little creepy. No, no, no, stop it now. What is this? Yes, me too. For real! That’s cool. Blissful, blissful! Oh man, this is just… Guys, I don’t like men in such creepy masks It started with you in that box and I thought… It’s going to be something dirty. I was scared, but then you started and I wanna see more. Can you just do it again? Again. I thinks it absolutely fantastic. Really. Oh, yeah, this is so smart. This is so good conveiced. It’s so creepy. I admit… But that tongue that is coming out of your mouth is so… Such things are amazing. You are fantastic dancers. Really, it’s unbelievable to see you dance. And the best thing was, just on the moment that you think this is it Is de rest of de group coming. And for me, you could continue for a long time. I never thought for a second: This is done. It’s weird, surprising, humorous, funny. It’s incredible. Subtitels: Kato


  1. The bald guy who hit the golden buzzer with the girl who sang Ave Maria was out of tune with reality. No offense meant to the girl and her family  but it's insane.

  2. On peut savoir pourquoi le jury et les concurrents parlent en patois archaïque qui écorche les oreilles,à peine compris chez les voisins hollandais et chantent en Anglais ?

  3. Nothing to say about the performances, but everything else is really a great fake built to art !!! the audience that just framed makes facial expressions from idiots who had seen the Madonna, another audience that just framed starts to dance as if they were almost better than those on stage!
    Unfortunately, today the television is more and more a large fake artfully shown to try to stun the audience at home, and you lose the true value of a performance, just to increase the audience!
    Bad show 😒😒😒😒😒

  4. Děkuji té mamce za čistokrevné blonďaté bílé děti, navíc s jedním talentem – tohle v Evropě vymírá a je nám vnucováno se za to stydět! Velký dík za odvahu mít takové (typicky bílé) děti!

  5. Is that what they call "talent" in Belgium ? Seriously ? They are just a s lame as the French. Not one of these acts would make it through to round 2 on America's Got Talent.

  6. It's funny, I was watching these performances, thinking they were kind of boring (to me, personally – I'm sure Belgium is great!) — then I found similar comments. I saw one comment saying how Belgium is so small, so it would be hard to find a world class talent in such a small country compared to the US or even GB. I guess it must be true. Very skilled, but not very artistic or attention grabbing, in my opinion. Much love to you, Belgium.

  7. Well we are a very small country and only half of it speak dutch the other half french and on Belgium got talent are almost only dutch people so we only have 6.4 million people so lots of really special talent are you not gonna find

  8. Can't be much talent in Belgium if these were the best for a golden buzzer. I am afraid to say I started watching all the acts, but skipped forward a few seconds in and that little girl singing was the worst off key singer I have heard doing that Ave Maria, in like forever.

  9. Belgium isn't a boring land
    And this acts were good Belgium is a small land so it harder to find talent
    We have tommorowland alle people over the come so hol your stupid mouth

  10. The drummers & other percussion players …it was like watching musical warriors with a great energy. Lively; surprising & fun.

  11. Don't know what's wrong with people. All great acts but In like the percussion drummer band the best. Not just playing but very artistict!

  12. Judging by the comments below, there are a lot of arrogant ass holes writing comments below. Too many people thinking that they are better and belittling Belgium. May I point out that Belgium is a country with a great history, with very nice people, great food and their fair share of important historical figures and scientific contribution to the world. Most of these people you see in the audience probably all speak Flemish, French, English and also probably Dutch and German. How many languages do you arrogant dicks speak?

  13. life must be pretty boring there in belgium. when i was there we were brought to a place to watch a few individuals cut diamonds i could hardly see. yep… boorrrrring!

  14. aya courouble = She is talented internationally and is very honored to start her dance with Israeli music, and with good luck …wwwwwwwooooooooowwwwww
    – – love from Israel …… @t

  15. When the 9 year old sang Ava Maria she brought me to tears as she sounded like the Angels were with her singing..Amira on Hollands got talent years ago was also 9 and she blew everyone away..I love this our children are tremendous talents..God bless!

  16. I don't want to be that guy but I have to say it when I watched that little girl sing and her family run out to hug her. All I could think is why do we have enemies and allies we are all human and we all love our children. My one wish is we all stop fighting we are all human beings and we all love our families we can have world peace if we stop with the hate and just think of our families if they are happy and HEALTHY then we are a golden buzzer winner and live in a great world. May we have peace on earth and have this little girl sing for the U.N. so they can realize we are all the same and love is the answer god bless everyone reading this and today. Try to a random act of kindness and see if we can't get everyone trying to do one nice thing for a stranger and hope it passes on over and over again.

  17. Belgicani vylizany krome ti holcicky na zacatku bych je vsechny nahazel do cirkusu..Ani za listek gratis bych tam nesel koukat na takovi kaspary..!!

  18. with the first act,you're lembarassed if you didn't see the avant garde and standing o anyway. lol.

  19. Something I noticed in recent music competitions

  20. We should all be thankfull for this little country, Creating two world famous foods ( waffels and fries)
    and this country makes the 2 best chocolate. plus we have a good police dog. Just think how much this tiny country has made for us. Its culture and buildings are amazing too and antwerp is called the diamond city

  21. I found one audition only worthy of a golden buzzer. Maybe it is because Belgium is rather small but most of these acts wouldn't even have gotten 3 or 4 yes' in other competitions.

  22. na 7 min heb ik deze onzin af gezet. Amai wat een winnaars waren dat. Dan kijk ik veel liever naar AGT . BGT sucks!!!!!!!!!!

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