Bigger Than Usual SILVER PLAY BUTTON?! (Unboxing) | VLOG

Bigger Than Usual SILVER PLAY BUTTON?! (Unboxing) | VLOG

What’s up AC family AntsCanada here and I’ve got a special video I wanted to apologize ahead of time because… I had audio problems while recording this vlog but i still wanted to upload it despite a lot of the audio technicalities because it’s such a special event! Hope you enjoy the video! This is kind of… a special video um… i guess Im not sure if I’m gonna have it be a Hidden Video, or an actual Vlog Video, But.. I think it’s the Silver Play button! We began the year I think, with something like… fifty thousand subscribers and then, by the end of last year {2016} we ended with over five hundred thousand subscribers Which is fantastic!! So we got our silver play button, and I wanted to vlog it so Here we go! this is kind of like a… Hallmark moment here Oh my gosh guys look! So cool! “Youtube” It’s a black box Awesome! And it says “AntsCanada” at the bottom here Very cool right? Ahh this is amazing. So awesome, alright. Now. It’s a box, in a box. So here we have.. The box, the real box. and um let’s… look at it together guys, we did this! alright! AntLove did this Ooh! There is a note. Awesome. Let’s see what the note says. “You’ve just done something very few Youtube creators accomplish you had an astonishing 100,000 people subscribe to your chanel.” (*≧▽≦) ((Voice over)) Ok guys, so here is where i had a lot of static in my audio. So here I’m just kind of explaining what the letter says I’m thanking YouTube, and Google, and of course… you guys the AC family. And check that silver playbutton out. That is pretty crazy, and I blow off some of the debris there. I was actually freaking out, because of the size of the silver playbutton. It was… really large. Larger then i expected. ((Back to video)) The reason why im freaking out right now is because, Um.. I have another channel which reached 100,000 subscribers, its at 300,000 something subscribers right now, And the silver playbutton, isnt this big! Let’s compare, wait. See the size difference guys? ok well… you know either way I’m super, super… super grateful to you guys Oh my gosh, here’s the acceptance speach. 。^‿^。 Thank you guys for giving ants a chance, um.. It really means a lot to me that you guys really like the ant videos… Um… and, yeah. It’s just amazing how ahh, I’m at loss for words I-It’s amazing how many people out there actually are giving AntLove a chance, and see the creatures that most people kind of ignore as little… Packages of miracle, essentially. Um… and I’m glad you guys see that And I hope to continue to spread that message in our ant videos. I am totally grateful for this, and I’m gonna feature this in our next ant video. ‘cuz this really does mean a lot to me guys. Thank you so much. Um at the filming of this video, I think we’re at 550,000 subscribers now so um, we’re over halfway to a million! and again, super grateful for all the support This is for you guys. Its AntLove Forever. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Bye! ((Voiceover)) As I said guys thank you so much for the support, for all our subscribers, the entire AC Family, this award is for us. Let’s continue to spread that AntLove. Stay tuned for this Saturday’s video, because it’s going to be a crazy one. I’ve also been seeing a lot of your questions on all of the other colonies, so I promise to give an update. In the next video. See you guys this Saturday! Bye!


  1. Okay. He is ant-solutely a cutie. Can we make our own colony together? Okay. No. That sounded wrong. Congrats on the subscribers though. xx

  2. Congratulations I have had a small ant farm without a queen a few times and really enjoy it I would like to get a queen responsibly in California and start a beautiful aunt farm like ants Canada has, thank you for the great videos

  3. That moment when you thought you're just watching a random ant channel, then BOOM! Mikey Bustos! Gahahahaha! Congratulations! Cheers from the Philippines 🇵🇭❤️ God bless!

  4. I've subbed this year although I watched your videos when you were talking about how the black crazy ants are immortal… 😛

  5. yay good job guys and now….. we must try to get him (another one) like uh gold or which ever one comes next

  6. I've recently been following… Good job bud! 🙂 you are 836K subscribers now… Surely you must be on your way of getting a reward of some kind for when you reach 1 million… Keep it up

  7. I use to think of ants as gross little bugs. That all changed when I was staying at this house in the Amazon rainforest and this trail of ants marched by the the steps by the deck down some dirt stairs and off into the bush carrying leaves on their heads. That's when I found love for these little guys. I'm so glad you got this.

  8. Wait a second….?! Mikey Bustos?!!!!!!!!! I thought I recognized your voice in your "fire ants planning to escape" video. I went to check your channel to see your face, and here you are 😱😂 I watched videos of both your channels regularly and noticed it just now….

  9. WOw!…. I'm shocked! when I see this video. I don't even know that your the man behind that voice. aren't you? my Kababayan Mikey Bustos? great that makes me more interested in this channel. hope you add the philippine ants like Antik the large red ants commonly seen in Mango Trees. More Power dude… I just ring the bell!!!

  10. you are nothing i axpetcted from the voice but u seem so likebel o and btw look at were we are right now 1.5 m thats nuts keep up the work man

  11. You Sir Restore my faith in human kind nota cause of your videos but of what this project ( if i may call it that, i mean no disrespect ) has teached me about life and Nature You Sir are a INCREDIBLE HUMAN 🙂 i wish you The best of luck

  12. I have only just started watching you, discovering from a suggested video only my home hub. I keep insect's myself and always had a discomfort experience towards ants however you changed that and made me love ants now! Your videos are exciting, well edited and shows your love towards you colony's. The struggles are real, the experiences are real. Keep it up

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