BITCOIN GOLD PRICE PREDICTION | What Is It? Where To Get It? Best Investment Of 2017 – 2018??

BITCOIN GOLD PRICE PREDICTION | What Is It? Where To Get It? Best Investment Of 2017 – 2018??

what’s going on guys how you guys doing
welcome back to a brand new video on this channel today we’re going to talk
about Bitcoin gold I made a ton of notes again for you as per usual so I don’t
miss any information if you guys are interested in the website I’m on it is
the official Bitcoin gold website BTC GPU org so yeah we’re gonna kind of go
over what I expect the price to be what we’re gonna do that the end the price
positions gonna be at the end so stay with me all the way through if you guys
are interested in seeing that or explain what’s happening what it is what the
fork means and all that all that different stuff what it does it’s
different to Bitcoin all that stuff so um for starters I want to make sure you
guys hear this for me this is not financial advice I’m not telling you
guys what to do when to sell what the price is gonna be for sure none of this
financial advice this is all my opinion but without further ado let’s get
started with this so Bitcoin gold is a new version of Bitcoin now how do they
come up with a new version of Bitcoin basically what they do is they change
the code cuz bitcoins code right it’s written in code and the codes public for
everyone to see so all you would have to do is change the Bitcoin code and you
would have a new you know it would split basically right so it should be
releasing today today’s a 25th um there’s a lot of information going
around right now so at the time of you see this video I don’t know what is
exactly going on but I’ll make update videos as we go and as information comes
out as this is really really big news but what happens is today it’s a 25th so
everything before the 25th the transactions all remain the same nothing
changes but after the 25th once the code gets changed there’s a split right so
everyone who has Bitcoin would now also have Bitcoin gold right if you now not
every exchange is doing Bitcoin gold and all that stuff that is a ton of
information that you guys you find over here so this is the ones that accept it
this is the one that’s doing the wallets these are the pools using exchanges yeah
so if you’re looking for like coin base and stuff like that I wouldn’t be able
to tell you right now you would have to go do that research somewhere else I
didn’t see it in the ones I just showed anyways what’s changing is okay again
the algorithm for Bitcoin is changing right which means it’s gonna go come
more similar to the one that aetherium has so using a GPU for mining instead of
the one that you see which is the Asics I’m ASIC right here now it’s going to
GPU the properties the properties should be pretty similar to Bitcoin you know a
few changes that we’re not a hundred percent sure of right now I know that as
soon as they launched they ran into some issues but they aren’t trying to resolve
that they’re trying to fix that in the code so bear with them we’ll see what
happens I’m not gonna write anything off just yet now we’ve actually seen
something similar to this before with Bitcoin cache and if I’m not mistaken if
I go to the crip to market cap yeah we have Bitcoin cache right here so what’s
right number four so it did pretty well for itself
you know 328 let’s look at the the chart what did it look like
I don’t remember what it looked like okay so it started up pretty high right
okay okay so start off pretty high does it didn’t really change much from here
to here so that you guys can see I’m not too familiar with Bitcoin cache I just
know that this is something very similar to that in what’s happening now the the
biggest issue that we’re gonna start seeing in my opinion we’re gonna start
seeing with this is that anyone can change the code right the code isn’t
impossible to change since it’s public anyone that knows how to code can change
the code so anyone can do sort of what’s been done over here and that’s that’s a
problem because that means if everyone starts to do it the price for them all
is just gonna go to shits because I don’t think I can say that and the
problem is if everyone starts doing that then the price of every coin is just not
gonna go very high because there’s so many of them how are we supposed to
differentiate which one’s good which one’s bad right so it’s very difficult
to say I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to make regulates not that like I
said it’s public code so I guess anyone can do it it’s just something to look
out for also a little bit to why um the nice part about this websites that they
have a frequently asked questions section and one of the biggest questions
is what’s why why bitcoin gold right and I talked a little bit about how the
mining is gonna be easier it’s gonna be using GPU it’s going to be more similar
to aetherium and why is that good so this question actually answers it
really really well the website answers it really well and it’s basically saying
that Satoshi Nakamoto who was the guy who basically created Bitcoin he’s the
man behind it he had a vision of one CPU just one CPU one vote and that’s been
going like you guys can see the code one CPU one vote and that’s been kind of
taken away by reality because the issue is now that since you mind Bitcoin with
ASIC there has been a company domination a few companies have dominated that
marketplace of providing the hardware and therefore they can increase the
price they can kind of you know charge more for put a premium on it because
theirs is the best one and all that stuff and therefore it caused a little
bit of an issue because it’s no longer completely free so a Bitcoin gold is
what they’re trying to do is provide an opportunity for a lot more people around
the world to participate in the Y in the mining process without having you know
those crazy crazy expensive hardware that you guys know that it takes to mine
Bitcoin and they believe that Bitcoin gold is gonna be more in line with
Satoshi Satoshi nakamoto’s vision cuz they say that a more decentralized
mining infrastructure is more resilient and more in line with what Satoshi’s
original vision was so that’s pretty interesting I understand the logic
behind it I’m interested to see what happens like I said I’m gonna hold on to
my Bitcoin gold we’ll see what happens worst case scenario nothing changes in
my life right so that’s basically what I’m going to do by no means am I telling
you what you have to do again don’t forget but yeah that’s gonna be what I’m
what I’m probably gonna do anyways also a cool little side note um there is I
don’t know this is cool but they are also gonna fork again there’s gonna be
another fork later down the road which is gonna be something called segue to X
you guys can see right here I’m just who knows what it’s gonna do we’re gonna
have to wait to see I can’t comment on it right now I don’t know nearly enough
about it this video we’re trying to take just a Bitcoin gold now we’re gonna look
at a little bit of comparison and then once we’re done with a comparison we’re
gonna jump right into the price prediction what I predict is gonna
happen now comparing alright we’re gonna just
focus on comparing Bitcoin to Bitcoin gold right thankfully this chart makes
it really easy so you guys can see the supply it’s said to be around about the
same the algorithm is different from all the other ones
this one’s using equi hash this one’s using the sha-256 everyone you guys
probably know the that Bitcoin uses a sha-256 mining hardware this is the one
that changes a big time because it’s now GPU so it makes it mining more similar
to your theory um’s mining with these two so that’s really good other than
that everything seems pretty much the same you know block intervals the same
block size of the save now the difficulty adjustment it adjusts every
block so that’s interesting to see how that um doesn’t we all know bit Bitcoin
difficulty it’s been going up but they only adjust every two weeks so there we
go yeah so basically those are the biggest
comparisons I know there’s probably a lot more of you guys who know a lot more
than me about this so if you guys have anything else to add please leave that
in the comments I would love to learn more from you guys I can just give you
guys the information that I have so far stuff that I’ve been reading stuff that
I’ve been figuring out and sort of my idea behind or what’s going on now for
the price prediction I know this might be what a lot of you guys are here for
because a lot of people are curious to know is this gonna make me a prophet
what I expect to happen um I don’t know the price of it right now I know that as
soon as it launched it crashed so I predicted that I could see that
coming I I was saying when it launched it’s probably gonna crash cuz everyone’s
is gonna sell off as much as they can right that one was pretty much most
people knew that but what happens now is what’s interesting so it could stay low
and just never do anything right but my opinion when I was advising some people
I mean if they were not advising when I was saying when I thought I was going to
do in the future which is kind of interesting just to kind of play the
odds um once it crashed which again I knew it was I was gonna pick up some and
just hold it right because you never know
Bitcoin gold was meant to be the better Bitcoin I guess is that what they’re
trying to do so if by any chance by any means there’s like a
fraction of a percent that says that it might be thrown Bitcoin and it might get
to 6000 maybe it wasn’t the worst idea in the world to grab yourself some when
it was pretty cheap right so I’m just gonna hold on to the Bitcoin goal that I
got because I had Bitcoin so I got Bitcoin gold I’m gonna hold on to
Bitcoin Gold cuz why not there’s really no if nothing changes for me right if it
just goes to zero it stays at zero for the rest of my life absolutely nothing
changes if for some reason it goes to 6,000 then woohoo we have a ton of money
made and I’m a happy happy happy happy man so yeah that’s a little bit of just
my thoughts behind Bitcoin bold and everything that’s going on if you guys
enjoyed this video please don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe
to guys are new to the channel we’d love to have you as part of the team and I’m
gonna try and keep you guys updated as much as I can on all this information
where you guys can get your Bitcoin Gold all that stuff I do want to say also be
careful be careful because there’s gonna be a lot of scammers out when Bitcoin
gold is or the now that Bitcoin Gold is how people are gonna be telling you oh
send me your Bitcoin and I’ll just give you your Bitcoin gold and then they’re
gonna run away with your Bitcoin alright be smart don’t be dumb don’t give out
your Bitcoin to anyone who says if you don’t know who they are you know be
smart be careful make sure to do your own research as well if there’s anything
I miss that you guys want to know more of or just leave them in the comments I
could try my best to answer any question that you guys have thank you guys so
much for watching again and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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