Bix Weir : Genius or Misguided ? – by Illuminati Silver

Bix Weir :  Genius or Misguided ? – by Illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about Silver. Today is Monday 10th August 2015 and we would
like to ask, your views on Bix Weir while we express ours.
Bix Weir is the owner of the website which we believe essentially argues that there
is a Group of People behind the scenes rigging the various financial markets in order to
crash the global economic system, so that a new system may be introduced.
Partly based on the hidden messages behind certain ‘children’s comic books’ and
the 1960’s theory ‘On the Road to the Golden Age’ – he suggests that the Grand
Plan is to run the fiat currency system, as long as possible, and when everything collapses,
walk away from the debt, having built up one’s physical assets and military. He also maintains
the possibility of vast amounts of Gold being stored, hidden in various parts of the US
including “Chocolate Mountain”. In fact he estimates that some 2 million tonnes of
gold has been mined or is readily available as opposed to the general consensus of around
200,000 tons. He suggests that this gold may be revealed upon the collapse of the economic
system allowing the US to revert to a gold standard, now able to support its currency
with these vast hidden reserves. He was first brought to our attention when
an email reached us a few years ago, showing the case he made for $136,000 silver (albeit
after a significant number of factors came into play).
He also predicted the “collapse of the Financial Market in Summer 2011”
On the SGT Report on 18th April 2011 he stated that he thought silver at $1000 an ounce “is
conservative”. On the 17th June 2011 on Time Monk Radio he stated that silver and
gold “are the only alternatives to an unbacked/fiat money system” – a failure of some 3000
such currencies throughout history supported this inevitability. He then went on to admit
that he had previously given potential values for silver at $1,000, $7,000 and $70,000 an
oz. Again on the SGT Report which was broadcast
on 22nd Feb 2012 he stated that “there is a 99% chance by the end of this year we’ll
be talking about, if not actually going back to, a Gold Standard.
He was interviewed by Don Harold on 7th April 2013 where he stated that the markets were
controlled and manipulated to the fullest extent – and when asked when will it end?
He answered “hopefully it will end very soon”.
On the 7th May 2013 On The Financial Survival Network, he declared “Metals are going fast”
– there will shortly be a “Hard Stop” in trading of electronic and physical metals.
On the 22nd March 2015, he told Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog about the impending economic
collapse: I believe it will be here this year, and that’s my final conclusion. I am looking
around September, but I believe it has already started. He also told USA Watchdog, “We’re
at a point in our system and in the manipulation where people within the FED and within our
Government are ready to pull the plug on the game, and basically crash the system.
On the SGT Report on 5th July 2015 he predicts a September Collapse of the Markets and Financial
system possibly in line with the “Shemitah” but he did add the comment “But I don’t
know if they can hold it together for that long”.
So this guy, who we don’t doubt has a very impressive website and is one of the more
knowledgeable people in the precious metals market, has been wrong about an imminent collapse
in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and we only have 1 more month to wait and see if the same applies
to 2015. Now it is very easy to criticise, and one
has to admire people who are willing to place themselves ‘on the line’ by giving predictions
– both in terms of price and time. However, we have to say, so far Bix has been wrong
on each of these forecasts and we shall know very soon whether he has been wrong again.
Our view is this: People like Bix Weir have a significant following – whether they are
paid subscribers or not. Many have invested their savings in Gold and Silver because of
their belief in his theory and message. Now admittedly we must all take responsibility
for our own actions, but many turn to ‘experts’ like Bix for guidance. Those who followed
him since 2011 are now losing up to 60% of their invested wealth. Some unfortunately
have had to liquidate their holdings at great cost to themselves and their family.
Now, we do not know whether Bix is a Genius or misguided, what we do believe is that he
has at least a little responsibility for helping to make some people’s lives a misery. Whilst
we like to think that this was never his intention, we want to make it clear to anyone who advocates
precious metals that they should do so with a degree of sobriety, and highlight the possible
risks of following their beliefs and actions – even though it may not be advice.
That’s our opinion – what is yours? We hope you like this video and found the
information useful. If so, please give it a thumb up, comment and if you haven’t already
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silver. Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. I'll keep it short…. Bix Weir is a con man in my opinion. Do you ever wonder how people like him get all this secret information and have all this time to be on youtube ? It is simply amazing ! 🙂 Critical thinking is replaced with wishful thinking bordering on delusional . Number one rule of con men is to tell people what they want to hear. You are much nicer than me 🙂

  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Mr. Weir is a effing kook. If the prices go to what he predicts, what will a gallon of gas, or milk, or a loaf of bread cost. We'd be talking Wiemar Republic. or Zimbabwe type inflation, and I don't see that happening here in the States.

  3. It's not only Bix but dozens of experts (most of them do not sell precious metals) who agree with each other about the danger of the financial situation we are in.
    At least they generally give solutions to this situation, which you don't.
    I appreciate your daily videos, but I take them with a grain of salt.

  4. Its easy to tell the truth about silver after 3 years of a bear market culminating in the destruction of the price. Did illuminati silver tell people not to buy silver when it would have been beneficial to do so! Hindsight is no marker of intelligence. We are all aware of the pumpers and dumpers after having been lured in, so there is no need to tell us about what we already know. What is your purpose IS. You have already stated you do not give advice.

  5. ive never actually listened to an entire bix podcast….it always ends in a face plant 5 or 10 minutes into it….if it happens to be greg hunter doing the interview….. well i'm on my way to BEST BUY after 3 minutes because ive put my fist through another lap top….lmao…..gee….. i hope ive been able to express myself and tell you all… i really feel

  6. Never visited his website, but over time I've pieced together his theory. I find it fascinating, somewhat documented, logical and what the heck possibily true. I buy silver because it's the only saving method I've found that makes me feel as good as when I banked my newspaper selling monies in the second grade. Jai Meher Baba

  7. Doom & Gloom. Once the doom and the gloom doesn't get there when they predict, then they become less viable. Would love to see an expose on Chris Duane.

  8. good food for thought. i feel some what responsible for my own actions but not peoples misery ( i do not wish that upon anyone )… i prefer to use the term… buy what you like.. silver, gold or anything for that matter. deep down you can loose your wealth but not your thinking capability to look for better.

    i don't call myself a expert and i am not…. because what i ve learned about experts is to be better than them. out teach the teacher would be bold but a goal to stride for in any field to find true accomplishment within it.

    personally i feel more than i should. people are misguided in life from the start to the end. guide yourself is my advice, find the right people to listen too and the wrong and you can find a good medium.

    Question: when does your Team feel and think when the reverse of this bear market will happen? ( would be interesting to know ) 

    Once again… thank you for the video and take it easy.

  9. My oppinion is:
    There is something wrong with the world as i know it for my life…All i hear is bad news Ukraine Greece Middle east.
    The stockmarkets globaly do awesome and the econemy globaly is like on heroine…The media and leaders say we do great and my eyes and ears from all over the world tell me bad storys…

    I now slowly start to see something like a massive depression is already going on and is coming in our lives right now its only the stocksmarkets shut crash and we are back in 1929 (or wors we dont have a gold standard so our fiat money=toilet paper).

    So for me what i see with my own eyes is bad news and more bad news all over the world and not in terms of wars or polution in the name of financial system…Its like everything i always believe in is falling apart,nations debts grow-countrys go bankrubt (Greece Puerto Rico Ukraine Argentina) and the list of countrys gets bigger,stock markets rise and shine,people struggel QE after QE and so on..

    Something is wrong,and its thats the financial system is falling apart if u ask me..And only cause of capitalist who take the jobs to asia and fiat money thats being made from thin air…

  10. Bix Weir…great interview, but a complete lunatic. But he probably makes good money doing his thing, so he can't be all that crazy.

  11. Bix Weir is a hack, a challatan. Saying he is misguided is a very generous observation. The nut job, Weir, saying all the debt will be wiped out once the financial collapse occurs. So, people with 30 yr mortgage will own the property out right. This man, Weir, does not deserve any credits for giving his ridiculous prediction. Bix Weir is either irresponsible dunce or a dangerous con man.

  12. In my opinion Bix is assuming a bit too much, and if gold and silver were going to be worth that much in currency, who would want the currency? To his credit, for whatever reason, the evidence supports the rampant rigging and manipulation of the financial system, especially in P.M.s! His predictions to me, are like the movie Groundhog Day, if you've heard one, you've heard them all, time will tell.

  13. You forgot one! "Complete Wipe-out of all Debt coming in the Next Few Weeks" posted by Bix Weir in the summer of 2013. Bix Weir is completely full of it. He has no clue what is coming.

  14. Thank you for the bigger picture! Bix Weir has an opinion and he charges for it! It is not a scam if you pay for it of your own choice! If it has no value for you then you have missed the big picture…… again ! Over the next while Illuminati Silver will open your eyes by showing you the various opinions about Silver. The bigger picture can be seen with a 152+ week average of the COT report if you are looking for market direction… money vs dumb money. Perhaps a comment on Larry Williams will be in the cards as well for some newbie guidance . Thanks again for the Video

  15. Guess that's what happens when you drop the phone. It's just defaults to( I'm). Well I must say you have curtailed me from running out and buying tons of silver. Today I made $1,125 with a 3 year Leased excavator. At about 1500 a month. I really wanted lots of silver in my safe. But my gut tells me Gold is where you find it. A very wise man told me that when I was just a kid. The only issue I'm having is my dollars keep buying less and less that's why I was looking at Silver..

  16. Bix Weir : Genius or Misguided ? i take the ladder silver is just too silly to take seriously there are tons of better investments that will out perform silver.silver is for pikers


    What do you think?

  18. Most zealots are honestly deluded. I don't pay any more attention to the people touting metals, than I do to the people touting stocks. They are only a part of my investments. I feel it best to keep gold and silver at 10% of one's portfolio. I am buying because of the heady levels of the stock market. Dollar cost averaging monthly until I hit my 10% goal. People worried about the dollar collapse should be stockpiling food and ammunition, not silver and gold.
    BTW, I miss the old sound. LOL

  19. As always, the answer is "somewhere in the middle".  Whilst a bunch of what Bix maintains may not be true, or come to pass, that doesn't mean the basis of his beliefs is completely unfounded.

    There are, undeniably, a number of extremely wealthy and powerful individuals, families and corporations on the planet whose drive to accumulate wealth is so blindingly strong that they have no national allegiance whatsoever.  For those 'players', the US Dollar (for example) is nothing more than a chess piece — to be moved around the board and protected as long as it is advantageous, but ultimately sacrificed when the strategic gain is greater than the value of the piece itself.

    The collapse of a particular currency, and the social structure of the country that owns it, means little-to-nothing if you've moved yourself and your assets elsewhere in the world.

    The most dangerous aspect of US-dominated western markets is not the behaviour of the markets themselves, but the belief of their participants in, to borrow a phrase, American Exceptionalism.  The common belief that the US is so integral to the global economy that, no matter how bad things get, it will be protected and preserved because if it fails, the whole world goes under, and thus the whole world (acting in their own interests) will not allow the US to fail… is utter nonsense and denies all historical precedent.

    Not only will other countries (and players) allow the US to fail, but many are now actively and openly engineering that downfall.  (BRICS, the AIIB and the IMF's SDR are some of the canaries in the coal mine.)  A lot of players will profit immensely from the downfall of the US(D) and, to them, the social consequences are irrelevant.  The world won't collapse — it will burp and then move on, like it has countless times before.

    Small players short stocks. Big players short countries.  The smart money is currently shorting the US in toto.

  20. Not buying the premise, BUT — just because you're crazy doesn't mean you can't see the handwriting on the wall.  The burden of proof resides with those of us that purport to be "in our right mind" and have motives consistent with the public good. Many times in the past visionary's have been right on the call, but misjudged the event trigger. I actually agree with you here, although I am suspicious of your motives generally.

  21. Very interesting listening. I think I know who you are. Did you once live at 221B Baker Street?. I tried to learn the violin once . It is a solitary instrument but in the hands of one who can search the depths of criminal intellect it can sound hauntingly deducive. Indeed. keep up the good work

  22. SILVER- GOLD INVESTING 101 –  The wisest precious metals investors know the game. BUY LOW -SELL HIGH…and if you wish to hold some silver/ gold, make sure that which you hold, is paid for in FULL, by the profits you made when you sold some of your precious metals at their high price. I was stupid, and fell for the pumpers game and was waiting for $3000 gold , before I sold…I now know its always best to take good profits, when you can. Lesson learned..

  23. IMHO- the next step in currency, is going from a paper/ coinage currency, to aLL DIGITAL currency. Gold and silver will NEVER be a mainstay of our money systems again. That era is long done. The sadness about this all digital currency is, it will give TPTB, even more control over all of us, allow greater taxation , and the peons in society will embrace this higher level of slavery because all digital currency is more convenient for the peons in society…they just whip out their plastic card, and make purchases.

  24. Ever heard of HARVEY ORGAN ?  research him,,,he claimed that silver would skyrocket earlier this year…..another idiot pumper who should be ignored at all costs.

  25. silver illumanati –  there are suckers born every minute…and they have to learn the hard way ……most people would rather listen to sensationalism and pleasing lies over common sense and boring truths. I feel for the pumpers game…but have learned a lesson because of it.

  26. Maybe I don't understand how the world works.  If you keep printing money with nothing to back it up.  If you keep adding to a National Debt.  If you where trading with a country that keeps expanding it's money supply and using there money in the trade.  When would you finally call Bull Shit?  Doesn't it have to end at some point?  At some point the numbers have to get to large doesn't it?  When does inflation kick us all out of the middle class?  I can't quit looking for info so maybe I'm screwed.  I've lost a ton in 2008 in the stock market.  I've lost a ton in 2001 in the stock market.  Where can I put my money and not lose a ton?  Am I suppose to be a lemming and just keep following the crowd or should I try something else.  Well this is something else.  Maybe it will pay off or I lose my ass again.

  27. "People who follow Bix have lost 60% of their holdings"  Seriously?  

    Maybe if you bought at the most recent top.   I dont personally follow Bix, but I have been buying since sub $10, so I dont see much in the way of a "decline."

    Also, you keep mentioning "pumpers."  None of the pumpers except for maybe Mike Maloney tell you to put more than 20% of your net worth into metals.  Most say 5 to 10% (Schiff, Faber, Rogers, Rickards etc etc).

    Its a hedge and thats all most "pumpers" say it is.  For some reason, many seem to think if you buy it or talk about it, you're saying you should put everything into gold.   Nobody I am aware of does or says that (except Mike Maloney, and he only does it, doesnt recommend you do it.).

  28. Bix most assuredly believes his theory and he may be right.  Guess we'll see.  You, on the other hand, give me the willies.  The name, the accent, the attitude… grosses me out so bad, I have to vamoose!

  29. Can you do a video on the Yuan Devaluation and it's short and long term affects on PM, and if this revelation has changed your forecast

  30. Id like you to do a video on bitcoin. Big businesses now accept it like home depot, dell, amazon, cvs, target. I think the problem with their prediction about gold/sliver is not understanding that bitcoin has taken over as the safe haven investment. It boomed 4 years ago when cyprus bank incident and gold has sunk ever since. People are buying it so its killing the demand in gold and silver. I read a article over the last year bitcoin transactions jumped over 150%. It has a 4 billion cap the 2nd most popular crypto currency around 260 million and has no big stores connected to make purchases online. So bitcoin pretty much has a monopoly over the internet for purchasing things from big retailers. It went from price of gold around 1200 all the way to under 200 and now its around 265. They will buy that over gold thats still up around 1150. The problem with precious metals is we don't know if the gov will take it away again like great depression if their is a collapse. While bitcoin is getting more and more big retailers accepting it and its growing fast. I forgot the name of the poor area but it changed their economy where they now have phone service because of bitcoin. i would like to see your thoughts on bitcoin compared to gold and silver as its gone from 70 to 270 to this day where gold has sunk every year. if anything has gone in value as a safe haven investment since 4 or 5 years ago its actually bitcoin. People say nothing backs bitcoin go look at all the businesses using it now thats whats backing it. Is the trust from big corporations and letting you use it as a form of payment for goods or services.

  31. mine is that i like your old school…….tv horror show style of presentation………..very secret society of you……bix like all the other slimy silver salesmen have been wrong wrong wrong wrong and wrong again since silver took off……….and no doubt they will be wrong wrong wrong wrong and wrong again……….when these guys start saying sell silver………it will certainly be the time to buy

  32. there will be some shit going down here in sept 23th 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th it is in the geometrical numbers for quite a while. weather it will be a crash or something else Jade Helm will be a part of it.thanks if you have any questions go to (Mr. Cati channel) I guarantee you will be interested in what he says the numbers say. thanks

  33. All I can say is I love $15 silver…I'm buying as long as silver is under $20…every payday. As for Bix, he has been giving dumb advice, I never follow it. My advice when it comes to precious metals is this: Don't buy gold, buy silver as long as its under $20 per ounce. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…PAY OFF YOUR DAMN HOUSE, MOVE TO THE COUNTRY, LEARN TO GROW FOOD, RAISE ANIMALS, HUNT, FISH, BUILD THINGS, DON'T WATCH TV, EAT ORGANIC AND NON-GMO FOOD ONLY, ALWAYS HAVE GUNS AND LOTS OF AMMO, DON'T DRIVE HACKABLE VEHICLES, LIFT WEIGHTS, AND BE WELL.

  34. in the US if interest rates would rise to just 5% the interest on the debt would be $800 billion.
    Puerto Rico defaulted on it's debt of over $70 billion. The credit default swaps on that debt could reach over $700 billion.
    many fixed income and pensions have Puerto Rican debt exposure.
    49 state pensions are insolvent due to low rates.
    workforce participation is 62%.
    China is devaluing it's currency which will force the dollar down as to compete with RMB.
    To me silver is a good place to be. I haven't lost a dime in silver because I haven't sold any.
    So you can listen to Bix or Dr Evil here it matters not.
    the real truth is
    silver and gold are REAL MONEY.
    $, €, £, ¥ prices do not matter.
    buy what you candidate afford every pay day and eventually you'll hopefully make it through to the other side with something real.

  35. Interesting, and well done.  I see you have figured out how to expose the first pump/dump candidate without actually becoming bearish.  This IS valuable, and I appreciate it.   On a side note, I remain a subscriber to SGTReport, mostly for my understanding of what is being said, and to some degree, I have a defensive interest in understanding the mechanisms employed to cause fear in others.

  36. I often asked myself if Bix really believes what he says or is just trying to appeal to the siverbugs who want to hear they will be rich. I think most of his theories are dreams and not based on any real facts.

  37. I've followed bixs interviews for a number of years like a lot of these guys on the internet they have a vested interest in promoting themselves by making outlandish statements they are salesmen selling subscriptions to make a living

    the other dangerous characters are likes of Andy hoffman whose job is to promote the selling of precious metals by the company they work for
    the more precious metal prices fall the more extreme his interviews become in his desperation to drum up business

    it is very difficult for the average person to know what is really going on when you follow these people who clearly have their own agendas
    my view is that there is something fundamentally wrong with the current debt based financial system but it is impossible to know how long it can be propped up and what will happen when it colapses

  38. Well yes, there is a number of exponents from the alternative media and so called experts who have forecasted the crash of the current monetary system or a Silver default of the Comex or Shanghai Exchange and yes, so far they were all wrong about the timing, but the perma bears of the mainstream media are nothing better when it comes to forecasts. They have also collectively forecasted a bearmarket in Gold between 2001 and 2011 which was obviously also complete nonsense.

    I'm not taking party here for or against Bix Weir.

    There are some basically honest people who made wrong forecasts but not by intention but just by error. They had valid reasons for their forecasts. Their fault was just to publicly let out specific dates, times or timeframes.
    There are plenty of dishonest people out there too. They are making money by misleading people and by conciously spreading lies.
    Which one of the two is better?

    Fact is, that nobody (except God) knows exactly, what will happen and when it will happen.
    We can only assume and use what we know from history and the Bible to somehow figure out what may be happen in the future. To publicly release forecasts with precise dates, times or timeframes is always a risky thing to do. However i believe that a crash of the current financial system is imminent. If we look at unprecented money printing, sovereign dept, the derrivatives, bond and equity bubble, there is reason enough to believe that a crash will hit the world sooner rather than later. Or you can turn it the opposite way around. The one who believes that everything will just go on the way it did during the last 50 years must be rather naive. By the way it's precisely all of these bubbles that are engineered by the illuminaty guys. They want the new world order, not the man on the street. The man on the street just want to live a peaceful life in liberty, free of poverty, misery and terror.

    Just because we haven't yet experienced such a crash in our lifetime doesn't mean that it will never happen. There's nothing worse than suffering the normalcy bias. I think it's much wiser to take measurements and invest in hard assets a couple of years too early rather than a minute too late.

  39. you are quite right to call out pumpers, I just wonder how much skin in the game these pumpers have or are they just skimming off the top on sales.

  40. He's not the only one to be a few years premature, or to hav many speculativ details that may prove rong. But our civilization is failing, and will come crashing down at some point that is looming right in front of us. Silver/gold are mor insurance against "the main event" than an investment. At that point, no one will sell their PMs for any $ price. $ assets and dets will vanish. Befor order is restored, billions will perish of malnutrition, disease and at the hands of others. But mostly by pandemics that will surely get out of hand. The survivors will build a sustainable world and keep the global population in check.

  41. Don't trust the pumper and dumper who are trying to sell something like books newsletter or physical metal. i bought silver at 21 dollars and regretted it. People like Marc Faber and Jim Rogers are more honest in their opinion. Jim Rogers say its not unusual for gold to lose 50% of their gain to reach $950 per ounce, Looks like his prediction is coming true

  42. I've followed Bix Weir for several years and, at first, seemed to give sound advise. His ideas were a "little" crazy but his research seemed "ok". Now, in March of 2016, I believe I've been listening to a misguided individual. His intentions (to make money from membership) may be just, but his theories have come to pass without much payoff. Good Luck!!

  43. This has to be mean something and it all connected with the government's taking control I believe this guy, dude, he knows something and figured out….check this out out guys on the YouTube #MikeMaloney search about this guy he has channel and Maybe this helps answering ur questions maybe it all started with this watch these guys videos he reveals the true wealth.

  44. If the choice is genius or misguided, I think Bix is much closer to genius. The mistake too many people make is trying to give rock solid predictions and dates. When the elites control basically everything, it's impossible to know when or if the manipulation will ever end. I seriously think only an idiot would take the Boston Fed comic book at face value, believing it is honestly for kids. The symbolism throughout is undeniable, and Bix decoded it brilliantly. You can't take dollar predictions seriously when it comes to the price of metals or anything else when the danger of hyperinflation is very real. It sounds ridiculous to say silver could be $10,000 an ounce, but when the paper you're buying it with is nearly worthless, it could easily take that much to buy an ounce. Whatever you believe, I believe Bix is sincere and I don't fault him for making a buck while trying to wake people up. I personally think it is wise to load up on physical silver (and a little gold) while the prices are low. Just remember to keep a good amount of cash on the sidelines so you don't have to sell your metal if you get in a jam.

  45. I totally believe that a collapse at some point is indeed inevitable, and though hard on most people…especially those who will be unprepared, it is a necessary collapse, because the entire system is completely evil and does need to end. However, I do not believe that people can predict when this will happen. The dollar is indeed a ponzi scheme, and a total slave system and is completely immoral….and is totally unsustainable, and must fall. But, I do question how anyone can justify giving any specific dates as predictions. The dates aside, however…I do believe that Bix knows what he is talking about when it comes to what will happen…but no one can know WHEN it will happen. It is unwise to think of silver prices in terms of dollars, because it is only common sense, that when a basically worthless paper debt note becomes even more and more worthless over time, the amount of said worthless paper debt notes that it takes to buy any real commodity, is going to rise unless the commodity in question is being artificially suppressed.

  46. Is this advertising for Bix? I just wonder why you don't mention a dozen other economists that basically think the same about gold and silver and hard commodities. It's kind of a no brainer seeing our paper losing 97% or more since the old days. Anyway you can single out dates and say 60% loss, but why not go back a bit further for some who have been stacking metals and are well into the profit zones. While some like you may be thinking about being 60% down on their investment, others with a bigger picture in mind, stack for a different reason. Thanks for all your research on the dates but as you said, it is ultimately our responsibility. As far as your answer to Mike L below, maybe you should go to Argentina with a handful of silver, where those people are starving with their worthless money. I think saying what difference at that point of $100,000 silver would make, is again short sided. At least you would be able to trade for food, toilet paper or land. Scaremonger and pumper? I guess you don't give people alot of credit that they can hear what is out there and think for themselves

  47. I follow Bix. And I am very thankful for his advise. I would rather have my savings invested in silver,bitcoin,and ethereum than in the unbacked fiat american dollar. I feel very secure that when the banks and the U S economy crash I am in a good spot. And that's thanks to me finding Bix Weir and following his advise. God Bless Bix for his efforts to help educate people like us and secure our financial future.

  48. now we know why you still have 8 thousand subscribers and he already passed you lol. he just started a youtube channel in dec 2016. he has made all his people money if they have bought into crypto's. sounds like you are a bit jealous and you had to sell your shit cause you are a dumbass lmao.

  49. I haven't read the news lately… so I was just wondering…. has the imminent collapse Weir predicted occurred yet 🙄

    Although I must say…. this is an interesting finding of his:
    Jamie Dimon BUSTED Buying Bitcoin!

  50. If you really really study Silver, Thee amount of manipulation will blow your mind. Most people don't have any clue, People will say oh yea silver is manipulated big banks yada yada yada. That's because they are clueless. I just watched over the last 3 days on Kitco price chart they removed a hard floor at 17.52 and Inverted the price chart..They literally Flipped the line upside down and made the hard floor into a hard ceiling.Then the next day removed this line from the electronic chart. As of right now the chart is missing. No one understands what Im saying and This is Exactly what im talking about.

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