Black Gold

Black Gold

Black gold. People have used that term
in a favorable way for a long time. But I’m here to tell you
“Black Gold” is an insult to oil and every person who has ever played
a role in turning that resource into valuable products. I am not kidding. People started calling oil “black gold”
simply because the early oilmen were getting rich producing a
commodity that was as valuable as gold. At the time that was true. But today, oil is the most valuable
commodity on the planet by far. The only other commodity that’s even
close is natural gas, which is basically oil’s lighter, quicker younger brother. Gold, on the other hand, is not
much more than a trinket. I know. I can sense your skepticism.
Just hear me out. Historically, gold has been a
convenient store of value. As a rare mineral it gave us an
easier way to move large sums of wealth from one place to the other. Everybody agreed on gold’s value
so it was a good common currency. As a soft, durable lustrous metal
it was molded into coins and beautiful ornamental things such
as rings and necklaces. For thousands of years this
was enough to keep gold #1 among all the best things
in the world. But, those days are over.
What good is gold today? We don’t use it for the basis of our
currency, although we probably should. Not that long ago we used gold in
dental work to fill cavities or crown teeth, but we have better,
cheaper materials today. Gold is an excellent conductor of
electricity, so it’s still used in electronics such as televisions and
phones, but only in tiny amounts. There are other metals that can be
used instead of gold that are nearly as good. The truth is, if space
aliens came to the planet tomorrow and took every bit of gold from the
ground and from every vault, it wouldn’t matter a bit. In contrast, oil is essential to every
thing in your life. The only thing you need more than
oil is the air you breathe. Is that just hyperbole?
I don’t think so. Well, Mark, what about food and water?
That’s more important than oil, isn’t it? Yes, it is… but, how do you get
food and water? In the modern world we use gigantic
amounts of oil and natural gas to put that food in the grocery store or
in the restaurant. Natural gas is a feedstock for the
fertilizer that grows the food and gasoline and diesel run the
tractors. The infrastructure that brings clean water to your home was
built and is maintained using LOTS of oil. Transportation, which is THE thing that
separates the modern world from the bad old days runs entirely on petroleum. Electric cars and trains
don’t exist without oil. Virtually every modern product has
some petroleum in it, whether it’s plastic packaging,
the material in your clothes, the phone in your hand or
the paint on your walls. And it’s the electricity you plug
every appliance, tool or gadget into. Everything in your life… and I do mean
everything… is made, transported, used and disposed of using gigantic
quantities of oil and natural gas. Now imagine if space aliens came
down and sucked all the oil and gas out of the ground.
What would happen? The world would descend into
chaos almost immediately. It’s hard to imagine more
than 10 or 20% of the entire world population surviving
more than a year. And that leads me to my last
point I want to make about “black gold.” The general misconception is that
oil makes the oilman rich. Well, in some cases that does happen. But the greatest amount of wealth
generated, by far, goes to society as a whole. Petroleum and its products
are used by every other business and industry to generate
exponentially more wealth. Because of oil and natural gas,
the average person of today is wealthier than any king who lived
hundreds of years ago. Black gold? Come on. Don’t insult the resource,
those that produce it and all of us who use it
in everything. For the Clear Energy Alliance,
I’m Mark Mathis. Power On


  1. You say black gold is an insult but You're an insult to the human race you're saying we couldn't survive without technology

  2. Most of this video is true except we do not all get the money from oil profits. Also if you think about it there was less wealth in the past and a lot of people are still really poor. So the average person may have more wealth than Kings long ago but they have way less percentage of the wealth

  3. My only question is: why do you feel the need to point out that we use oil for everything? Is it to show how amazing oil has been for humanity? Or, is it to influence public opinion on oil, to keep it around, instead of springboarding off of it to much more sustainable things such as Nuclear and Renewables?

    Sure, we've entered a new age. One where we possess devices and luxuries kings of olden days could hardly dream of. So what? Doesn't mean that we're in a good state of affairs, as far as economic balance goes.

    The amount of disparity between the poor, the rapidly disappearing "middle", and the upper class is shockingly bad, and oil certainly doesn't help at all. So, I say to you: what's so great about oil that we should keep it over such things as renewables and nuclear? Why should we continue ravaging the planet, instead of attempting to mitigate the damage and replacing it with less damaging solutions?

  4. You're right about oil, however, your missing the point of today. Oil isn't forever, and renewable sources will be the dominant source.
    Instead of clinging to oil we should find alternatives, to replace oil. So when the time comes, we are ready to switch. If we start now, the alternatives will improve drastically.
    It's a good video, and you impressed me. But, you made oil seem so important, that you proved your own point false. After I watched the video, I now, really, do believe an alternative will be the way to go, when oil goes short.

  5. Silver is the second most used committee. It's used electronics, meditation, yoga pants, etc. And what it does can not be replaced by another material.

  6. One more thing to poke holes in your shill bullshit, shill. Petroleum is not the only thing we can make plastic out of.

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