BEST KID GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

BEST KID GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Hello hi, well that was a good reaction you haven’t done anything yet How are you? Good? Thank you. Just give me a name and your ages starting with you, please. I’m Jacob I’m 14 years old. Okay. I’m Noah and I’m 15. Good. I’m Tom, I’m 15. Good. I’m Jake and I’m 15. Okay, so I’m guessing you are a Band Yes. Got it. Okay. What are you called? Chapter 13. Who put you to that or did you put yourself together? We were all in School of Rock The Musical together Okay, whose idea was it for you to be your own band? Um, well me and Noah shared a room.. Yeah. We all just always just sort of Imagining, you know, what would be like to be in a band and then we’d start talking to these two, and then.. Good for you. Okay listen, good luck. Hope this goes great. Thank you very much They look great don’t they Like a fool I went and stayed too long. Now I’m wondering if your love’s still strong~ Ooo baby Here I am, I love Stevie Wonder! Nice And best got it going I honestly can say I don’t think I’ve ever seen for young musicians. So Together the drummer you were amazing. The guitar playing was spot-on some of the faces you were pulling fantastic you especially I just think you are absolutely incredible. And now you just got to win the whole show Holy shucks Congratulation, thank you so much. Honestly, the musicianship that I just saw was outstanding on the skill level is so impressive Congratulations, Amanda well done very much It was so refreshing that you were so brilliant and also they were original versions of those songs, it was faultless guys You came you conquered This is so well-deserved what you just had, you know, I could imagine kids watching this show 12 13 14 15 So whatever they’ve got I would love to be in that because that is more fun than being at school. I Did what’s really exciting is the last time I remember seeing and hearing something like this was a band called Busted that was fantastic First of all, I love your shoes so much. Thank you. How old are you Tyler? I’m 11 years old so It looks like you have the violin. When did you start playing violin? Well, I started playing the violin when I was seven and a half and what made you get into playing violin? I wanted to start playing the violin because I was being bullied at school Oh, man. Do you know why you were being bullied? It’s because I had cancer I almost died My name is Tyler Butler Figueroa, and I’m from North Carolina. I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four and a half Leukemia is a cancer in the blood One day we were out to dinner and we said something doesn’t look right with Tyler he kind of pale So a mother’s instinct said let me get him to the emergency room. It was like, let’s take some blood work and we’ll be back the doctors came in Said yeah, he does have cancer And It was the worst day of my life The doctors treated me with chemotherapy When I lost my hair, I was really sad and embarrassed at the same time to go to school They used to make fun of me and laugh at me because I was different they would spread rumors to say that My cancer was contagious and they all wanted to stay away from me One day I Saw a flyer at his school and it said after-school program the free violin lessons because like mom I want to do it mom I want to do it. I was like but no one our family plays an instrument. What a Novelli I Would just practice in my bedroom and the more I did it the better I got once. He started that class It was like a sunshine. He was just full of energy the happy I was like, oh my god. I got my son back When I play the violin it helps me forget about all the bad stuff. I Just didn’t want to be the kid but cancer The kid who plays the violin Wow, I just want to commend you for taking something that’s probably been one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to go through and Turning it around and finding something that brings you joy Wow, wow wow, by the way before I start how are you feeling now? I’m feeling really proud of myself If you don’t mind me asking Tyler, how is your health now? Well, I’ve been in remission for almost four years An extraordinary young man, we hear too many stories about people being bullied, but I can tell you one thing most people are bullies because They’re better than the people who bully there. I Think you have such an amazing talent such a personality and I would like to Say something on your behalf to the bullies Are you optical when I shake your hand enjoy? Very proud of myself and I feel very happy It’s a dream come true powers tower was at the very bottom and look at him now on America’s Got Talent Doesn’t she laughter Think you lost some of the plaid we think you can Embed Okumura metaclass about a four Not erase your thank you Lady Kei Umberto ditz it suits you. Hello Don’t you well Umberto I can’t fire an extra friend hood like my over stomach. He has fuckin eatin very – either for y’all. Yeah It’s nothing You can get my Cuz if I could see your face once Are you happy girl? I’m sure When you said your let’s go Ladies Hello without wood you find my side But if you loved me Said why’d you leave me? Take my bad To find somebody to fight Thank you Thank you So Leishman a mock you fire along ladies your father of lady. She’s yeah Okay, and you been new? 515 yeah, you know here human think you oughta toast in its Ginga. Yeah Now I can take finger token here more new material blood and second of this stuff. Is that it for your viral things? You think about a scenario in to SoundCloud? Yeah, Wow not speak a Liquid he’ll Mari and – you’re okay man, Oh pure heart dicta. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that last main warm I think the lemon he farted – Mike I was fighting it like it inlays and show you had an in regret in the in the curricular it directs from any age that they are productive Samana I’ll share a motor cept now Can I be a star you kill this the brook in detail but sunset in Kannapolis? Is that you fresh now the exit, you know Herrera be very tomorrow Deep in admire. You think it well if you see you you have to hailer Whoever clunk of personality in your stem and therefore the best brother It felt real And sincere and so that made me believe you and when you can believe someone when they sing You go into their world with them in that moment makes it so much more powerful alone That’s very constant bomb except a norm. Yeah, Dan. Okay. Yes Picture hope yeah. Oh my god. Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa You This is no need to be who Make me mad Listen into the but sweet sweet, but this is not meant to be Who Wow Wow wow Wow Haven this little girl. You have such a bright future ahead of you and you sing Perfectly in tune. I love that You sent Emma billions in one source and see the Heiser – yo hammy, all bop bop till no idea how sugar mamala won’t see that huh – hunger there’s your Hype ha ha Mayo is handling She then done her Charlie haul neither go in Beach and golden ganja Butcher the shoe walk handed her the pou Yoshi lie to each other bution Saleem me to Shantae America’s Got Talent Association, well eg – can down England Nyesha Which each other so proud of you in where Automator hain? loyalty from Hakata fungi Ah, take a cushy host on see what’s in the children eaten the fish on fish on the pan now cushion Is she eating sugar very complex? Why is called Who am I? Sushila a fatty are home to another end of a pyramid idea soil water CL additional girls of Haman Who I am for Joshua. Totally do Kayla wouldn’t answer my shot. So they don’t shit like a silly digital Do you understand how good you are I don’t want to judge myself but I’m really proud of myself. Well, I’m gonna judge you, okay You are Amazing. I have not seen anything like this since I Saw Celine Dion sing when she was 18 years old you know what I love the name Celine and I’ve heard all about you. Is it true that you have a sister with a particular name? Yeah, I do have a sister named Dion so Celine Dion, yes Do you love Celine Dion? Yeah, I really do love something but did you meet her um, Well face-to-face Not really, but like I’ve heard her sing live together socially I am going to make it my mission For you and Celine Dion to meet Yo, I’m coming now that’s your grandma That is my job Okay, because she deserves I’m telling you you are gonna make it around the world. That’s a promise from me to you When you hit that high note It was just like it amazed me that reminded me so much of the first time that I saw a very young soon On sink how much magic she was to you are that same kind of magic? Thank you so much Sanae you blew me away Me putting our candy on the English have one right here Well hi to appear to be since I need or we aren’t on the good she good So Sonja and she died initially I do What she knows save us all Haislip Tian Tian Yong Zhao. How are you, sir? – aha Liang Yu Shi Tian, Wu you two sides will contain me or know her when she does she know Juju that the Deaconess again. So you are you aunty how one who should make one sila trying to elect your whore mother Huang di Renjie IntelliChoice katya Jehoram get out. Today is not a good no, she of La Masia whole 20th. Oh, I know who I am I’m an actress again. So you’re a teacher or me me Mom. Oh, you don’t Enjoy wait city that they don’t Porter or Celsius selling saying that you sent down drone put your hand. What’s Thanks attention to detail. It’s a journey. It’s you could talk to who I am that you got Luo Chun and The whole world is in front of euro and West Bureau He’s a in the girlie-man charm You should say you should say Oceanus and also need you should say you should be a layer with hydrogen Li you just you easier with that We’ve turned a super salty whooping Tito while rainy Yah Okay woman city no you got bullshit. Oh, yeah Koshien conscientious all Chinese Song Ji Heon from Zambia when she died I serious journalist, huh Chandani contorting spider Yaya Oh You can do this. Hey, hi there. Hello. What’s your name? I’m Dermot Polly and I’m the head teacher flake-free primary school and this is our choir So tell me about the choir and how long they’ve been singing together, I probably since it’s September We’re a real eclectic group. We’ve got ranges from 4 all the way through the 11. Some are amazing singers. Somebody just enthusiastic I’m not You were Enthusiastic. So what’s the big dream for this quiet reading ratings in partner school? But the kids had a dream this one in assembly said she want to go on Britain’s Got Talent and here we are How old are you Megan seven, oh, why did you want to come on Britain’s Got Talent Cuz I love singing Oh, we’re all rooting for you. Good luck. Thank you very much We are Good when you ate it you would have gone conduct Really proud of you what have you’ve done right? You’re amazing kids. Let’s go for it. Yeah smile Crying press the gold David That was absolute chaos and absolute joy I think you are so important to kids this age to remind them you Know to have fun of your joy that you radiate. It is infectious and This to me is what Britain’s Got Talent Cave it It’s just one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen I think you’ve just made all our heart soared today and it’s what you want Your childhood to have been like and what you want your children’s child to be like which is just full of unbridled Great they’re a great great feature. Well done everybody In there Well done guys You


  1. if only Celine tam follow the america got talent Again, I bet she can do more Better than the last time,and I know she will get the Golden Buzzer! 😍💕

  2. God bless Tyler 👼👼🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    He was so good
    And it’s not easy being bullied
    I know that for sure

    God bless 🙏🙏👼👼👼👼👼🙏🙏🙏
    ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  3. Tyler is my inspiration he did so good I’m still crying and I feel him because I get bullied a lot for my skin condition and still does and you just an inspiration to me and if you see this Tyler which you probably won’t but thank you for reminding me that everyone can find happiness in there dreams which my dream is music and like you I play ukulele and my other dream is acting so everyday my parents print out a script and we stoped a while ago but now we do it again because of you so thank you so much 😭

  4. I have two favs from all of these and that’s the last one and Tyler’s performance and also Tyler’s violin sounded better then the singing in the background

  5. i would like to say amen
    jesus love you so much that has given you this fabulous talent to fight against your cancer
    you inspire me so much little boy am 15 yr old
    while listening to you playing all my hairs on my arms was straightened
    wow i thank god for having given you this amazing talent you have a bright future keep going little bro gog bless i've been watching this video again and again

  6. Omg I felt so bad for the second kid😭😭😭🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰😁😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭best ever that made me cry😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍

  7. I loved the school choir act it was so nice I was about to cry from how much joy there was on stage it was such a happy and funny act and they really did deserve the golden buzzer

  8. the band in the beginning, i want to hear on the radio.. wait no i want to hear them all
    13:29 i started crying

    5:00 his face was like.. oml it happened

  9. I love this brave little boy. I can not how anyone could be so horrible to him. God bless you sweetheart. I am a survivor too. I am cheering for you!

  10. what a beautiful show!
    what a beautiful show what a beautiful show! GOD bless you Brazil admiring and loving you!
    DEUS os abençoe Brasil admirando e amando vocês!

  11. Ok ok the second one was soo sad I felt so bad for him😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😇😇😇😇😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😷😷😷😷😞😞😞😞😞

  12. tlyer went to my school i searched him up and it said walnut ridge the 1 i went to in 3rd grade but i moved now i cant belive it im not gonna make a paragraph like the other video with tyler omygod its crazy and im 11 now too and i was 8 in 3rd grade with him and i would never bully him mind a fact i didnt even know he had cancer and he from nc this is crazy and he went to the after school program by my neighborhood

  13. For whoever bullied Tyler
    They should be ashamed! If they saw this they better say sorry!
    Tyler is so talented! I would never bully a kid that has cancer!
    I have no issues,but I’m very weak!
    Tyler has cancer,and he’s very strong!
    1 like=1M slaps for the bullies!

  14. do you know why you were bullied
    Tyler : “ bc I had cancer & i almost died “ that broke my heart im in tears 😭😭im so proud of youu❤️

  15. Tyler is an abnormal child to go through all of this!!!! I was diagnosed with lumber scoliosis that almost killed me. Then after my surgery by 2 years I was diagnosed with flat back syndrome, spondylolytis and spondylolythesis. I had another surgery done about a year ago. Watching this made me feel like what I went through is nothing.

    Bullies are always there and they will never stop casting their evil spells on other innocent people when we have bystanders

    If Tyler is reading this honestly you’ve been through so much as a child and everyone will love you because of your child strength!!

  16. I'm really sorry that you had to go through that I really want to be on America's Got Talent I am from North Carolina 2 but just hearing that you had to go through that it makes me want to do my dream but my parents say that they don't want to go that far just to Samir do on my own Zone yeah I have made up by myself but just seeing you did you have to be able to turn it around and just play the violin out of how you did it it's really nice thank you

  17. Guyss for the other languages-

    The cc on the “ hollands got talent “ is not true and the one who wrote it clearly doesnt know what their talking about

  18. When Simon hits the Golden Buzzer, you know he's Serious. Also, did anybody else see the Project Purple Logo on Tyler's Violin?

  19. I hate to see pipo who were bullied l remember l was ounces bullied too, even at home, imagine but thats past now l forgave everyone

  20. I cried for the violin boy 😭❤️❤️😭

    Also getting the golden buzzer from Simeon is like winning the whole show

  21. I hope Celine tam gets another golden buzzer and I hope she goes to the semi finals of worlds got talent and I hope Tyler goes to the semifinals of America’s got talent because Tyler is the King and Celine is the queen

  22. Tyler: Stop bullying me…
    bullies: shut up *kicks
    few weeks later…
    Tyler goes to the american's got talent show
    *gets golden buzzer
    bullies: Im sorry lets be friends please…
    The end

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