Beyblade Burst NIGHTMARE! YouTube Silver Play Button Stolen!

Beyblade Burst NIGHTMARE! YouTube Silver Play Button Stolen!

guys look I got something from YouTube – the silver play button look I will treasure this forever time to go to
sleep with my new teddy bear silver please what time is it
three o’clock who cares I still have my silver play button what where what are
you doing here you took my silver play button didn’t
you give it back Wow of course you took my beyblades and now you’re taking my silver play button no let me guess you’re challenging me to a
battle if I lose you keep it if I win I keep it yeah what’s up blossom we eat
after this one worm no way squad a bloody Longinus let me
guess have to beat all of you to get my silver play button Oh
gonna be hard let me pull up my squad Josie Achilles less Apollo’s Buster
Excalibur and gold winning Valkyrie and I’m gonna win my
silver play button you saw what happened guys who are you launching this and a
squad to play silver play button they challenged me to about it and it’s under
why’s the silver platelet I’ll do whatever I can to get it back they want
about they’re gonna get first battle is gonna be a regular bloody Longinus vs.
golden winning valkyrie let’s do this three two one destroy it
now ultimate golden pound attack Oh No store you around go and do that does it
matter alright let’s do this
one zero four three two two on the roof now ultimate goal in life joy come on
you got to defeat it no silver destroy him gotta beat a balcony now it’s time
to burn ultimate gold in its net ultimate attack for the rush launch no I
want you to Scott two points two one two under it now you got this outfit the
next one okay Weston you’re bad ok guys the first
battle is done we got one point who’s gonna battle me next you breathe I’m
just here for the Peter let’s do this left Apollo show no mercy version 3.0 ultimate standard oh yeah I have three big one I’ll get you next
one one three two one the rip you know the third time how are you the
king anata no we both have to basically attach dies and the one I want to join
is black guy but I can now it’s your turn come on bring it on
bloody Longinus I’m gonna get my silver play button guys that’s it buddy I won’t give me my
silver look at these guys I got it back this is not because of me guys it’s all
because of you guys thank you guys so much for being with me all these two
years he’s been the best support in the world I couldn’t ask for more thank you
guys so much making my friends my family thank you so much
now I’m gonna put this so we all know that’s we are community that’s what
never end bye guys stay away from nightmares have fun

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