BEST Kids GOLDEN BUZZERS on Got Talent | Including Grace Vanderwaal, Laura Bretan & More!

BEST Kids GOLDEN BUZZERS on Got Talent | Including Grace Vanderwaal, Laura Bretan & More!

that was good ohhhh yahh check it out ohhh here we go ohhh please help me god i fell so alone im just a kid how can I take rit an my own i love you god gbdg im trying in, where do I belong i wake up every day don’t want to leave my home my mama asking me why im always alone seeee shhh your welcome by ahh


  1. Thank you very much America for choosing Grace Vanderwaal. That's why Europe got Laura Bretan , who is even more beautiful and better than ever. 3-4 thousand people, standing applause at the concerts. Well said Simon Cowell : " I have never heard anything like that in all the years I have been doing this show". We also haven't heard anything like that. America listen to Jackie Evancho and Grace Vanderwaal. We don't want them.

  2. #9 or the second vid in here . She literally reminds me of how Disney princesses sing . Disney should link up with her

  3. I’ve been told I have a good voice and I got a solo in a show. Singing is my life and I’m thinking of going on Britain’s got talent not to win but cause I love singing so much should I do it

  4. The night Grace Vanderwaal got the Golden Buzzer from Howie.. him hugging her twice made me realize she was going to win it all.. and she did!

    three years later.. still tearing up every time I watch it….

  5. Wow they can get a golden buzzer and I can't even sing without someone booing me I'm just shook 😑 I really have no talent

  6. I am such a big fan of Grace, it's crazy to think this is where it started. She is so popular now and god am I proud of her <3

  7. Grace Vanderwaal is my cousin's BFF. I'm so proud of her!
    Thank you for putting her in the number 1 spot of the video

  8. I Really Loved The Defying Gravity And The Memory Acts! I Think I Can See The Next Elphaba In Wicked, And The Next Grizabella in Cats🤩🤩🤩!!!

  9. That 3 yr old DJ walkin around after his performance like "Yeah whatever, so when's snacktime?"
    Hands in his pockets and everything.😂

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