Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO Backpacking Tent

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO Backpacking Tent

With an award winning weight to space ratio
and its own integrated LED lighting system, the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO Tent
is a high performance option for three season back packing. We are going to take a closer
look at its construction and its many features. The Copper Spur uses Big Agnes’ patent pending
mtnGLO LED technology. So you now have a tent with its own lighting system. Big Agnes is
utilizing a strand of durable LED lights. They are embedded directly in the seams overhead.
There is a simple push button activation. And you actually have two settings in addition
to off. So you have got full power and you have got a 50 percent lighting setting as
well. It is not blinding light by any means. It is not the overhead lighting in your home
and shouldn’t be. It is enough to play cards in a tent. It is enough to put hands on the
gear in your tent if you have to get up in the night to leave your tent and come back
to it. You can keep the light on and see where you are going. A really, really innovative
touch to the mtnGLO tents. Pulled off the rain fly so we can have a look
at the tent body of the Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO tent. One of the things to love, absolutely
love about the Copper Spur series is its balance of weight versus livability on the interior
of the tent. This isn’t a traditional backpacking tent that tapers away right from the start
to the very center of the tent. You have got elbow room in this tent. It is still a backpacking
style tent, so it is measuring what you need in terms of space versus that weight, but
you have got room here that is not the case in every backpacking tent that is out there. It is 90 inches long. It is 70 inches wide.
You have got a 44 inch peak height overhead, 44 square feet of internal space, so a lot
of room here not just at the floor, but overhead. The reason that is happening is because Big
Agnes is using DAC feather light NFL aluminum poles and they are using a hubbed pole system.
So while it may look like you have got numerous tent poles in play, it is really just two.
You have got one that runs from each corner to the hubs and then you have got one little
section of cross pole here across the top which increases the verticality of these side
walls, pulls the peak height broader than it would without that section and you have
got all kinds of room here inside the Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO. The tent body, at least up and off the floor,
is nylon rip stop and then polyester mesh. The floor itself is a silicon treated nylon
rip stop. So you have got better weather protection there and bolstered durability. At potential
wear points there is bolstering to the fabrication so it beefs that construction up a little
bit at those point where it is needed, but otherwise maintaining that ultra light weight
design throughout the tent. This mesh certainly gives the tent great breathability
and the rain fly also has integrated vents that help to keep air circulating inside the
tent. So it keeps things a little cooler than they might be otherwise. Also helps to cut
down on the condensation that can build up inside a tent if it doesn’t have any ability
to breathe. Sticking with that theme of livability, you
can see just how wide open the door is that I am speaking to you through. There are two
of those doors, one on each side. Gives great access to the interior of the tent. If you
would choose to, you could almost use one of the doors as an entry way to the gear closet.
There is a vestibule created on either side of the door with the rain fly. We will talk
about that in greater detail in a bit. So you could store in one and get… come
in and out the other door or you have got dual points to go in and out of the tent. There are toggles in place so you can get
the door out of the way if you choose to. Again, enhance breathability, air flow or
obviously zip it closed, keep out bugs or give you a little bit more privacy. There are numerous internal mesh pockets on
the Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO tent, actually eight of them. So all kinds of place to get
gear up off the floor, maximize that livable space there, organize, keep things close at
hand. There are even small media pockets on either side. So if you are someone who has
got to have your music, your phone even on your back packing trip there is actually a
pass through there that you can have it up over-head and run headphones through that.
So an interesting feature there. Also integrated hanging loops. The tent doesn’t
come with a gear loft, but Big Agnes sells separately a wall gear loft will… which
will be the appropriate fit to this tent. I have put the rain fly back on the Copper
Spur. It is constructed of a silicone treated nylon rip stop so, again, helping to maintain
that overall light weight construction. You can see here I am in one of the two vestibules,
one in front of each of the doors. Nine square feet provided within each of those vestibules.
So you have got pretty streamlined external storage space, that opportunity to get packs,
muddy boots, things of that nature out of the way to save space on the interior of the
tent. A foot print is available, sold separately,
for the Copper Spur tents. If you were to pick up the foot print, you also have the
potential to use it with just the rain fly and the poles and reduce the overall weight
of the tent that much further. In really nice weather where you may not have specific reason
to carry the tent or you just want to carry it… go that much lighter, that much faster,
you would have that option. With that broad array of features packed into
such a nice, ultra light weight, packable design, the Copper Spur UL 3 mtnGLO Tent really
is a great option for three season back-packing.


  1. Leon, you do some fantastic reviews. I've not even in the market for a 3p tent, but i find myself watching just about every review you've posted. +1 for the Backcountry Edge.

  2. Thanks For The Great Reviews. You should show the pack sizes of the backpacking tents and also maybe weigh the entire package on a scale. In my experience with every tent that I have purchased, the weight I measure on my home scale is always at least a pound higher than the highest weight that the manufacturer advertises (including min weight, max weight, trail weight, packed weight). Its frustrating as a taller person who has tried to get a bigger tent at the higher end of the backpacking weight spectrum, only to find out that actual weight is much higher than advertised. Just a thought…

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