Black Joker – Diamonds & Gold (Parody)

Black Joker – Diamonds & Gold (Parody)

Aaaawwhhhh!!!! Yah! YAAAH!! hahaha… haha Aww Look what you made me do… This is my new bat! O well… Now tell me how am I supposed to uhhh Interrogate him..if he’s …. if he’s dead? I’m sorry, Mr J.. it was just in the moment Look… Are you still gonna do that thing.. that i.. asked you for? haha… of course! Uh NO..not that!! The other thing… hahaha Haahh!! (GUN “click”) “click” hehehehe noooo…. This is…maybe more your speed Alright…run along It’s after 5 already Yeah I don’t want you to go Babe… I nail this sick sun of a bitch tonight Just be careful I will Just come home I will You got the wire? 1..2..yeah come on man This is it… Alright… We spent years on this case to get this clown man You’ve been underneath Shelah Working under that crazy-ass bitch of the crime boss And you got us this close to Jokester’s number one All we need is JackPot we get JackPot we got the clown Mr. J…. Yeah our guest are here Alright..let’s not keep them waiting Are you ready for this?! Yeah I’m ready, but..uh shhhii Like…don’t you think we’re gonna need some backup? Back up? First off when have we ever had back up? Anything cracks off bro Anything cracks off… Give me a call man. Shit go south, i’m there You ready to do this? Yeah.. Happy birthday…too you.. Happy birthday…too youuu.. Happy birthday..dear Mr J…. Happy birthday…. Tooooooooooo Meeeeeeeeeeee! Ahw you guys are so amazing! auhhww…hahaha Oh..let me try I smoke too much weed (Knock at the door) Oh… Oh look who who it is.. Sorry I’m late daddy Oh my god daddy…a cake! Oh help me blow it out Alright That was a lill hard one right there What the fuck are we here for a birthday party.. I need to do business! Ahuww… Just when I was about to cut the cake (All the girls laugh) Hahahahaha Uhww Uhhwww…ohhh Mmm…I thought it was puddin? OOhhhhh Alright.. you got the money? Hey You uhh…you got the diamonds? Diamonds & Gold.. let’s see whatcha got? Ohh wow… Look at all this…WOW! (Girls are laughing) Hahahahaha That should be more than enough to cover for the bat Uhhmm… Oh yeah the bat (Everyone laughs) Ahhww you can’t deal with bat with money… you gotta deal with him with wits and strategy. ya see.. You guys are doing it all wrong! see see…the problem is…is that… Where, everybody wants to be a superstar Nobody wants to just sit back and just be a regular citizen? Everywhere ya go… Look at me…Look at me…Look at me..Look at me…Look at me..Look at me.. Nobody wants to just sit back and just relax Listen…all I’m just saying is Excuse me..for a bitty bit You gotta look out for the distractions.. Distractions distractions are all over the place. You never know when you get DISTRACTED! That’s when the shit happens So you gotta make sure you stay focused on the prize and the prize today is the Bat.. Right? That’s why we’re all here…right? The Bat Oh I’ll say…give me the bat…this is how I feel about the bat Ahhh the bat the bat the bat the bat… FUCK THE POLICE! FUCK THE PO…LICE HAHAHAHAHA ENOUGH!! We’re not here for your shitty entertainment.. we’re here to do business CLOWN! Bitch I’ll Show You Clown! (GUNS “click”) Get Up! Whoa Whoa Whoa…it’s just a banana Get The Fuck Up! NOW! Ahww, Didn’t i tell you guys to watch out for distractions? Birthday…Birthday…Birthday Birthday…Birthday…Birthday Birthday…Birthday…Birthday I’m livin like today is my birthday.. spendin all this money like my birthday.. poppin all these bottles like my birthday.. Every day alive is my birthday Come on!! Birthday…Birthday…Birthday everyday alive is my birthday Come on!! Fuck it then ya’ll it’s my birthday! Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s even take 5’s even take 1’s Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s even take 5’s even take 1’s Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s, Pennies, Nickles but I’d ratha count that money in Gold more than the money that folds… Pay Me in Diamonds and Gold See I really don’t be playin when it comes to the money nothing funny when a motherfucker really owes you money every things cool t’ll you ask for the money now they look at you as if you owe the money..look see They don’t want me to go, but all I know is go get it get it Go! Watch me GoPro, lookin fo, lil mo, lil doe, gotta lay low, stay for from the popo, but the popo gotta foh foh gotta get the money money Gotta get away from the bimbos Snoop Dogg where the indo fuck the world through my window Everybody really really want that money, can you get that money can you stack that money? Can you make yo money last.. Diamonds and Gold..Get Yo Cash! where’s the car? Where’s the truck?! The fuck! There he is (Happy upbeat music) Sorry Mr J, man sorry I got here a lil late Duh..uhh…chickin..chickin noodle soup with a soda on the side? Don’t worry bout it….let’s go (Happy music stops) “click” (Horror music begins) puww puww…puw puwww..hahaha by by What was that? Nothing.. don’t worry, it’s just my policy insurance policy come on let’s go Theres a lot goin on man Come on are you worried about Jimmy? C’mon..O’l Jimmy? You don’t even know Jimmy Do you know his favorite color? Do you know what he was allergic too.. know you don’t Ya see Jimmy was good Jimmy was great But Jimmy was also late Can I trust you? yeah yeah ya sure? yeah Let’s go then (Diamonds & Gold music starts again) Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s even take 5’s even take 1’s Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s even take 5’s even take 1’s Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s, Pennies, Nickles but I’d rather count that money in Gold, more than the money that folds… Pay Me in Diamonds and Gold I can truly understand where she’s coming from tryin to make a outcome outta a no outcome for some slum dog millionaires No time to be given up homie you almost there Even tho a ceo, dressed up in those business cloths She’s a freak behind closed doors Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen Floors (ALL ABOUT THE MONEY) Independent like a motorcycle fast Swiss bank account cash (ALL ABOUT THE MONEY) She don’t use toilet paper, the bitch use cash (ALL ABOUT THE MONEY) Everybody really want that money can you stack that money, can you make yo money last Diamonds and Gold, get yo cash! Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s even take 5’s even take 1’s Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s even take 5’s even take 1’s Hundreds, 10’s 50’s, 20’s, Pennies, Nickles but I’d rather count that money in Gold, more than the money that folds… Pay Me in Diamonds and Gold HOLD UP! (Music stops) (Elevator music) Yeah man I got eyes on you right now Stand down..wait for my queue stand down.. Whats wrong with you? I’m good Seems like you seen a ghost? I’m ok.. You sure? Look at you, always lookin sharp what are you…you tryin to out stage me or something? Throw this on… let’s go handle that business Get right to the money Can you hear me? Hi daddy! (Gun “clicks”) What the fuck?! I brought you some donuts sum damn donuts about you got 10 seconds to get the fuck out of my car, How About That?! is this like russian roulette or something, I love this game ok.. your crazy Shhhit I love muscle cars But uhh, whats your name anyways.. My name is Ocean Ocean uh… Why do they call you Ocean anyways? Because I stay wet haha hahahaha (Moaning) (Dramatic rockstar music begins) (Ocean is laughing) (Detective is screaming) (Detective is laughing madly) (Detective begins to cough heavy) (Ocean starts her car engine) Now let’s get down the business I’m a fair man See, how much do I owe you one, two three, that’s for me and huh one, two three four..five Actually you keep the fucking money. Yeah… Sorry guys Ahwww he’s 69 So umm, sorry umm…we gotta take you and your crazy bitches I’m gonna have to call back Wait…Wait…Wait..before you… Have a proposition for you. Well, listen now listen before you call your friends umm Harley.. the bag Escuse me Now remember that insurance policy I was telling you about? What’s in the fucking bag? Yeah about the bag…you might wanna…. Hahaha What the fuck did you guys do! What…she still got all her parts.. she’s just a lil discombobulated hahaha Ahh it’s so sad I know.. Aye Cut’cha cryin…I don’t believe none of this shit You see this guy Come on you don’t really love her…you don’t love her If that was me I would’ve been…. Ohh my god…ohhhh….ohhh please… where’s my gun, where’s my gun? Gimme gun gimme gun… Shoot me…take me..take meeeeee Now he wants to love you…now he wants to love you That’s why I don’t have friends Let me get her…let me get her Ya know what… you go and have your lil fun You can’t trust nobody these days No loyalty You know what I’m in the mood for? What? Pop-tarts hahahahaha Okay, look you take care of them. I’ll go home and the pop-tarts ok? ok ok..I’ll put them, the strawberry ones All right. I’m gonna leave you guys to too, let’s uh..catch? You guys have some catching up to do That’s it It’s been fun (Police sirens) (Dramatic music) Here.. you drive What took you so long? The 405 The 405, yeah I can see how that can be I like the lookin good But.. You need to find your own….. You need to find your own look Your own style… But don’t forget… Your still my number one guy Thank you…thanks So….did you take care of the problem…JackPot? Just a little bit, but there’s still some aktion in there if you wanna go check it out? I’ll take it from here Don’t take you on we got shit…Oh wait (EPMD “So Watch’a Sayin” music plays) You see the problem is… we were told that the game was to be sold not told Yeah, look how far that’s got us People used to tell me you can’t do this. You can’t do that You’re doing too much! Last time that I checked… I thought I was living my life So… Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the Edge I’m trying… WAIT Hold Up… I’m trying… not to loose… MY… HEAD!! BAAANG!!! Heheheheheheheheeeeee Owwwhuwwww Jackpot (Police sirens) Wuuuhhh huuu huuuh Who’s driving? Uh…I don’t know…I thought you were driving? I’m not driving.. you’re supposed to be driving! Get back in! Whuuuu haha whuuuu O boy…we got work to do JackPot, it’s me…Jimmy Yeah Did it work? Ya know it Hah hah…can you pick me up? Bout to pull up Yeah you know where I’m at


  1. Very well put 2gether! Amazing short film/music video!!!! I will most definitely be sharing this as soon as I'm out of fb jail on Sunday!!!!

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