Best BFF Sleepover Party Ideas | Lucky Fortune Bracelet Unboxing

Best BFF Sleepover Party Ideas | Lucky Fortune Bracelet Unboxing

Four. 1-2-3-4. Should we have a slumber party tonight? Duh! OMG! Is this real? It’s so cute! I’m so excited to have our sleepover! Me too. Do you wanna open up some Lucky Fortunes? Yeah! I’m so excited, it’s a 4-pack! Let’s get crackin’! I’m so excited, I’m gonna open it. So there’s 4. Oh, I got a purple one A teal one A pink one And a blue one. I got a periwinkle A teal one A blue one And a purple. Ok so… Let’s open them at the same time. Ready? 3…2…1…Go! I got the pizza! This one is actually my favorite one. I have the cactus one and there’s little glitters. Can I see? Oh my god it’s so cute, I love that one. Can you help me? Of course! My fortune says: “Say cheese and always keep smiling.” Mine says: “Be your own kind of beautiful.” Now let’s open up our second cookie. I’m gonna open the purple one. Me too! Oh! Twinsies! Ok so… 3…2…1… Okay Aww I got an ice cream it’s so cute! Every time I think I found my favorite one I always discover new cute ones. I have a little elephant! Elephants are my favorite animal ever. Yeah same. They’re so cute. Can you help me? Twinsies! Ow! Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you. My fortune says: “You’re all ears when it comes to being there for your friends.” And I’m there for you always! Ok um, my fortune says: “Always scream for ice cream.” I agree. Okay now let’s open our third cookie. I’m opening the blue one! Me too! Twinsies! Here we go… Ready? 3…2…1… Okay. Ooh I got another white band. I got a little crown on a pink band, so cute. Can’t get my… I’m gonna put it on this hand. Switch it up. I’m putting it on my hand. Can you help me again please? Of course, you’re putting it on… I’m like this hand! And mine was a little cupcake. Wait! So now my fortune says: “Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.” Ooh, I didn’t open my fortune. That’s the best part, come on. Go like this… No wait… Sienna, here let me do it. I know…there! Where is it? Oh. There! Okay, here’s my fortune so… It says: “You will rule the day.” I will. Cool. I mean, the day’s over it’s a sleepover. But tomorrow morning when we wake up we can have pancakes and I will rule the day. Okay, let’s open our last cookie. I have a pink one. I have my teal one. I’m so excited this is the last one. Ready? Our last cookie! Oww! I’m sorry! Ok ready? 3…2…1… So my band is a light purple. My band is a light pink. And it… Wait! I have a little juice box. Did you get the pizza before? Yeah! Me too! Twinsies! Oh, the juice box is so cute. I really wanted your pizza before but now I have my own. Yeah. I’m actually really happy with all the ones I have. Me too. Here. My fortune says “You are somebody’s main squeeze.” Mine says: “Say cheese and always keep smiling.” Okay. So now… If anybody needs a Collector’s Guide just ask me. Contact us! Step 1: Fold each corner. Step 2: Turn it around and fold each corner again. Step 3: Fold it in half. Let’s ask our fortune teller if we should use our charms to tell stories. Sure, pick a charm. Unicorn. U-N-I-C-O-R-N Three 1-2-3 Should we use our charms to tell stories? 5 Yes! Ok let’s do it. Let’s see your charms? I have a crown, a cloud, some crayons, a juice box, an ice cream and a pizza. Okay. I have pizza, a cupcake, an elephant, a cactus, a flamingo, and sunglasses. You tell your story first. So, once upon a time, there was a queen that wore a crown, obviously. And she was dreaming. She was dreaming with her head in the clouds. And she was dreaming that she found magical crayons and she used them to draw a juice box that came to life. But then she was hungry so she drew pizza that came to life. And then she wanted some dessert so she drew… So she drew some ice cream and it came to life! And she had a whole meal! Wow, what a great story Chloe. Thank you! Your turn. Once upon a time, there was a cactus that could talk and a flamingo that could talk. And they became best friends. Oh my god it’s like us! Now I don’t know what to do for the sunglasses! Maybe the flamingo can have a lucky pair of sunglasses. Okay so, the flamingo had a lucky pair of sunglasses. And the cactus had a pet elephant. I want a pet elephant. Awesome. And then – Actually, I don’t know how that would work. And then the elephant wanted to eat some cupcake but the flamingo wanted to eat the cupcake. So they shared. Yum yum. Aww best friends. And then they also shared the pizza with pepperoni hearts. The end. So Sienna, what are you sleepover essentials? Obviously my unicorn slippers. And obviously my narwhal slippers! We also need our magical unicorn cupcake! Whoa! It’s a unicorn cupcake! And of course we need a pizza with pepperoni hearts to match our charms. Whoa! It’s a pizza with heart shaped pepperoni just like our charms. And last but not least, our rainbow night light. Let’s open one more Lucky Fortune each before we go to bed. Yeah! I have my teal one and you? I have a periwinkle. Ok, let’s open ’em. Ok ready? 3…2…1… Ooh I have a pink band, you? I got a narwhal and it matches my slippers! I got a hot air balloon. Fun! And it’s my favorite color. And I love my pink band. My fortune says: “Your life will be full of great friends and great adventures.” I already have great friends and great adventures! Mine says: “Dream big, the sky’s the limit.” Now let’s see how lucky we are… My narwhal is…very lucky! And what category? Friendship. Mine is in the Adventure category and it’s very lucky. Woo! We’re very, very lucky! Now I’m feeling even more lucky.
Do you want to do our lucky handshake? Sure! Okay. Yes! We did it! Good job! Oof, I’m so tired. We should go to bed. Bye everyone! Good night!


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