Best Used & New Tires (847) 844-1700 Algonquin IL 60102

Best Used & New Tires (847) 844-1700 Algonquin IL 60102

People depend on you, you depend on your car,
your car depends on your mechanic, so where do you go for maintenance and repair?
Queens Auto Services provides you with all your vehicle needs; we are dedicated to providing
the utmost quality Service at the fairest prices. We provide services such as, Brakes,
Struts, Transmissions, Engines, Electric, AC Service, and Diagnostics. We are Located
at the corner of Route 25 and Route 62 in Algonquin.
Queens Auto Services also has the biggest selection in used tires at the lowest prices
in the area, because times are tough and we understand that not always NEW TIRES are an
option, call for availability and get your tires replaced in a jiffy.
Call the number on your screen!!


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