Birch Gold Group Interviews Steve Forbes: A “sinning” Fed is “undermining the dollar”

Birch Gold Group Interviews Steve Forbes: A “sinning” Fed is “undermining the dollar”

Birch Gold Group Interview with Steve Forbes and no glad to be talking with Steve
Myers here’s the impasse my name is Rachel it let’s go through
can you talk a little bit about the Federal Reserve printing money these
days then the Federal Reserve recently announced that they decided to
grace Dougherty money by October do you think that will actually happen I
keep big quantitative quantitative easing anyway the fed will stop the quantitative
easing what is disturbing is that they’re going
to still keep all the bonds label they’re not going to
let them run down which is now going to be about October
rolls around for a half trillion dollars so while the bed desert still sitting you can and the this is the those excess reserves are still an
overhang mine and now they were still from
working undermine the dollar openly yes do you think they’re going to be using any kind of backdoor
be able to basically effectively do the same thing
they just started under the radar how well the the overhang is so huge
it’s unprecedented me not to do anything is already there
yeah and they just have to hope that the what doesn’t the sweep away the town of
Bright he also said that you believe in at golden owning
gold at night as an investment but as
insurance against economic malpractice and did not tell me more about them your
thoughts on hold these days well gold maintains intrinsic value
better than anything else honor buster four thousand years and
really see the dollar prices fluctuate around goal that means dollars we can you or of people’s
perceptions about the dollar are changing im and the so for 180 years this country Dollar Pips
two goals yeah work pretty well certains work better
than now to flow and repair centers mmm and their the 80’s 90’s we had a
semi stable monetary policy are so much better than at given to see the right plus but we had a terrible
decade in the seventies and move at a terrible time since the early part of
the last decade your I am and this is all unnecessary
what do you think about the performance serve and burning key and now Janet Yellen at
the head bernie he was a disaster the putting quantitative easing even
operation twisty suppressed interest rates across the board it was a poorly marked up the credit
markets you hurt the economic recovery was first
time you had a recovery that sharp snapback St missionary and now and never before he became the head born
into weakening the dollar no and bought into
the idea there exists a fence around the world so we’re he’s Irvine a really bad record my anything Janet
Yellen is simply continuing battle giuliani shown
that day she needs to know reeducation camps I oh my she she she she is a former nothing and
won’t she’s a PhD star online years in the system that socio there is
a go to: the only I yeah I would agree how he said something really interesting
about the gold standard that I wanted to ask you about UT used
said dead away just sorta paying the dollar
back to goal would be to yeah packet to the price it go like it
we will print more dollars when that price and gold based on the price of gold in the
printer stop printing kit can you elaborate yes let’s say we pics the ratio is
thirteen hundred dollars to announce a bowl I’m so one above 1300 that with the stop the burning members both 1300 the print to keep it keep within range this
is so simple is got me that’s what the the I Prix silver funny money don’t want to know gold
standard very soon I ok that that’s amazing and but we’re not
going to do that why the one is the economics profession
knows less about money than it did a hundred years ago and the they and others have a vested
interest in a currency instability yeah currency
trading now volume on a daily basis over three
trillion dollars currency trading are two trains Wow just people changing money back and
forth trying to get an edge yes yeah it’s it’s a huge skews business it’s not really a business now
lifted the over but without a business yeah they
could do something useful like medical research yeah and do you think interest rates are
going to actually go up anytime soon the not home on the bed is determined to up suppress them which means you won’t
get the functioning brain Americans a new so well it’s another example is
emerging technologies misbehaving likeness for many yet they
would much rather have people spending and borrowing rather than saving Weleda mind the notion that the saving money is happening in a black
hole so when I smashed out great more
prosperous economy do you think people buying stuff
deserves the way too well well people produced by my because they believe you’re camping yeah
here so do you sell gold often like it what
would it take for you personally to sell your called I won one gold standard the butt and then they would need the insurance
grade writer I am well thank you so much for time do
you need me I’m

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