Berina A21 Light Grey Hair Color FAIL!! Feria S1 Smokey Silver Hair Dye Success!!

Berina A21 Light Grey Hair Color FAIL!! Feria S1 Smokey Silver Hair Dye Success!!

Today, I’m going to be coloring my hair using a Berina hair color cream…in the light gray A21 shade. I ordered this hair color from Amazon. It was roughly $8, and I did buy a new and unused box. However, the top did come kind of taped shut. Even though the instructions on the box are in another language, on Amazon, under the description of the product, you can find how to use this with instructions in English. I started with dark brown hair, and I attempted to lighten it using a Revlon Ultra Light Sun Blonde shade. I applied this product and left it on for 45 minutes… and you can see that my hair kind of almost looks like… a light red. It’s definitely more of a golden blonde. And this is not the color that I want to start with as my base before I apply that color cream. I went back to the store, and I’m going to try out a different product to lighten my hair. This actually says on it that it is brass controlling. I’ll leave this on for another 20 minutes, and then I’ll rinse it out with the garden hose. So, after trying to lighten my hair two different times with two different products… my dark brown hair has now ended up in definitely more of a red tinted blonde. So, my niece Shea (who is 18 and has a lot of experience doing cool stuff with her hair) she suggested that I go to the store and pick up a purple tinted shampoo. Apparently, if I use this product or the next couple of weeks, it should take out some of the red that’s in my hair now. And, I’m just really hoping that it works. I’m gonna go pick up that now, and I’ll let you guys know how it goes. It says on the back of this Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo that you’re only supposed to use it once or twice a week, in place of your normal shampoo. I’ve used this five times, and I think that it’s made a very subtle change. I still think my hair is a little bit too brassy to try doing the silver. But, I’m going to do it anyway. For any of you who are curious about this product, it does come out purple. As this product starts to foam, it turns into a really pale purple, and it eventually will rinse clear. I really want to go inside. Okay. I’ve been using the conditioner in addition to the shampoo, but it does state in the directions of the silver hair dye that you need to make sure that your hair has been washed but not conditioned before applying the product. So, my hair right now does not have any conditioner in it. It’s just been shampooed and it definitely feels kind of scruffy. Okay, so I didn’t rinse that purple shampoo off fast enough. And now, for the first time, I actually have dye on my skin. So, this doesn’t happen when you’re in the shower, because you have that constant stream of water. But, if you’re going to demo this product, make sure that you are thoroughly washing your hands afterwards. This Berina product does not come with any gloves. You’re gonna need to have your own gloves. And then also the container that you’re gonna be mixing the color in, and then something to mix that color with. The instructions regarding how long to wait after you’ve bleached your hair before you apply this product are kind of contradictory. It says up here that you only have to wait one day, and then down here. It says that you should wait three weeks. So, I’ve been waiting two weeks. I’ve noticed that I’m starting to see that new root growth, and so, it’s definitely time for me to try out this product. Here’s what the two tubes inside of the box look like. I’m gonna to try to mix this up thoroughly. It’s definitely really dense. So…this may take a second. Okay. I feel like this is mixed thoroughly. The instructions are fairly plain. So, I’m basically just going to put this directly on my hair, wait 40 minutes, and…by God’s hair will be silver. You’re hair looks pretty. Thanks, Baby. You’re welcome. Hello, guys! This is the amount of product that I have left. So, probably if my hair had been maybe shoulder length, I could have gotten away with it. But, anything longer than that, and I definitely would order two boxes. I’m gonna play with our outdoor bowling set with Lyds. I’m coming, Babe! And we’ll see what this looks like in 40 minutes. I do not feel like my hair is turning gray. What do you think, Lyds? I still feel like it looks yellow. Here’s what that gray shade looks like after all the hair dye has been rinsed out There’s barely any change at all. My hair still looks predominantly blonde. I’m gonna pick up another lightening kit, I’m going to try to find a silver dyeing product, and I’m basically just going to lighten my hair to as close to white as I can get…and try this again. I literally had to go 2 towns over, and I finally found this product. There were no other silver hair dye options. But I was so thankful that there was a Target that had something new for me to try. I’m a firm believer now that you must have platinum blonde hair before you attempt to put a silver hair dye in your hair if you’re expecting to get a result anywhere close to what these beautiful boxes show on the cover. Mommy? Yeah, Baby. Even though I’ve already used one harsh chemical on my hair today, I’m about to use two more, and that’s terrible advice. But, if this works, I will know in the future…how to go about getting the silver hair that I want. I wanna hold this with you. Thank you. So I’m gonna try this…what’s it called? Maximum Lightening Cream. And then…I’m going to go for this Smoky Silver! That is exclusively for Light Blondes. I’ve had this lightener on for about 30 minutes now, and…I think that my hair is effectively white at this point. I’m going to keep my gloves on, rinse my hair thoroughly… I’m going to apply the anti-brass conditioner, leave it on for 5 minutes Rinse it out, and then…I should be ready to dry my hair and apply that smoky silver My hair is air dried now, and…it’s very obvious to me that I didn’t leave it on long enough for the color to turn more of a white blonde. I still have, kind of…what I’m gonna call, a little bit of a goofy yellow. Even though I definitely did not achieve the Ultra Light Platinum, it actually is somewhat close to the light blonde that is shown on this Smoky Silver package. I’ll leave this product on for a total of 25 minutes, and then we will rinse it out and condition it. I’ll let it air dry, and we’ll see what it looks like. After 25 minutes on my hair, this Feria Smoky Silver color looks significantly darker than that Berena color did. So, I think that really bodes well for ending up with a silver gray shade at the end of this. I’m probably gonna land somewhere between these two. We’ll see. It’s definitely gray. Like…the good news is, it’s not like, blue. It’s not, like weird green. It’s not, it’s not purple. It… it really is gray. Yeah. A lot of these other gray products, they’ll have this undertone of another color. But, this does feel gray. It really does. And it feels, like, legitimately gray. It’s not dramatic. It definitely is (kind of) a more subtle gray. And I like it. In the future I’m probably gonna try and go brighter. But for now, it looks good. Why do you say ‘whoa’? Because…I like you. You’re a trendsetter, Babe. When you say ‘whoa’, I’ve got to say, ‘whoa’. Whoa! Whoa!


  1. i like it. maybe it will fade some. keep us posted, maybe someday i'll let my natural gray grow in and have to use that color to make all my hair the same color.

  2. Loved this!!! Hmmmm surprised that the other dyes did not lift enough… I went platinum on my channel and now I have went gray but I used a different bleach accompanied with a toner and was able to get my hair lifted. But glad you got your final wanted result!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I just bleached my hair and it's also got the yellow tint. I normally would put ash blonde on but it never covers all of the brassiness. Looks like I'll be buying the smokey silver!

  4. Did your hair fade back to brassy after a few washes ? Or did it go to an Ash blonde? I want to try this on my yellow / pale orange hair but I don't want it to fade back to the orange 😭

  5. I wish mine came out like yours!! I look like half barney the dinosaur lmao and an elderly.silver its so bright and horrible!! I meant to say it's like really dark but it stands out so much like ij a bright way..DEFINITELY NOTICEABLE LOL!! I'm looking for a way to lighten it and not have to waste it because my head did not like this at all and that was my 2nd time ever dying and I'm 37 years was like having acid poured on my scalp it created open sores (about 20 of them so heads up peeps)!! Especially if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't suggest it at all..all around horrible for me πŸ™ ! The Schwarzkopf brand worked well but it didn't last long thats why I tried this brand this time

  6. Love, love this outdoorsy video! I went thru the exact same thing going dark brown trying to get yellow blonde to put the silver on. lol I used 5 boxes of crap trying to avoid bleach and my hair was blue lol. never again. the latest time I bleached it and used wella T14 silver lady toner. Much, much better. less damage tbh

  7. Why didn't you just bleach your hair before using the berina? If you had, it would've turned out grey/ silver. Yes, you have to have banana peel (inside) color. It's tough getting orange and gold tones out. But it turned out nice!

  8. Thank you SweetHeart – You look stunning in the grey – let us know how it goes over time.πŸ’–πŸŒΉβœ”πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

  9. Thanks for making this video. I just bought the loreal smokey grey and wanted to see how "natural" it looked before using since my work has requirements for hair color. This is the exact grey color I was looking for. I have medium brown hair and love splat bleach for it color lift and limited brassiness just so you know for future colors.

  10. Funny, I was looking for Feria reviews since I just purchased it and you used the same Garnier I just did and we got the same color hair! So now I know that I should be fine and finally get the grey color I've wanted! (As long as my hair takes it, sometimes it takes weird and I come out like a calico cat)

  11. It needs to be more bleached again until a paler blond. Then tone with something like wella T18 and then you can use that hair color.

  12. Also if you you want to bleach better. Go to Sally’s beauty supply you can get stronger bleach than the one you get in the box.

  13. You look amazing with the grey hair. He's definitely right it's more of a true grey. That's for the crash course I'm so ready to try

  14. Oh that came out great! I've used the Schwarzkopf silver before and loved it, but it faded to more of an ash platinum in about three weeks.

  15. Your hair is like mine, the more I abuse it, the better it behaves. Try Born blonde by Clairol Nice and Easy, next time, and leave it on until all of your hair is the color of cooked spaghetti. If it doesn't get you to white, and IF you start on previously untreated hair, you can do 2 of Born Blonde without frying. You were correct that you didn't leave that last blonde on long enough, but also, after that many processes, your hair is as porous as a sponge, so 10 to 15 minutes of the smokey grey would probably have given the result you were going for.

  16. Love your color! First lesson my hair stylist taught me is color won't lift color. Bleach lifts color. So buying a super light blonde box color will never give you anything more than an orange or redish color. The second lightener you used is a bleach. Spot on it worked. I just went through the bleaching process for the second time. I wait 2 weeks between bleaching sessions so my hair doesn't fall out. My problem is that my grey roots went hot….or super white, while the rest of my hair didn't. I tried to tone with the Wella T18 and 050 but it gave me the silver color I was going for on my roots only. I think I am going to try this color. It looks great on you and I'm hoping it will even my roots to match the color of my length. Fingers crossed it will look like yours.

  17. You look beautiful in the smoky gray. Thanks for trying the color! I've been trying to decide which shade to use for my hair.πŸ™‚

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