Bizarre Things That Restaurants Actually Make Their Employees Do

Bizarre Things That Restaurants Actually Make Their Employees Do

Not all restaurants ask that you just show
up, put on the company shirt, and smile. Some extraordinary places require that their
employees do some pretty bizarre things. If you think your job has its awkward moments,
well, check out these places. When you first enter the restaurant business,
one thing you quickly realize is how often you want to look a difficult customer in the
face and just scream. But no matter how justified it may be, a reaction
like that is a one-way ticket to unemployment. So in most places, it’s best to bite your
tongue, take a deep breath, and force a smile, no matter how disingenuous it feels. [Sounds of a man being assaulted in a fine-dining
establishment] As the saying goes: The customer is always
right. Unless, however, you serve up food with a
side of verbal abuse at a restaurant like Dick’s Last Resort. At this profane chain of restaurants, employees
don’t bite their tongues when they feel like being mean. Instead, they sharpen them up to sling insults
at customers who dine at one of their many locations around the country. As a server at Dick’s, you’re not trained
to politely ask for an order. You’re trained to look customers dead in the
eyes and insult them for daring to walk through the door. “Look at this ugly-ass hair!” Is a customer giving you a hard time? Don’t let them get away with it. Instead, put them on blast with a customized
paper dunce cap. Because at Dick’s Last Resort, forget about
the customer. It’s you who’s right. Okay, so that lucrative career path into the
NFL didn’t exactly pan out the way you wanted. But there’s good news: instead of putzing
around the living room fantasizing about throwing a game-winning Hail Mary, you can land yourself
a job at Lambert’s Cafe, and work that throwing arm all night long on the restaurant floor. Originally founded in 1942, Lambert’s is a
chain best known for its “thrown rolls,” which are basically just hot rolls of bread delivered
to the table in a highly unorthodox way. Every employee at Lambert’s practices their
roll-throwing technique before they hit the floor during service hours, ready to launch
some bread into the waiting hands of hungry customers. This unique form of table service reportedly
came about years ago, when a server at the restaurant couldn’t find an accessible way
through the dining room, so the guest instructed them to simply throw a roll their way. The story goes that other guests soon craved
the same treatment, and so the “Home of the Throwed Rolls” was born. It’s a cute practice, but throwing food from
across a room doesn’t come without its potential dangers. If you hit a customer unawares, there’s always
a chance the company could be sued for it – which it has been, multiple times. If you haven’t seen the film The Untouchables,
do yourself a favor and add it to your Netflix queue. There’s just something about that 1920s-era
life of a Chicago gangster that seems so cool. If you agree, then a spot on the staff of
Tommy Gun’s Garage might be just the thing you need in your life. Just be sure to leave your tommy gun at home. The only way to truly feel like part of the
gangster and flapper action is to work where it all actually went down. If you live in Chicago and have a knack for
performance, why not submit an application? You’ll have to sing and dance your way into
the payroll, but once you secure a spot, you get to deliver live comedy and a little bit
of danger to paying customers night after night. Make sure to learn your lines, hit those dance
numbers, and have a hiding spot for your bootleg liquor, just in case the cops spring an alcohol
bust on the place. This is the ’20s, after all, and the last
person you want to cross is… well, there’s a lot of people you don’t want to cross in
this lifestyle, so just enjoy it while you can. Modern science and health research has given
us a lot of compelling information about the kinds of food we should consume on a regular
basis, as well as the stuff we should avoid at all costs. It seems like every week some new diet or
exercise trend sweeps the nation, and people jump on board the bandwagon to try and develop
themselves some defined arms and chiseled abs. “Are you ready? Bam.” But at the Heart Attack Grill, employees instruct
visitors to check their health concerns at the door. As an employee of this famed Las Vegas institution,
you serve food while dressed as a nurse or doctor, and promote burgers named after serious
heart complications. Sure, your guests would never want to actually
endure a quadruple bypass surgery, but the burger by the same name only needs a voracious
appetite to conquer. If the diner you’re serving weighs in at 350
pounds or more, measured on a cattle scale located inside the restaurant, they get to
dine for free. It’s a regular red carpet treatment, to be
sure. But for anyone who doesn’t finish their meal? That’s when the spankings start. On rare occasions, you also might have to
deal with real customers having actual heart attacks in the restaurant, which has unfortunately
happened in real life – including one man who worked as an official spokesman for the
company. If you have a problem watching customers chow
down on foods full of saturated fat and alarmingly high calorie counts, consider working somewhere
else. If you don’t, then get ready for guests who
successfully dominate a quadruple bypass burger to plop themselves down in a wheelchair for
a push out to their vehicle from you, their “personal nurse.” At the Heart Attack Grill at least, fat-shaming
is a thing of the past. Instead, it’s something to be celebrated. After all, you only live once. As exciting as new technology can be, some
people will always crave that classic retro vibe. Whether it’s fashion, cars, or video games,
an old-school way of doing things will always hold a nostalgic spot in people’s hearts. So why not step back in time and give your
appetite a retro twist as well? When you find yourself donning a paper hat
and slingin’ food at Johnny Rockets, you can. Now, not just any old schlub who enjoys burgers
and fries can mosey in and land a job. Johnny Rockets is all about the retro experience
of eating in a classic 1950’s diner, and as a server you must exhibit what the chain calls
a “gotta dance attitude.” Not only will you memorize the lyrics of every
classic song pumped throughout the restaurant, but a choreographer works with you to learn
the coordinating dance moves, so patrons are given a fun occasional break from stuffing
their faces. You might find yourself playfully twirling
straws to the tune of “The Locomotion” or belting out the lyrics to “Splish Splash”
with a ketchup bottle as your microphone. There are no amount of moves too dazzling
or mannerisms too cheesy here. It’s all about that authentic customer service. Retro style, of course. Ah, Hooters. The place where busts are big, Buffalo wing
orders are bigger, and the name alone makes some people blush. Hooters doesn’t hide the fact it prides itself
on hiring an attractive staff. But how attractive do you actually need to
be to get a job there? For one thing, you have to be lean – the chain
reportedly turns away any applicant weighing over 150 pounds. If your flowing curves and thick thighs are
a source of pride – as they should be – Hooters gives a hard pass. Kind of gross, right? Well, that doesn’t even scratch the surface. If you want to work on Hooters’ wait staff,
you’d better have your nails done, wear no jewelry, and also have your hair styled – and
no, ponytails don’t count. You’ll also be required to wear a full face
of makeup, as well as sneakers, scrunched socks and suntan-colored pantyhose – which
you’ll have to purchase yourself. Oh, and never wear your uniform outside of
work, as that’s cause for immediate termination. Got all that? Now get ready to flirt. That’s not even all of the rules, but you
get the idea. Basically, to earn a coveted spot as a Hooters
“entertainer,” you better follow the letter of the law to a T – or else. Working as a chef in a fully-stocked kitchen
is stressful enough in the best of conditions, so imagine how difficult things can be when
you’re suspended in midair for the duration of the dinner service. It may sound outrageous, but those are the
conditions you have to deal with when you work as an employee of Dinner in the Sky. Running a meal with Dinner In The Sky means
you’re absolutely sure you haven’t forgotten any ingredients, your mise en place is on
point, and you’re comfortable dangling more than 100 feet in the air while tending to
guests with a smile slapped across your face – which is pretty hard to do if you’re prone
to vertigo. If you’re scared of heights, skip rides at
carnivals, and get anxiety at the mere thought of bungee jumping, you should keep your feet
on solid ground, and go pursue work somewhere else. If you do land a job at one of the Dinner
in the Sky locations, you’ll be working in conditions that few other restaurants dare
to replicate. For the duration of the meal, you’ll dazzle
brave patrons with food, drinks, and your personality, making people feel as comfortable
as they can be while their lives hang in the balance. And you better take a bathroom break beforehand
– once you’re flying high, the only way you can duck out for some personal time is to
go back down, and you certainly don’t want Yelp reviews to talk about how they had to
head back to sea level early because the chef needed a pit stop. The world of Walt Disney includes so many
iconic characters it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite. So many of the company’s characters have sang,
danced, or joked their way into our hearts and minds over the years. But if you’re a true Disney loyalist, you
don’t need to let your favorite characters just exist in a memory bank. Instead, you can proudly don their costumes,
learn their personality traits, and embody them yourself as part of a restaurant in the
House the Mouse Built. If you want to rock the costume of an all-time
classic Disney character, then Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary
Resort is your start and end point. While this food service gig does involve dressing
up as a cartoon character for work, wearing a giant-headed mascot costume is really the
least of your concerns. Parents bring ecstatic children to Disney
Parks for an immersive, memorable, and ultimately magical experience, and as a costumed member
of the Disney Parks cast, creating that magic is on you. No pressure. Before being allowed to mingle with customers,
staff and Chef Mickey’s require hours of training, not just to learn the usual ropes of working
in a restaurant, but also to do so in-character. Once you finally nail those signature moves,
you then have to ready yourself for some serious autograph-signing lessons. Remember, no one wants to admit the person
underneath that cheery mascot head is a sweaty, tired, and overworked hourly employee. This is more than an ordinary restaurant,
after all. It’s part of the happiest place on Earth. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
weird restaurants are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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    Until they were run out of the mall for repeated roach infestations.

  3. Not gonna lie but hooters sounds nice about now, talking about the hot wings not the beatiful sexy extremely attractive girls. Im a girl and I just called another girl sexy ok.

  4. DR. EVIL: Throw me a frick’n BONE here! 🦴
    ME: Hey, throw me a roll here! I got it!

    There’s your new ad campaign!

  5. Who the F would sue by getting hit by bread at a restaurant thay is known for throwing it? I bet they won, bunch of p#ssies.

  6. there needs to be a law,That Makes it so if you get hit by a bread roll,And you were not injured Then you can not sue the restaurant.

  7. Dinner in the sky. I don't see how I can eat if my hands are inbeaded in the table from fear of heights. Makes me green in the face just thinking about it.

  8. Shows how screwed up Americans are when being morbidly obese is considered a trophy but only hiring healthy people is supposed to be bad.

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