BEST GOLDEN BUZZERS On Czech-Slovak Got Talent! | Top Talent

BEST GOLDEN BUZZERS On Czech-Slovak Got Talent! | Top Talent

Uhm. This year’s dance groups haven’t been good enough yet. But here is another dance group! And they promised to show our judges an amazing performance! It’ll be dance in Mortal Combat style! He’s Erdan, I’m Akyl. He’s Baiaman and Erlan. An we’ll dance popping and flexing (dance style) We’re like fantastic four, everyone has its special power. Ready? Ok How they say it in Russia?
Gulocky or what Finger crossed!
How you say this in Russia? -Russian speaking-
Ok, here we go, guys! Better be good! Go! Czech and Slovak people have talent. Yeah Good evening!
Hello! Hello! (in russian)
Ah, you guys speaking russian? Yeah
Ok, good. What is name of your group? We are Adem.
Adem? Where are you from? We’re from the Kyrgyz Republic. Ok, they are from Kyrgyzstan. There are plenty of good dancers. As we know.
(CSGT won dancer from Kyrgystan two years before) Ok, they are from Kyrgyzstan. There are plenty of good dancers. As we know.
(CSGT won dancer from Kyrgystan two years before) How long do you guys dance? I dance since i was a child and my brothers dance 7 years now. I dance since i was a child and my brothers dance 7 years now. So you are brothers?
We are LIKE brothers. Oh, Like brothers, ok.
Great, stage is yours. Here we go… I have goosebumps! We were looking forward to something like this! This is unreal! Wow! Oh my God! Jesus Christ! What? Jesus! Omg, this can’t be real! Don’t do it! Stop it! He’s standing! Bravo! That was amazing! Amazing! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! What was THAT! Thank you! What was that?
It was OMG! Jesus, I feel like my heart jump off my body! My heart’s beating quick, I can’t even breathe. Even though it is warm here, I had goosebumps. It was amazing! She can’t breathe because of your performance! Fantastic!
Thank you!
They’ll understand this! Incredible! Well – YES or NO? Ok, I say… What? YES! You go straight to the live show! Good job! You go straight to the live show of Czech and Slovak Got talent! Finalists! Of Czech and Slovak Got Talent 2016. Amazing! There is one more group in backstage! And it looks like a visit from far away. We have an UFO night today! Good Evening! GOOD EVENING!
Good Evening, where are you from? What is your name?
Robots. Even you are a robot? What you are going to do?
Dancing or something else? We’re going to SINGGGGGGGGG And are you male or female? We DO NOT care… How funny… FUN – human’s ability What the hell is that? Can I have a question?
Who constructed you? Popeye the Sailor! I’m only on parts. He is and older model, which speaks only in Slovak language. (despite others, they speak czech) Hell yeah!
(Black hair female judge and man on the left are Czechs, rest of the jury’s Slovak) And he has no navigation. I am Slovak robot – a bit retarded. Well, those of you who have an older software, speaks in slovak language. Am I right? Positive. I’m slower… Because you are a Slovak. haha…JESUS! Warning…humor Omg!
And where you have Sajfa (slovak host) today? We left him at home. Ok, here we go! Start your show! Wow, that was… …enough even for me. What the hell is going to happen. They are rehearsing their equipment. It’ll be live.
Do you think?
Yeah Singer! Frontman! The most beautiful one! But he’s Slovak! Because if you’ve got lower IQ you can be a frontman. You did it! I’m a bit tangled. Applause – friendly gesture of recognition and friendship. You sang an amazing songs. And I would like to ask…uhm… Maybe it’s inappropriate, but did you play it live? Unfortunately yes… …but we are only machines, so we register small deviances and some mistakes. You are funny! That is great! Cool, they worked hard(on costumes)… …are you perform like this just for us tonight or more often? Originally we wanted destroy your planet, but then we decided to sing for you instead. Yeah! But you are playing our songs, what about yours? Our songs are same! Based on Terminator Top Chart. Fabulous! There is all in one. Amazing well acted stand-up… I have to say – great idea, fantastic music, lot of fun, what else can I say…
Hands on buzzer! Crowd: Yeah!
Was it that good? No… You killed it! Wow! (expain to audience what he said him in english) For real?
Yeah. Artistic gymnastics. First class.
You mean ribbon and stuff? No, that is rhythmic gymnastics, artistic is with balance beam etc. And after all you can see it on body, you did not register? Physique…beautiful…We’re looking forward Sorry, but finally something beautiful, am I right? Ok, enjoy that view…
Hansome man… I would give him a golden buzzer! I wanna push it! Should I push it? Help me. If you want…
If you want… Can you help me? May I ask you? Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thank you! Where he goes? What the F***! That is…I can’t even breathe…incredible! What? Can I give it to you? You are in the final! Go! Go! Go enjoy yourself, it is also your applause! Good evening, hello!
Good evening. Cool T-shirt!
Thanks! Not only that T-shirt you look nice.
Thanks Finally I find out that woman has a spine. My name is Simona Gadžiková, I am 28 years old and I am here to sing. My biggest inspiration is my son. His name is Sebastion and he’s 7 years old. Decently said his father wanted live differently, he didnt want to have a family. But I don’t care! It is better when me, my parents and my boyfriend are a role models for my son, not him. In which musical genre would you like to sing with those clothes? I am into rock music, but I like even pop love songs and stuff. And today I would like to sing a song “Země vzdálená” (Remoted Country). In my life there were plenty of situations which move me further to something else. And everyone sometimes thinks: “Jesus, have much I must survived, but I am still right here and try to move further.” I dont even want to think about it. We all have only one life and it’s to short to cry. Go! Go! Wow! Beautiful voice timbre. Jesus, thank you! Yeah! That’s exactly I needed! I had to hear a talent! I do not care, there were some bad tones, i really do not care, because it was full of energy, such a voice timbre… I really love you! I’m shaking, I have goosebumps on every part of my body. Fantastic! Fantastic! Thank you so much! I’m sorry I’m a bit hysterical but I really needed a well sing song. I was firstly scared of the music. It wasn’t that good, but when you started to sing, it was fantastic! I want to mention this song was written by Michal Pavlíček, my favourite guitarist, It’s sang by Kamil Střihavka in original. And when it started I was like: Jesus, Pavlíček would be sad if he hear how awful that music was. But in some point I forgot the music and I did not care. Your voice make my forgot the music… …it was amazing!
Thank you! You said you are happy before the performance and I say I am happy after it. Thanks! Yes or no! Wait.
What? You want to judge her?
So push it! Can I push it?
Can you help me with stamping? Yeah!
Because she deserves it! I have to! I really do because you are amazing! She made it! Oh darling! Your opinion on me singing was most important to me. I’m speechless. Enjoy yourself!
You are in the final of Czech and Slovak Got Talent 2016! I would like to thank you all so much! Especially Mrs. Bílá, because your opinion was the most important one for me. Since we’re rock girls.
Yes, we are! Thank you again!
Congratulation, Simona! Welcome in the final!
See you soon!
Thank you! You’re perfect! She has got beautiful voice timbre!
Beautiful! And she was crying, little darling! Even rock girls have feelings. That was something I did not expect at all!
What a praises! I am like… You are in the final of this year’s CSGT. Straight to the final! Omg, this is… Jesus Christ!


  1. please give me chance.I want to oudition..I always been rejected.I am single mom who is dreaming..give me chance..maria Requina.I am working here in czeck republic.

  2. Jedna vec mi príde blbá stáva sa to často, že ak niekto iba pripravy nejakú vec postupy ale niekto kto drie aby sa zlepšil ani nepostúpil (priklad:lazer show…. Roboti a veľa ďalších)

  3. Jsem ráda že i američané mají rádi česko-slovensko má talent

    I'm so happy because thr america likes czech-slovakia talent💚❤

  4. I love how people ask if someone else is from cz even the there are probably more than 100 comments saying that they are from cz😂

  5. česko-slovensko má talent je na píču.. porotu bych odstřelil.. nikde na světe neuvidíte porotu co se posmívá celonárodně soutěžícímu.. ať je špatnej jak chce.. tfuj plivu na ně

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