Bespoke Rose Gold Ring Making

Bespoke Rose Gold Ring Making

Hello everyone! Today we are making a ring Similar to the one I have in my hand I will watch the video with you We prepare the chemicals We then melt the gold It’s going to be a small ingot As you can see, I run out of gas in the last second Now we need to make the wire We’ll make the wire at approximately 1.5 mm The shape will be square This is the hole where the diamond will come in place A little ring in the middle To hold it We solder a bit by laser so that it doesn’t move when we solder it with fire Dance! Dance “Cabron”! We need to make it look like, so with 2 ears Fold it This ring isn’t very difficult to do Like! Like! Like! Like! Like! This is the reference ring The one we’re making has slightly red gold We will use the polishing wire This is the vice we made the other day in a different video I’m sure you know what the polishing wire is We don’t need any presentation It’s ready for polishing And set the diamonds This is a pretty easy ring to make similar This ring needs to be made perfectly for the stone that we will set in the middle This depends on the distance between the ears We will set the diamonds We will use diamonds of 0.9 mm We mark it We will use wax To make the holes That way the drill bit doesn’t break Roundball frise For the dimension of the diamond We made the holes with a drill bit of 0.5 mm This is a cylindrical frise We will set the diamonds but I won’t split the prongs So that the ring ends a bit more solid We are looking for it to be strong not just pretty Shrek’s ears are missing! I mounted the central stone We polish the whole ring I hope you liked it Any comments, any question, it’s welcome You can also put a like if you enjoyed the video Thank you! Goodbye, everyone!!! I’ll see you in the next video Bye!


  1. Saludos COLY .esa imaginación que le das a las piezas es única me atrevo a decir que eres un gran diseñador le das una determinación especial a cada pieza que fábricas me imagino la sabiduría que le trasmites a tus estudiantes y tú los ases aprender sabiduría mis respetos sr. COLY ( gran video)

  2. Excelente trabajo, para hacerlo,buen video, saludos desde Perú, le habla un estudiante de joyeria, éxitos maestro

  3. Once again, another masterpiece! I absolutely enjoy watching you work and witness the creation of such beautiful pieces. Thank you so much for continuing to show the world your amazing skills and works of art!

  4. What your source of copper? I make my own alloys but am not sure if my copper is pure enough as my alloys keep cracking. When I try to roll them.

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