BEST GOLDEN BUZZERS on Got Talent 2018 | Top Talent

BEST GOLDEN BUZZERS on Got Talent 2018 | Top Talent

Isn’t it rich Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground you in midair Send in the clowns Isn’t it bliss Don’t you approve One who keeps staring around One who can’t move And where are the clouds? Send in the clowns Just when I start Opening doors Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours And making my entrance again with my usual Man, I’m sure of my lines No one is there So don’t you love farce? my fault I fear I thought that you’d want what I want. I’m sorry my dear And so send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns And maybe next year Isn’t it bliss and isn’t it queer I’m losing my timing this late In my career So send in the clowns You know there ought to be clowns Don’t bother dare you The moment I audition I’ve really enjoyed the performance I am a traditional instrument You used it in different ways our ally Peter – Anika could again. Have a so very good fusion attempt musically excellence In viña bad Larry Hammond root retinaculum a good Tillich avi a Khedive enemy an Isuzu a Honda Gazoo second Nominee Greg and Audrina in some Avena Hi mama hittin Amina hurry over captain trade opportunity pot Khurana Pulu one Mata me oh my gila hockey avec for darshana, Garagiola hari Monsanto’s $1 oniy from here on out. Okay. Thank you Okay Karen Donnelly cutter for the performance eka, but then I got a committee make a polyester Nevada at tango Hinda me me this Austria may bother ACO the photo tunic over the McGraw beginning particular with a completion side interested I Started in 2006 only for four months ago an ethic of the early Nene is it McGee wife My foot musician them. Oh she says it’ll play oh, I pick out the alley sure back in again with me Over to me is Atari me Ma ma ma ma ma han-shan a Bovina lover slapping me music lovers Musicians anyway, yes, I am using honey. The movie now mother yes. Yes yes, yes Yes, yes, yes carry Veronica unholy Go get me two are together again And I would like to give on Sri Lanka’s Got Talent my world Sharp young woman Oh I’ll give you a standing ovation Some karenallen only Pilipinas Got Talent and the beautician curry toe between When he cooked on a Makita Bandera no Pilipinas and a good move Marco Salameh Nikita mola had similar Filipino now I make up on San Juan de la moon when dealing happy I was to see our Hahahahahhaha pero esto iba hey hey hey Julius case a Committee Aslam say yo you you upper by Robert De Niro pone opponent race Milazzo penguin honking sedative Savannah cat leg hola Camila picked and Illyrio lahat Zuma sigh onin ha ha ha ha ha ha Subway, Cotterill encounter for palak Morita unconditional love letter say. I own a heart attack on an unconditional violent Jubilees The Pugliese William Bell over at maraming maraming salamat at with the king of Amina Apollo NIDA name upon a dynamic reigning life the para consortium you movement monopod respond apis wob a Single important element katha one more and we media center the laguna plus points casa Andina overpower you step small hey Julius Julius then Hindi and overpower them Sobre el among professional dancers talega Fiona vinegar pan telega think uniprot ended up in Evita yourself, I’m Sorry Sabrina divert water Summa blind Suburban a baton boo hey, Sam one two three You know Lol feel nervous you know Malala’s Paul Verrall repetier de nuevo no lo puedo hacer Los pasado Oh Mira que esto es lo maravilloso day to número porque esta vamos totalmente a cuñado Pasado desde el principio tan grande De los artistas de Sciglio solar cell mass aquí de oz esto impression odd, Akula for sale to some penis yell final mana, how loca Gay pocos 12 courses picked up businesses young talent man age I’ve always wondered. What would it be like to experience real magic well two years ago I did and it changed me and my life forever Amanda yeah, I’m gonna. Ask you to give this Rubik’s Cube a mix for me Can you keep on mixing until I come back to you? Yeah? Thank you David Inside this box are 25 different colored crayons. I’m gonna give these a mix and David you’re gonna choose one But without looking just grab one at random hold it in your hand David, but don’t look at it keep it hidden Alisha these cards belong to my daughter. It’s important to see that all the cards are different I’m gonna ask you to just touch the back of any one it doesn’t matter which but what is very very? Important is that I don’t do any sleight of hand so I’ll spread the cars like this point to any one that you like Wow write down in You heard out your hand for me I’m gonna place that card on the palm of your hand genuinely the card that you touch is that okay? lovely Amanda yes you have mixed like you yeah into a completely unique Pattern yeah fair to say we’ll get back to that in a moment Simon Poole We’d ask you to hold this pen in your right hand right here perfect. You know your wrists down get comfortable Lovely this book belongs to my wife. There are over 600 pages around about 200,000 words in the book Alicia can I ask you to close your eyes for a moment and just say the words stop stop Simon I’m gonna hold the book above your pen Amanda. Can you say the words stop as I do this? Stop Simon Can you bring the pen up to the page without looking and draw a small circle the size of the five pence piece? You don’t have to be precise I’m gonna place the book down in front of you here Simon. I’ll take the pen Can you do me a favor lift up the book don’t show me? But have a look at where you’ve drawn that circle Can you confirm that there is a word or words that you can see within that circle? Yeah? Yeah, there is wonderful. There’s a good start David. Can you tell us? What color crayon do you have? Red the red crayon Alicia for the first time what card did you choose? puppet penguin the puppet penguin Amanda very carefully Can you just lift off the box so we can see the pattern that you’ve created on the very top of that Rubik’s Cube? Now if I told you that I knew this exact outcome Yesterday a week ago, or a month ago. You’d say well That was have to be magic so people would I would but it’s not real magic It’s interesting Intriguing maybe clever some might even say amazing, but it’s not real magic See for me real magic changed two years ago This to me is real magic Wow and Simon That leaves just you for the very first time Simon What is the word that you circled at hat hey JT yeah Simon? This is for you? Isabella you beautiful little girl if daddy was going to do Britain’s Got Talent in two years from now what random word Do you think Simon would think of? Simon Absolutely gobsmacked Happy first of all. Thank God your little girls, okay? That’s the most important. She’s okay now. Yeah absolutely good when I’m thrilled to hear that Don’t know what you’ve gone through mark through your career trying to get the break You’ve been looking for I have a feeling this Is gonna change the life it was unbelievable, thank you very much, I really appreciate I’ve been doing this show about seven years, and I generally never ever thought a magic act remove That’s just crazy. I don’t care. How you did it. It was magnificent because it’s magic you have just taken magic to a whole new Greta really it was a really beautifully put together before my thanks today. I loved your presentation So calm so in control all the time. I like that you didn’t bother with lots of silly jokes on the side obviously is incredibly moving Singh the story with your family as well and It’s a lovely way of including them in the act. Thank you. It’s it’s astonishing get your tears. Yeah Utterly extraordinary you know we’re all parents and that is the greatest magic in the world. She’s my magic absolutely You don’t have to go


  1. I don't even care grandma is good or not just give it all to her…u know what I mean and the other young could have many more chances in life…just let grandma wins…fulfill her dream

  2. The old lady was sweet and all and she had a good voice at one time not damaged by age but I wouldn't pay to see a show by her its more like you let your grandma sing at your wedding than an arena worthy show but I wish her luck. it seems emotions rule this show across the world rather than actual talent sometimes! ofc its not x factor so I guess it doesn't matter. after watching all of it I really didn't get most of the acts the Aerial guy was really good but since I didn't understand the music and I've seen better wheel chair dances years ago on sytcd I wasn't impressed but like I said emotion is more important than talent or a good show in the got talent series and the magician guy was good but you can tell lots of editing went into the video especially where the little girl said a word that was totally faked. emotion wins the day in the got talent it should be called got a sob story instead lol

  3. ????? This playing stuff un Sri Lanka got Talent was boring. I am not a big science in Eastern Music but it felt out of tact so often and i needed 10 minutes to replay it on my guitar. So.. what was great about that ==?=

  4. Er, the Sri Lankan guy’s playing was just meh. And that magician just uses his wife and kid to win votes

  5. El Got Talent Español, el jurado realmente es patetico….Bueno esta no es la excepcion, siempre son iguales, de terror…

  6. At 23:55 ish couldn't that guy have r3corded his daughter holding each stuffed animal in the cards and said the most common words in that book and different patterns in the cube and used each color of crayon then he could've just played the ones they picked???

  7. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎤🎤🎤🎤🎺🎤🎼

  8. طيب سؤال بدام بالسحر عرف ايه الي حيحصل من الحكام ازاي معرفش انه حياخد الجولدن بازر

  9. @12:16 how does occasional English get sprinkled in?

    Oh and @23:00 could the trick be The producers just play whichever clip corresponds to what the judges picked? He pre recorded one of each stuffed animal and prerecorded each word maybe? Well the book would be tricky….hmm

  10. MẤY người lưu vong các ông mong muốn vn trở về thời kỳ đồ đá đói khổ ăn lông lỗ nên mới ra sức chống phá hòng làm suy yếu đất nước mình dân tộc mình bây giờ ra sức chửi rủa bêu xấu chế độ CSVN nhưng có biết rằng VNCH dưới thởi ngô đình diệm , nguyễn văn thiệu thối nát như thế nào mỹ nó mới bỏ và phải thua cuộc và tháo chạy khỏi CSVN một cách ô nhục ! đó đại hàn dân quốc cũng chia cắt dân tộc triều tiên dưới sự hà hơi tiếp sức của mỹ mà giờ đây họ phát triển khủng khiếp và là dân tộc hùng cường , còn vn suốt ngày lên mạng chửi bới nhau cùng dìm nhau xuống địa ngục thật là hẹp hòi và ích kỷ
    NGƯỜI VIỆT NAM là những người cá nhân xấu tính kèn cựa k bao giờ làm việc lớn cho bản thân và cho dân tộc

  11. cuando van a pasar los videos traducidos al español gracias los que no hablamos ingles nos perdemos un monton de cosas y emociones

  12. The last magic act was so moving and out of this world that I cannot imagine how he is going to do anything better later. It seems it will all be downhill from there on. But I wonder what he did.

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