Best Shot Ep 2 – “Leave This Town” | Binge the series with YouTube Premium

Best Shot Ep 2 – “Leave This Town” | Binge the series with YouTube Premium

( clamoring ) Shawn:
Hey, Zarique! ( groaning ) Yo, my man, yo, my man, we took a timeout. If you don’t get up,
somebody else gotta shoot. So what you gonna do? – That’s what I’m talking about.
– All right, sit on your butt. – Sit on your butt.
– Come on, come on. All right, don’t put any
weight on that yet, okay? Oh, yeah, he getting
back in the game. Yeah, come on. He gotta shoot his free throws. That’s why we called a timeout.
Let’s go. Mike Samsel:
Trainers help Zarique up to an ovation here
at Orange High School. What a night he’s had. And he’ll go to
the free throw line for two. Walk regular. ( cheering and applause ) Let’s go, one stop! One stop!
One stop, let’s go! Samsel:
Jacques in transition
for Orange, pops a three
from the left wing and no good,
Central to rebound. Dee-End drives in,
looks left wing, finds Zarique
who then lays it in. ( cheering and applause ) And Central,
with a strong second half, start the season
in hostile territory with a great win. 70 to 63 over Orange. ( clamoring ) You were scared. You were scared. You just wanted to
see what it looked like before you stepped
on the court. You were scared. Hey, man, last time I went
to the state finals and my season ended,
we was 30 and 5, we wasn’t one and 0. We wasn’t one and 0. I understand
we won the game, but this not
the championship. It feel good to get the first
win under your belt, but you want to be champions,
you got 34, 35 more games to go. And a lot of things
gotta improve. A lot of things. Yo, is the goal to win
a championship? A mediocre team celebrates
the way you guys did after a win like that. So, when you go home tonight
and all the people tell you, “Oh, hey, Z, good dunk,” or, “Great move, Brill,” Like, “Nah, that shit
wasn’t that good.” ( music playing ) Tomorrow we’ll do
a quick look up and check your grades. Matter of fact, it’s about time
for all of us to do that to see where we all at. – Yeah. Yeah.
– Yeah? When do you share
with me, bro? – Man, I always
share with you, bro?
– When do you share with me? I always share with you, bro. Come on, son, come on, son. – Put the pen down.
– Messing my story up, bro. I want the back part,
give me this back part. Bro, you not about to
get the biggest part, bro. Yo, that part messy as… ( laughing ) You a cutie, Isaiah,
you good, you good, you good. – I could have it?
– You could have it. Oh, word, oh, word. You ain’t
got nothing to study? Pull out some homework, study. Solomon, put your phone away. Unless you reading a book
on your phone, that’s it. Solomon, you got homework? We still here, right? Jihad:
First of all, you can’t
tell me what I did. I can’t hear you,
you’re breaking up, cuz. And you connected to
that booty-ass Wi-Fi. I didn’t call you that.
I said you act like one. There’s a difference. There’s a difference
between calling you one and saying you act like one. Not playing on the court
with my teammates, you know, it get me mad
a couple times, but at the end of the day,
it’s my fault for me not doing my work. It’s gonna be hard for me
to go to a college ’cause my grades. Like, I had F’s, and no college not gonna wanna
look at a kid that got F’s. Playing college ball, and then
if I go far with that, go to NBA. Yeah. But if that don’t work out, I’ma go to school
for being a veterinarian. Nah, it’s just somebody
I speak to on the phone. Um… yeah. You could say that. Yo. Yo. Why you so close to me? I mean… I mean, we has
two seats away, though. In a minute, I’ma pop.
Yeah, sit right there. Yo… ( P.A. beeps ) Woman on P.A.:
All after school activities, please come to the cafeteria
at this time to pick up your
afternoon snack. Thank you. Sharnee:
Let’s go, good people! Yo! Let’s go! Sharnee Brown:
Our kids deal with a lot. And they’re very strong. And half of the stuff
that they go through, we would be– we would
applaud ourselves every day if we can overcome them
and survive them. I think that because
poverty is so crippling, they’re in survival mode
every day. “I need bus tickets to get in.”
“I don’t have a uniform.” “I didn’t eat.”
“I’m not living at home.” It impacts your self-esteem, your sense of worth, which impacts
your decision-making. As kids are growing,
making bad decisions, we have to be a society
where they can come back. ( siren wailing ) You see this sign right here? This where I grew up.
This the most dangerous
hood in Newark. This where I was born
and raised, New Community. I had over 20 friends
that died, all by gang violence. ♪ I’ma need
a house on the hill ♪ ♪ Car on 16-inch rims ♪ ♪ Somewhere warm ’cause
I’m tired of the winter ♪ ♪ And if you know
how it feels ♪ ♪ Then you know
shit get real ♪ ♪ On my side… ♪ ( siren wailing ) And my brother locked up and my father really not
in my life, so… fallback’s on me. The man ain’t call you,
Aunt Nikki? Nikkita:
Shaquan got himself
into a little trouble. Somebody coming out every day
for him to sign a paper. Word, that’s aggravating. It’s aggravating that
you’re even in this situation, how ’bout it? Word. Stupid. Come on, Quan,
the guy’s downstairs. Stay. Stay, Brownie.
I’ll be back. Hi, how are you? – Basketball.
– Shaquan: Basketball. Officer:
Basketball, all right. – Nikkita: Okay.
– Officer: Okay? All right. You to involve yourself
in some nonsense like that, you mess your whole career up.
What are you doing? – All right.
– You got a goal, and your goal
is to stay focused and get your mom and
your brothers out the hood. And to get yourself
out the hood. ♪ I spend my time ♪ ♪ Adding flames
into my fire ♪ ♪ Watch it grow ♪ ♪ Yeah, just watch it
go higher ♪ Nikkita:
So we went upstairs
and they said that there’s no judges here. The next step is
the lady’s gonna call me to tell me if he even have
to come back for a date. She’ll tell me tomorrow. It’s too much. They need to
get it together, like, now. With the reschedule,
I have to take off
another day at work and he has to miss
another half a day of school. Your coach is part
of the Zoo Crew? Yeah. I used to date somebody
in the Zoo Crew. He like a big, big homie
in Zoo Crew. I used to date somebody
years ago. And they were just, like,
the hottest crew back then. And you ask anybody
about the Zoo Crew, everybody knew about
the Zoo Crew. Block parties,
basketball tournaments, they were active. No matter what they were doing,
they were giving back. It seemed like they were
giving back to the community. Nikkita:
Hi. I wanted to
meet you in person. I’m Shaquan’s aunt Nikkita. – Okay, okay.
– Nice to meet you, Coach. – His mom’s sister?
– Mm-hmm. – Oh, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you as well. Shawn:
What happened with this guy? So what happened was we went to the court today and they didn’t even
have him in the system. – Yeah, weird.
– Well, welcome to Newark. Nothing came up for him. So it was like
he was never arrested. – Right.
– And then a month from now, – he’ll have a warrant.
– Exactly, for not
showing up to court. I mean, I don’t know
how we combat that, but just trying to keep
him focused, that’s all. Nikkita:
He looks up to you, big time. – Shawn: I love this guy, man.
– You’re doing a good job. – Thank you.
– You really are. I appreciate it. You really are. All right, so… time to get your
grind on in school ’cause I have to go to work. I guess I’ll walk you,
sign you in. ( music playing ) So today’s been a chaotic day. Getting inducted into the
College Basketball Hall of Fame here in Kansas City. Nikki Bonacorsi:
Jason, what time
are we leaving here? We should be down
in like 45 minutes. Okay. What’s this? Coach K.
“Congratulations.” Oh, my gosh, it’s so spot on. I can’t, I can’t. It looks so much like him. Why is he using emojis? It’s incredible. Bitmojis, babe. Bitmojis, yeah. Okay, we’re on
the same page. Why do you
kill me like this? Producer:
What’d you say? Sometimes I don’t know
what to say. I just said, “Love you, Coach.
Thank you so much. Your team is special this year.
It reminds me of us.” You know? It does. When they’re asking me in
the interview about, you know, like, “What was
your reaction when you
got inducted into the Hall?” A part of me was like
you wish it was the Naismith
Hall of Fame, right? You wish it was the–
the next level. Not saying that
this is a level below. Like, no disrespect,
this is incredible, but you wish
you would’ve had that 13, 14, 15-year career
in the league. So… ( shower running ) After I travel, my knee just kills me. You know, people are like,
“Oh, just, like, take an Advil,” or, you know, like,
“Take a Percocet.” Like, my knee is always in
dire pain, like, I just– once again, CBD oil,
I use that. I don’t care Because if you see, like,
my bone sticks out on the side, so whenever I travel,
my knee gets swollen. But– it’s gonna sound
really weird, a part of me likes the pain ’cause it just reminds me
of what went down. Announcer on P.A.:
Throughout its history, the game of college basketball
has given rise to some of the most
inspiring leaders in sports. Men who have stepped
into the spotlight time and again… It’s a very exciting thing, but it’s not who I am anymore. I was such a different person
back then and… in a way, a part of me
doesn’t want to be rewarded for who that person was. ( music playing ) Announcer on P.A.:
A two-time consensus first team
All-American at Duke, point guard Jason Williams
is revered among the top players ever at the tradition-rich school… Jay:
For so long in my life,
I let my past define who I was. So, yes, it is cool
that I’m being remembered for how I played the game, but, um, I want my legacy
to be the person I’m becoming. Presenter:
Please help us
all welcome Jay Williams. Sharnee:
Sometimes in crises and loss, people can become extremely
bitter about life. But, really, our circumstances
are meant to define us. And we kinda think we’re on
this trajectory to go here, and then we have crisis and say,
“You know what? That crisis took me
off my course.” No, actually the crisis
brought you to your course. And so I think that’s
the same thing about Jay, like, the real work
is what he’s doing right now. – Jay: What up?
– What’s up? Yo, y’all ready?
Y’all hear me? Yeah. Yo, how was practice
yesterday? – Good.
– All right. All right, let me talk
to Dee-End real quick. – Dee-End?
– Yeah? You gonna put somebody
in the basket for me? Yeah, I got you. – No mercy, all right?
– All right. All right,
pass it on to Brill. You the leader here? Yeah. All right, so you gonna
talk to everybody, right? Yes. Yo, if something goes wrong, make sure you keep bringing
everybody together so you guys
can communicate about what you’re doing next,
all right? All right. All right, man,
pass the phone to Quan Quan. – Yo, you ready?
– Yeah. It’s your first game, yo. Word. You were born for this,
you know that right? – Yeah.
– All right, man. Y’all text me
when y’all get done. Let me know what happened. All right. All right, y’all. All right. Its about to be game time! Ha! Ah! ( cheering, drumming ) How you doing?
Welcome to Central. ( clamoring ) ( music playing ) Samsel:
Here at Central, they affectionately
refer to it as the Devil’s Den. It’s the home opener
for Newark Central. Good evening, everyone,
I’m Mike Samsel. The Blue Devils host the
Newark Tech Terriers tonight. Yeah! Announcer on P.A.:
And now the starting lineups for the home team. At guard, wearing number two,
Zarique Nutter. ( cheering and applause ) At forward, wearing number 24,
Isaiah Smith. At guard, wearing number ten, Joel Uzoka-Simmons. At guard, wearing number three,
Captain Keith “Brill” Rogers. And rounding out
the starting five for the Newark Central
Blue Devils, at forward, at guard,
at center, Dee-End McRae. ( cheering ) Shawn: All right, don’t play
around, man. Let’s play. – Let’s go, Brill.
– “Central” on three,
“family” on six. – One, two, three.
– Central! – Four, five, six.
– Family! Shawn:
Let’s go, man. Samsel:
Tipoff in the air, and we are underway. Tech in control with it, on the left wing
it’s Woodley. Now, Kent’s right corner
poked away and stolen. Brill Rogers the other way. Over the left hand,
it’s good, count the bucket
and the foul. Phoenix, Phoenix. Samsel:
There’s a left-corner three
from Rogers and it’s good. At the top of the key,
ball poked away, stolen again, racing the other way
to finish Rogers, steps around the defender,
gets rejected, but fouled and he’ll go to the line. Brill to the free throw line… just missed the first. Shawn:
Serious, man? How ’bout you make
the free throw? Samsel:
They struggled against Orange in game one, and that one,
air mail. ( buzzer ) Joel Uzoka
across the timeline, left-hand dribble, into the lane,
puts it up and in. And talking a little trash
afterward. Tech set to inbound,
they’ll face some pressure, and it is thrown away. Zarique Nutter with the steal and up for the one-hand jam. Let’s go! Tech facing pressure on the inbound again. Spin pivot along the baseline, they throw it
in the middle of the lane and it’s stolen by Zarique
and he’s fouled. Boy, what a start to
the early season for Nutter. Zarique to the free throw line
once more. And he misses the first. He’ll shoot one more. Shawn:
Damn! We can’t…
shoot free throws, man. Samsel:
0 for two from the stripe, bad trip for Zarique. Shawn:
Quan Quan, Quan Quan,
wake up, man. Brill! Hey, Brill. Samsel:
Making his varsity debut, Shaquan Clark, and,
boy, what an ovation from the fans here
in the Devil’s Den. – ( whistle blows )
– ( players yell ) Shawn:
Shooter on top, Quan Quan! Come on, Shaquan,
block your man! Shawn:
Hey, man, you gotta…
step up! …looking at him. Hey, yo! Where you going? Middle, Quan Quan! Samsel:
Down court to Sincere Baker and he’s forced out of bounds. Hey, man, you gonna go
in the middle or you gonna
run to the corner? You was right where? Man, get this… man,
he gonna… “A’ight” me, man. Get his ass
out the game, man. ( buzzer ) Hey, you don’t “A’ight” me. – Nah, what I do?
– “A’ight.” I ain’t with
that bullshit, man. Ain’t no “A’ight,”
don’t put your hand up and talk about no “A’ight.” I wouldn’t say nothing. Samsel:
Dee-End McRae dribbles
on the left wing, double team closes his way, – bulldozes through
and then finishes.
– Yeah! He’ll get an and one. Shawn:
…bullshit when
we shoot free throws. Get Sincere, man. Run to the table,
run to the table. Yo, get up, get ready. Quan Quan! Shawn:
Goddamn. It’s too much
for this guy, man. Samsel:
Shaquan inbounds
into the left corner. Zarique faces some pressure. Great passing. Left corner,
here’s a three from Clark, air-balls it. Time ticking down here
in the first half. Zarique brings it across
the stripe. Dee-End? Now on the right wing
back to Zarique. Great pass into the corner. Clark for redemption and left that short as well. Tech, the rebound off the miss
and in transition. Left corner baseline,
11-foot J, good. ( music playing ) Shawn:
Dave, Dave, get on the fella. ( cheering ) Tyhis, Tyhis. Get Brill, get Brill. – Timeout.
– ( whistle blows ) DJ, Fresh. Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on. Shawn:
Come on, finish the game, man.
Finish the game. Yo, let’s go.
“Finish” on three.
“Finish” on three. – One, two, three.
– Finish! Samsel:
For Shawn McCray, what a start to the season. A great home-opener. 74-46 as the waning seconds
tick away. It’s two and 0
for the Blue Devils. ( buzzer ) ( cheering ) Better second half, man. Gotta learn to play without
people on the floor, man. Some of y’all lost out there, y’all just out there
running around, man. Should’ve scored
100 points easy! Missed about
19 free throws, man. From three points! You can’t let people think
they can play with you. You up 33-13, they cut it
to 9– 11 points. And I’m trying to
ride with you, bruh, I’m trying to ride with you, but I ain’t
with the bullshit, man. All that “A’ight, bruh.”
I ain’t with that bullshit, man. I said “a’ight.”
I ain’t say “bruh.” It’s the way you said
“A’ight, a’ight.” Don’t put your hand
up at me, man. I don’t put my hand up at you.
That’s disrespect. You gotta get your
head out your ass. And if you ain’t gonna
do it, then, hey, you just gon’ sit there
and put your feet up like you watching
a… Laker game ’cause that’s all you do. And I ain’t got time
for that shit, Quan Quan, I’m telling you. So you better get
your shit together, man. ♪ That’s how I’m living ♪ ♪ Break all the walls
they’re building ♪ ♪ See all this heart
I’m giving ♪ ♪ It ain’t hard to see ♪ ♪ It ain’t hard ♪ Can’t wait to see
what happens next? Binge-watch.
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of “Best Shot” on YouTube Premium
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    Best Shot Ep 2 – "Leave This Town" | Binge the series with YouTube Premium

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