Benefits continue for local restaurant 5 yrs after WI indoor smoking ban

Benefits continue for local restaurant 5 yrs after WI indoor smoking ban

It’s been five years since Wisconsin passed an indoor smoking ban. and many restaurants are still seeing the benefits. News 8’s Brittany Schmidt joins us now with an update. Mike, When the statewide ban on smoking took effect in July of 2010, many business owners thought it would hurt business. Including local staple. Buzzard Billy’s But now five years later. one managing partner says business has actually increased as a result of the indoor smoking ban. There you go. Anything else right away for you too? So 18 years now. But when it opened its doors. there seemed to be an invisible line separating customers Ash trays on the table. Smokers on one side…non-smokers on the other. Not separate rooms, just half and half pretty much. You had to make everybody happy, you had to bring people in and that was one way of doing it by offering smoking and non-smoking. But 5 years ago. Wisconsin lawmakers adopted a statewide smoking ban. We have no smoking in restaurants and bars and in all work sites. And that includes Buzzard Billy’s NAT POP –How are things tasting for you so far. Larson admits it didn’t sit well with him as a business owner at first You are always worried about what will happen when something new comes along. But looking back on it. I think we do have more people in here as a result to that. When the law took effect, we had people say they could come in now and feel better doing so because there was no smoking allowed. Anything else right away? Now there’s a new product lighting up controversy. e-cigarettes I know that is sort of a gray area right now. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that turn liquid nicotine into vapor. but local health officials say its emitting more than just vapor They still have chemicals in them, cancer-causing chemicals, they have heavy metals in them. Right now…e-cigarettes are not included in the statewide ban. but members of the La Crosse Area Health Initiative hope to change that sometime soon. Let’s finish it, lets get the job done, lets prevent a generation from ever starting to smoke. Making e-cigarettes a thing of the past. just like cigarettes may be one day too I think there is going to be a time in the future when you tell the younger generation that yeah back in the day…there would be 20 people at the bar smoking cigarettes and people have a hard time envisioning that now. IN LAX, BS, N8 The use of E-cigarettes tripled in the United States from 2013 to 2014….specifically among the younger age groups. Fourteen- percent of our youth admit to trying an e-cigarette in the past year…so that’s about 700 students in La Crosse County. Thanks Brittany, The Food and Drug Administration is currently looking for public input about whether bottles of liquid nicotine, mostly used for e-cigarettes, should have warning labels on them. It also wants to know
if the packaging should be childproof. The public has two months to provide feedback. just head to News 8-thousand-dot-com for details.

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