Best 6 Heros To Rank Up FAST! Bronze to Platinum – Overwatch Guide

Best 6 Heros To Rank Up FAST! Bronze to Platinum – Overwatch Guide

so you’re stuck in your SR range and you
want to get out fair enough we’ll help you to do just that
hero choice across all SRS is definitely what will help you to climb the most so
for that reason today we’re going to look at the top six heroes to rank up
fast with, Plat and below edition my name is Nathan and welcome to Blizzard
guides so no not necessarily low sr but what I mean by low SR is essentially
where the pro meted no longer applies there’s a certain point where you have
to just really play specific team comps and above so I would probably gauge that
around low diamond to high flat so this guide is aimed at those of you who are
mid plat and below the way this is going to work is I’m going to go over to
heroes for each category at a total of six and for those of you who might say
well there’s four categories typically you want to look at it as three
categories DPS tank and heals DPS means damage per second which would just be
the attack and defense categories combined and also one last thing I know
that some people are going to tell me in the comments down below that well you
shouldn’t just play one here on that you should flex for your team and while yes
that is true and yes it is true that there are certain situations that you
would want to play for your team or for the map that doesn’t mean that you can’t
main a specific hero and just play that here every give an opportunity you get
to decide what you’re willing to flex to not your team so sometimes not all the
times but sometimes you can just be firm about what you’re going to play and just
run with it anyway I digress I’m going to go in the order of DPS tank and then
support and that’s just not in any particular order I just picked it like
that because that’s how I wrote the script I guess I don’t know it doesn’t
really matter it’s not very important and also if you think that any of these
heroes don’t deserve to be on the list or you think that you have a better
suggestion let me know in the comments down below I’d really love to hear
guys’s feedback anyway sorry for this long-winded intro let’s get right into
this list so the first DPS and at number six we have the rocket Queen herself
Pharah, Pharah is one of those interesting heroes without any proper counters she
can absolutely dominate matches she’s relatively easy to play and her
projectiles are very forgiving and she has her own line of protection being in
the sky and all Farah does a devastating 120 damage per hit with the six shots in
the chamber she can be really impactful with a low mechanical cost this hero is
one for those of you who don’t have been perfect aim but are better at
positioning and maybe managing your resources the three tips I can give you
when playing Farah are as follows first be careful to not
overextend are playing close to areas you have to be always mindful of where
you are headed so try not to get into any cramped hallways since you’ll
actually be at a huge disadvantage because you won’t be up in the air and a
fair on the ground is just super easy to kill you always want to be in open areas
and on high ground especially and in the event that you do have to go into a
closed area maybe to just grab a health pack or maybe finish off a low health
support always plan your escape route think critically about it if the hallway
only has one exit that leads to the enemy team maybe it’s not best to go
into that tight cramped area or perhaps if there is an easy exit you can
probably get away with going into the hallway it’s all just about being very
careful about choosing your positioning and planning your escape and secondly be
very careful when you old because when you do you’ll be stationary in the air I
mean that’s pretty self-explanatory just try and surprise the enemy team from
behind and try and do it in a spot that they will have trouble shooting at you
so maybe behind a wall or just above them or somewhere like behind them don’t
give them time to react remember that you don’t have to be right next to the
enemy team your rocket volley is actually pretty quick you don’t have to
go for big huge six-man kills just getting two to three guaranteed kills is
better than none and just dying and lastly just learn to feather your hover
Jets basically just get used to tapping the jump button so that you actually
hover in the air rather than holding it all down and one go if you do this
properly you’ll actually be able to fly forever all it takes is just
periodically pressing the jump button so aiming for 50% of the time used in 50%
of the time not so if you’re holding jump for half a second while in the air
wait for another half a second until you press the jump button again it’s an
extremely useful tool to have in your kit and it will make playing ferrah
significantly easier farah overall is a really strong pick especially out lower
loz where your biggest counter hits game players might not have the best aim in
the world to be able to pick you off for our second DPS at number 5 we have
Reaper now some people might question this one and I totally understand where
you’re coming from but I have a good reason Reaper is a hero that doesn’t
thrive at top levels of play where everyone is organized
however at elos where teams aren’t necessarily going to be as organized as
something like an overwatch League team you can seriously pack a punch with
Reaper Reaper plays best in two scenarios one against triple’ or quanta
and two against or organized teams and well yeah you’re pretty much going to
always find very unorganized teams and matchmaking
regardless of what SR you play at Reapers shotguns can do lethal damage in
just a single shot so learning how to position yourself which isn’t very
difficult and just learning how to get two to three critical shots out of your
shotguns which also isn’t very difficult will prop your gameplay up to the next
level so first positioning when positioning as
Reaper you really have to be careful about when and where you use your shadow
step to move around I would rarely rarely ever use it if I
were you the only situations honestly where you do want to use it are either
when you’re coming back from spawn or just trying to get behind enemy lines or
maybe trying to get on high ground obviously I don’t need to explain how to
get back from spawn but the others I do so when you’re trying to get behind the
enemy lines you’re usually going to want to go further back than you actually
would expect to do so you’re going to be vulnerable for a solid moment and you
won’t be able to move so when you shade step to new locations you really have to
plan it out and figure out where the enemy team is going to be looking and
where they’re standing if you can’t see where you’re going to teleport to it
just might be best not to do so so if you’re unsure whether or not there are
enemies there just be safe and don’t do it and if you’re going to go for a high
ground the same thing applies just make sure that there aren’t enemies looking
there so now that you’ve put yourself into a position that lets you get closer
to the enemy safely how do you engage well it’s actually pretty simple the
best Reaper play style at any elo is just hunting and pouncing you really
shouldn’t be seen until the moment that you come into contact with the enemy
team shot guns blazing you won’t give the enemies time to react and if you can
land two to three shots from your magazine you’ll actually be able to
sweep up kills your goal is to get one target so before you actually pounce on
the enemy decide who you’re going to kill get that kill and if you are on low
health go and kill the nearest enemy repeat this until you are actually at
low health and just use Wraith to get out and voila you’ve won the fight for
your team hunting and pouncing is the most effective way to engage the fight
so once you’re actually deep into the fight your job is relatively simple
because at close-range Reaper is really easy to pull off and also a quick tip
for when you alt don’t ever try and go for a six-man Reaper all by yourself
just all whenever your team is actually fighting with the enemy so even if two
of your teammates are fighting for of the enemy it might still be a good time
to alt just don’t all by yourself that’s the biggest mistake you could make
and now off to tanks so the tanks are going to be a perfect blend for those of
you support players that are looking to get into DPS and DPS players that are
looking to get into something a bit more refreshing and less critical of you
landing your shots the first tank we’re going to look at is
number four Reinhardt Reinhardt is a super powerful and pretty easy hero to
learn Reinhardt sporting his rocket hammer of Justice is able to swing and
toss enemies around with ease his giant barrier field can negate up to 2,000
damage points the enemy throws at you so while a hero like road hog might do a
lot of damage to move the enemy around Reinhardt’s focus isn’t on applying
damage as much as it is protecting and creating space for your team so since
Ryan is a more traditional tank in fits more into the very classic style of tank
toolkit this will be a very good first tank to learn and just a very good tank
to keep in your pocket as of right now your biggest contour will be Sombra and
junk rat so just playing effectively you won’t actually encounter too many issues
so first I’m just going to give you the basic spiel of playing Ryan and then I
will tell you more specific issues about what you’re going to encounter with Ryan
and how to mitigate those things so firstly you really want to focus on
learning when to go and brawl on point and went to play passively and hold your
shield up the easiest way to remember is if your team is taking heavy damage it
might not be company to a fight so if they’re playing somewhat passively and
either healing or waiting for abilities to recharge you’re probably going to
want to just hold your shield and when both teams are brawling on point you
definitely want to be up in the fight swinging your hammer in the frontlines
building old and doing damage and while your rocket hammer might not have the
burst potential of something like junk right you’re really going to want to
just put pressure on the enemy team which is more than enough for them to
either back up or just get finished off by your damage dealers Reinhardt is
focused on creating space for his team so use this to your advantage play
forward play aggressive and protect when necessary and for your counters to
things that are just going to be the biggest issue especially in season 9 our
junk rats and sombras junk rat is absolutely going to burn your shield
down and extremely quickly at that so quite simply just to hold your shield
whenever lethal damage is coming in and if the damage might not necessarily be
something that’s going to wipe out your team or get it pick then you don’t
necessarily need to hold your shield so if the junk rat spam is you know off
target might not be hitting your team you can put your shield down and just
let it recharge but if there is a lot of damage coming in you want to hold your
shield up and for Sombra unfortunate as it is there really isn’t much that you
can do if summer plays smart she’ll always be out of range for you and all
in range for a hack you really have to rely on your team killing her and that
can be pretty difficult at times so playing aggressively is you’re really
only option in truth because playing passively with shield will only cause
you to lose your shield and it’ll just leave your team vulnerable our next tank
at number three is road hog hog is an extremely forgiving hero the 300 HP take
a breather with the 50% damage reduction allows you to take huge blows at the
cost of just giving some enemies old charge hog is a bit more mechanically
demanding than some of the other heroes on this list so you’ll really need to
get your hooks down and flicks down but even with a hook accuracy of like 40
percent or something you’ll still be able to be extremely effective road hog
can pretty much guarantee insta picks really quickly and easily ideally you
want to play on point with your team throwing damage in as often as possible
picking off enemies that are out of position some tips that will improve
your effectiveness are as follows first just try and catch enemies off-guard
with your hood so if both teams are brawling on point trying to hook enemies
that are standing still or aren’t looking at you this won’t give them
enough time to react allowing you to more easily land your hook and secure
the kill and when you hook just remain calm aim slightly in front of where you
think the enemy will be so if they’re walking in line perpendicular to you
hook slightly in front of their path of travel and secondly despite the crazy
amounts of damage that you output you still aren’t a replacement for your DPS
hog is still a tank so you have to play very forward and in front of your team
creating safe space behind you that your DPS can utilize to be able to grab
better positioning hog has a weird dual nature of dpsing and tanking when used
properly but if you get it down and get used to the weird feeling of it you can
really have a huge impact in your games and absolutely dominate the frontlines
hog is a tank that really thrives in the front lines and on points so make sure
that you use that to your advantage and for the last but very much certainly
not the least category support starting the first support off at number two is
Moira if you’re in alo like bronze silver or gold you’re probably already
well aware of the haunting damage that Moira can output her healing and damage
potential is absolutely astounding and against unorganized and chaotic teams
Moira absolutely Rex and luckily for you guys Moira isn’t a very hard hero to
learn her mechanics and positioning are more forgiving than a support like Zen
or Anna when you play Moria you want to always be healing first damaging second
the main worries that you have when playing Moira are relatively simple but
something that requires a lot of balance and preparation firstly you have to be
very mindful of your healing meter if your team isn’t taking lethal damage
you’re safe doing damage and rebuilding that healing meter but if your team is
taking heavy damage healing is a priority in actually very similar
situation around hurt you really need to learn when and where you need to switch
from healing to damage and it’s actually very similar for your healing and
damaged orbs if your team isn’t taking lethal damage you could safely throw a
damaged orb and if your team is taking heavy damage you can safely throw your
healing or it’s pretty self-explanatory like with all supports an tanks good
decision-making and game sense will separate the good from the bad
another question that a lot of Moira players have is when to use their
ultimate and again luckily for you it’s not too hard to get down primarily you
want to be healing when you use your alt and doing damage second basically you
want to line yourself up so that the line of sight through your ally goes
through them and into an enemy basically and effectively healing and doing damage
at the same time doing so will spit out insane amounts of damage and insane
amounts of healing coalescence also charges really fast so you can get away
with using it almost every fight use it whenever you engage into a fight with
your team and use it also to just cover for your healing if you run out of
healing juice and lastly when to fade bending is very useful and very powerful
for more your players basic fade uses would include fading in to close that
distance off between a low health enemy target and you and then using fade to
retreat from a lost fight some more advanced uses would be dodging Ultimates
with fade you can escape earth shatters graviton surges rip tires high Noons
pulse bombs and a whole host of other old so timing is key with fading out of
those but if you learn it and practice it you’ll be practically unkillable it’s
actually kind of ridiculous the plays that can be made with fade
and last but not least the final hero and support at number one is Zen yep not
mercy then is a stupidly powerful hero right now but severely underrated
definitely a hero that in the right hands can actually burn through enemy
lines he is absolutely the most mechanically
demanding hero in this list so this is actually the hero that you need to
practice and learn the most should you decide to main him this season zan Jana
boils down to really two main concepts discord and transcendence discord and
effectively his damage output are where you’re going to get the most value out
of Zenyatta zenyatta is discord when place properly can melt through the
enemy’s frontline you want to put discord on two classes of targets face
slash main tanks and hard to hit mobile heroes so that’s your fair as tracers
and Genji’s if you put discord on the face and main tanks you essentially shut
down the enemy teams front line so if their team is reliant on their shield
and not running flankers then you want to put discord on their frontline tanks
and if you’re getting flanked a lot you can just put discord on those flankers
and go for the left clicks discord is a super powerful tool for Zen skit and one
place properly it can shut down entire teams and to follow that trends in
Yoda’s primary and alternate fire are really devastating sins right-click can
melt through enemies if you land all five shots you do a total of 230 damage
not including headshots or discord or power boost and for his ultimate
transcendence you really just want to hold on to it for two scenarios one if
you’re stuck in grav and going to be burst down with your team pop you
transcendence and you’ll be able to save your team same applies to something like
maze blizzard and second if your tank is super low and you’re trying to clutch a
fight so either in overtime or it’s a 2v3 or something like that popping
transit is an okay idea given the situation your judgment is important
here so not all situations are equal but trans is just essentially a
get-out-of-jail-free card that last six seconds use it wisely personally when I
play Zen I save trans if the enemy has a dragon blade grab or maybe earth shatter
if I know it could play safely in the back and avoid it I use it as a counter
alt really as an engagement old using trans defensively is just always smart
and for the last tip was then just play in the back don’t ever be in the front
line of the engagement positioning is a huge component of playing Zen properly
so always stay safe in the backline of your team anyway I hope these tips
helped you guys out to find perhaps a new main in season 9 every mem
that this isn’t the end-all be-all list obviously there are other heroes that
you can play and if you think that one of these heroes doesn’t deserve to be on
the list let me know in the comments down below if you have any better
suggestions let me know as well and also I’d love to hear your ideas for future
videos I’m always listening reading the comments and replying down below so I
will definitely see any feedback that you guys have and I seriously appreciate
it you guys are awesome I hope you guys enjoyed this one and found it useful
don’t forget to leave a like as it really helps us know that you guys are
enjoying the content and don’t forget to subscribe as we have a lot of overwatch
League content and tips and tricks videos so that you can be the best over
at play that you can be I hope you guys enjoyed this one have a nice day my name
is Nathan and this was blizzard guys


  1. How has your competitive season gone so far? Also what overwatch guides would you like to see us do next? Let us know down below!

  2. Not being toxic, but this video for me is completely useless. I got 4 golds per game a 50 plus kills per game and was still placed in bronze. I belong in gold by now.

  3. A bastion with any shield tank in low plat and beyond carries hard. Not many people know how to counter or want to counter you. Especially if you have an Orisa shield on you. They will literally look at you then completely turn away from you as you shred them down in turret mode. People literally ignore you, same with pharah. Couldn’t tell you how many hitscan mains I’ve played with that will tell a healer or anyone else but themselves to deal with a pharah. It’s either that or you’ll have that one person that actually knows what characters to focus and who to kill first to make it easier for the team to push yet dies because you got the rest of the team focusing a tank because it has the biggest hit box for them to hit. A lot of people tend to think another person will deal with the problem and continue on with their play style, even if it’s the sole reason why you’re getting rolled.

  4. About gold plat and diamond i agree with you to use melee hero

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    The dont focus off position enemies

    The best is range hero
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  6. Widowmaker can counter pharah easily. Or even ana. But torb on defense or widow if u r good, and symetra on attack. Try it.

    Thank me l8r.

  7. This helped me so much!
    I share an account with my cousin,he's a Reaper main and I'm a Sombra main.
    I tried playing Moria yesterday.
    However,we don't have any friends or anything so we solo queue.
    My mic doesn't work and I get complains Sombra isn't useful…Everyone has their own opinion,but imo she's good in some situations.
    I'll try watching some livestreams from diamond players and I will PROBABLY get better.
    Coming from a bronze player that started playing a month ago.

  8. I would suggest D.Va. Easy to start to just 'play' the game you know shoot at something, not instantly die. Once you learn how to properly position and what to do she becomes super flexible, someone that can do something in almost any situation.

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  15. reaper new tactic: reap and rape use both abilities to get in middle of the enemy and start shooting until you get a team kill or get the objective

  16. All of this is complete BS because certain people are
    So that means that they are likely to play the character that they want to not what they need to. There are a very little amount of people that actually flex to heroes that they need to. There is only one acception to this and that is if you can’t play other heroes and that is when you need to practice on a few other heroes.

  17. Zenyatta in theory would be amazing for climbing. However at low levels there are no team comms therefore your discord orb does nothing with no team follow up

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  19. Use Winston too, he counters people really good (unless if your pharah or those heroes) he doesn’t require good aim

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    I'm having such an amazing day.

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