I hope you’re fine, I’m fine today I find you with my
first video with my ring light so I did not put in thoroughly I do not know
too much how the master but here it is a hall so normally there will be no
worries said my comment if it’s more visible against the phone is
super – so I baum advanced a little little bit short I’m going to do it I’m
went yesterday to the gold party with aurélie so here we are saturday it was
Friday you’ll have the video tomorrow night or
tomorrow morning I do not know and suddenly I made some purchases I’ll go
show the purchases i will show you also what we got for free
is not it and as there is no big thing
finally there is not much there is some products but I found that
that was it is a video of two minutes that’s why that’s what
I place blatt anyway I bought a lot of
products whether it’s care for my routines or makeup or whatever this
either in those must I not be at home sephora on vintage or in drugstore
so I’ll integrate them and he there are many so that’s it if you do not
must not on social networks I invite you to go there and we start
right now so I’m going to show you so that’s
the pocket we’re going to say gifts and that’s the
pocket of my purchases so everything is less important
without me not being goal but lily mus 85 quickly
so here I am a brush Thursday resumed since I have one of this
collection but I have this one that is very well knows the 60 in the 09 the
the more I find it super good I wanted take it back my guys had not been able so
I took another one so that’s the number 10 is in so you see it’s
like that so I actually use it for put my pencil and blur I
find it very practical or to make a liner with pencil so perfect it’s
new collections that are not very expensive so his cp I took a
again you know it’s for putting in my bag so I already have that I have
for a century finally if with more than one year is frozen
almost finished so at home thank you to tell me it’s just
disinfectants and then it’s new packaging I think they are a little
more respectful of the cruel nature ti good vegan fruits and have really
like a scent of 6 thursday for perfume so frankly so there his
cherished darlings so not written the same I put my darling and cherished the cherry
frankly it smells too good yes I took a little quick
so I took from mik so here we put that this is a
new brands there that happened at sephora knowing we are there that
slab sephora I did not do any interludes on
the fact that everything we wanted buy one was not there so there was
a minister so normally it’s the prime hours
it’s the blur stick so this base maths and translucent blurs wear them
on all types of skin tone so we I wanted to test I say shame
because aurélie took it also kelly mu so here’s the louvre so here we
will have a operculum that I create I do not know not take off we’ll stop there for this
so thing to test soon soon soon
Then I started again if he so I took over 26 g the a27
also but there, as we are no longer return a little bit in winter tints
we will say I resumed my account if their number 26 that I love and with
minus 25% it’s a little loquacious of take back your usual products of
at fendi beauty I thought to take me so it’s min I thought you knew
so that’s the loose powder I thought it was transparent and
what was my surprise when arriving at me it’s not at all transparent
so it’s hiding it so I do not touch it I do not put it back and I will return it to
store I put the stuff in front and I will change it because I want
the brightest, but I do not did not know that there were times I
thought there was only the key in a row mini of the good ones and to finish in the
sephora shopping i took myself a kit of lipstick from anastasia to
beverly hills so we have four matte lipsticks
liquid lipstick a palicki 10 6 lip6 so is I louvre so it’s just going to be
a hell to recognize them okay it’s not full size
ok so finally it’s very expensive I thought it was yes as I am a
little disgusted is everything who yeah I’m jaded there I thought
that it was full size what when you see them like that not now
I do it I open it does the swatch so they are just
beautiful so that will reconcile me a little bit with with that so I put you
be here because of that I think that you will see nothing but they are
beautiful if you see then we only have nudes the nude sully e1 frankly it’s
magnificent so it reconciles me a bit
names to gorgeous blossom orange they are beautifully frankly I you
swatch was sublime good I would not like it okay we’re going
move on to gifts so at the level of gifts it took and claimed a no one
we not the data otherwise so weekend while she is not gold one has a
sephora kit like that I open so I did not really understand the systems
saline it’s just wrong that it is getting lost I guess so in this little
kit we have a super moisturizer day in hydrate and dishes from sephora
so it’s the new ones the new new range are still going
not seen simple forgiveness then we have to at dior
we have global anti-aging care creator perfect skin we have a miniature called hours
Burberry blossom is better than what I actually thought not bad and we have 1 min 10 May
benefit job in number stamps tell me it’s the 3 tell me that
it is the 3 in hues is not 3m so is waiting for the mistletoe migros is a
product well a giant full size to you so show in it gives that in full size
he gives that so we have this really a fixer eyebrow mascara
it’s the one I’m wearing who’s really good because he’s years
but not for all that is to say they adapt is what I have one that is
great but if you do not guys you you put everywhere so there he these
three grams the original and there we have a gram so anyway
so it flows between the moment he will finish if I want to buy them so
super one continues for good gifts I was put two samples a job that
I tested and finally I dubs it goes feel it like that not at last and gabriel
from chanel comes from sephora what are we going to alice in anti
frizz so it’s a thing with the night I
the impression you put it on the night slept with having a kind of
charlotte and you rinse in the morning my hungry here at the natural role extract
smooth hair me it does not interest me so smooth the
hair contest no me I want them stay natural there they are attached
but otherwise and wants natural and then everything is
fell down why because there was that in it i’m going to open it so gold
founder of sephora therefore incarnate with the elastic to hide there for
break there is even a bookmark in the center so
that’s why not have when I get finished the notebook that I encouraged that
I have these actions frankly it’s very pretty
so I’m using it a lot for mark but it’s what I can do
like video the dates things like this is a bit of a mike wargo agent
here it is finished for sephora I you leave two seconds I range and we
going to products I’ll start with a product that I found at
stokomani by the way it’s good of this thing that I bought so one these creams
from l’oréal mcc green cream so I tested several times
test alone with two lakes off with the foundation crust and it’s a
bomb I paid them five balls but now I
you’ll talk more about it in a video dedicated or in any case on products
green camouflage but for info if you never see her you have
rogers problems she’s top I went back to where we are going
drugstore I took the theme sanoflore the cream manificat I
almost finished the other so that’s my degree
so it’s a cream that’s special for mixing waters we will say to fat
I use it exclusively in the morning before the make-up I think she
matifies well that they are very good it’s the same range that I invite you to
go see my routines here she is beautiful so I
could not have serum to buy two years and more simple ladies years I bought
that of home so organic is the hydra halo halo and will see hydrating serum at
present so I found them
at leclerc in the store it was when there were the promos next he
was 8 euros 8 euros me I do not do not resist so here it is a lot of
everything is suitable, it is organic the icon so perfect since little last
I did not see them before so laboratories of high ségala there high
segala it’s a lab they do bio stuff and I buy mostly
I have some hydrolats there too alas recently or so I do not
did not see they released a range of care
so here we have the face serum for pau for all skin, here is 100% aloe vera
of natural origin so it’s organic and it is silicone-free and cost 8
euros so I rushed on so suddenly there is it uses the
morning and the other in the evening and it looks like at the same time the two treatments will be seen
but this one is the same as when I put my teen and see pure face
so perfect for me from the same brand so laboratories of high ségala
I found an outline of the eye alonso is towards desktop devices without
silicone and that one and trailer and I admit that in the morning when I am
in a hurry I like the rollers or when I’m bleeding their olonne it’s
still quite practical So here we are after hydration
it’s not the anti wrinkle even if the law will see anti wrinkle virtues
I’m still using another one from at taj especially who is more anti
wrinkles we will finish on this mark so I
taken from blue and therefore it is a hydrosol bio laboratories segala I have
last ordered from joly essence if you have not seen them I
manufactures and finally I will associate the hydrolats to make me care for
eyes so here it’s going to be for them eyes and I have not recommended
we do not have any more my daughter uses so that’s the cat so that’s it
also the Italian crisis beds which is also very interesting for the
deflation of the eyes the pockets so restorative there are also
anti wrinkle virtues so make me that I’m going to have other containers so I
are going to dump the two actually together and they will be duet to hydrate me
under the eye in the morning so that’s it costs roughly
I believe that blue and its 6 euros and it must then 8 euros so the
crises is a little more expensive so here and that will tell us and two
three months I think because there is some volume of the coup de chez taj I got
took the micellar water so frozen already tested twice I remove the makeup
eyes with I took for the eyes she is fine so I continue to the
test it will make you a return on my products completed elsewhere if you
have not seen my last video I you invite to go see her I needed a moisturizer
but the creams a little more riffain rich and then moisturizing that one
specific for mixed or pau thanks that I put in the morning the soulmaker the
evening I need hydration so there I found laboratories there are
nature is the same I did not see them and they changed the rays or so
they are nine agents are yours there so are you not given nature
so here we are on a range for skins normal to mixed 1 and so that’s very
interesting because the lia it’s easy it’s interesting or weird
ouch wrote normal to combination skin and behind there is written normal all right
to the quines so normal could for dry skin so you’ll have to
decide no I confess I do not understand too much short without parabens finally celio and there
has no silicone either there is no of perfume that without anything at all so
those who love perfume so its taxes like that six absent a little bit
still it’s very sweet so I have not tested yet frozen in bins
but that does not mean it should not delayed then I caught myself then
it’s in my drive I wanted to try so shekhar and
from nature to 9 organic a shampoo so it’s a
shampoo for them to purify hair to occupy hairy st so in
big is for oily hair regret quickly we’re still on a
containing that at their tee made in France have to test
I try to find more clean than my she gives thing must then have then
we will talk about this product quickly so from w7 I do not open because
I rent what plays so it’s a powder banana so I’m crazy about bananas
aged banana everywhere has a the banana here ah but I did not want
show I have banana to death girl definitely it’s a carnage video in
So that’s what the chain would have said minimus 85 who spun me so perfect
attest that I miss them and I have by the way tested this morning he for
the perfect moment of morphy so no vintage passion so does it on
vintage and find the powder bells 1-2 at morphy so here’s a set beck that
I tested once or twice yeah I need more time at
all faith so the same on vintage I’m am procured the trivial acronym that at the
difference from others in any case I do not like the smell I
you say right now I do not like the case it does not change one is very pretty
you and the banana and we see nothing of the everything says so it’s great
yes the bananas she has a little more illuminator that others others
are infinite a little more morning but it’s not an ounce so it’s okay
honor I do not like then I got took a cream
scheer beatles is that I make lots on vintage so often corn in
the commands I have several things so this is the flamengo flower cream that
not bad but it was not the one that I wanted but it does not matter so in
100 milliliters to test and then there my friends
how do you say I was crazy about the body shop when I was young
I had discovered that in Ireland I was completely crazy about their gel
shower and I had not tested since an eternity I know when I was in
just feign the moment we’re going to make the pot of strawberry cream and there
I did not see on wendel so it’s a scrub scrub with strawberry
I used twice but how do you to say that it’s a yves rock killer
side is it’s grandma’s perfume it’s cross and it’s the body shop what
listen it’s over so I got you showed a little the products that I’m going
a little tested the in the weeks to come in the coming months for
some regarding the good gold evening there is
was not much we bring our kids with us but it was still
nice damage was not natacha was not not there charlotte was not the pie
was not the end there was that slab what clearly there was that slab
it does not matter what it is to be are really adorable under the limits
take care of our kids to our kids more exactly that’s all for today
I make you big kisses not to tell me in comment if you
know the products and you what you think about it to see later if we
agrees or in any case it can orient myself on ways to use if
the cream or put it on my face I think we’ll all do the same
in the meantime I make you big kiss goodbye see you soon


  1. Bonjour, je me suis encore incrustée à la Soirée Gold! Je vous montre mes achats et mes cadeaux. J’enchaîne avec mes derniers achats soins et maquillage, trouvés sur Vinted, Stokomani et en para Leclerc. J'attends vos avis et vos commentaires, je vous souhaite un bon dimanche et une bonne semaine, bisous

  2. Sympa tes achats … pas de sephora chez moi donc je ne risque pas de craquer mdr
    Mais j'entend du bons comme du mauvais dans ces soirée
    Bisous ma belle

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