Blender – Procedural Gold Leaf or Foil Material [Blender 2.8]

Blender – Procedural Gold Leaf or Foil Material [Blender 2.8]

hey this is Kevin with blender binge
back with another tutorial for you this time we’re gonna be making a gold leaf
shader and this actually comes as a request from one of my subscribers that
was asking how to do a quick and easy gold leaf type shader so I’m gonna make
it as fast as possible and show you how I would go about doing something really
fast and and passable so ready let’s go so I’m gonna show you the scene I set up
here it’s basically just a black background with a UV sphere sitting on
top of just this kind of white backdrop that I made with a subdivision surface
so it looks curved and I have two or three lights in the scene one on the
side one over here on the other side and one on top and the camera is pretty much
facing straight in so you could go ahead and create the same thing if you want
and set it up that way I’m in Eevee right now and I have screen-space
reflections turned on and I turned off half res trace so that’s the scene so
far and the lighting is 50 watts here 50 watts here at 4 meters both are 4 meters
and this one actually is 25 watts at 4 meters here with shadows turned on so
let’s get to it let’s here’s how to create this shader
so I’m gonna go to my camera view hit zero and you see that I have this shader
ball set up so the first thing I’ll do is is pull out a window where I can
shave yeah I could go up here to shading this is 2.8 and I could use that but I’m
not going to do that so I’m just going to go over here my mouth changes pull
this up and I’m going to change this to shader editor and I’m gonna go ahead and
give my my my sphere a shader so I’m gonna select it I’m gonna hit new and
we’re gonna use the principal shader so this principal be SDF shader so what
I’ll do is I’ll first give it a light kind of color that would kind of go in
the gold spectrum something like that and I’m
going to change it to metallic and now you can see if I take the roughness down
it starts looking pretty gold right off the bat and to get some of this faceting
out I can simply go and I can hit control three on the keyboard and what
that does is it goes over here and gives you a subdivision surface modifier on
here and it gives you the view of three if I hit control two it would have done
give me a few of two subdivisions so I’m just gonna match render three and three
just so it when you render it it’s gonna look the same as when you view it okay
so with that I’m gonna go back to my shader over here and I’m gonna leave my
roughness up at about three and change all right what about three point one or
point three seven one in this case and what I can do now is give it the bump
that’s gonna start allowing us to look more like a modeled hammered gold leaf
type texture so what I’ll do is I’m gonna go here to add or you can hit
shift a and I’m gonna add in a texture and I’m gonna throw in a let’s see I’m
gonna use a noise put the noise out here and hit shift a go to vector and say bum
and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the factor of the noise I’m gonna plug
it into the height of bump and I’m gonna take the normal to normal and now I get
this weird kind of noise pattern and I can play around with this and kind of
it’ll it’ll kind of start making a foil look now this isn’t really foil II cuz
it’s just you could see it’s just way too uh it’s not creased at all so you could take a distortion up and then
you can take the detail up and that’ll crinkle it up and make it look a little
bit more like soyal like something that’s kind of
hammered like like a gold leaf would be and what I could do to make this even
better is I can do something really interesting so for the first thing I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna take this noise texture and I’m gonna add in a texture
coordinate node and that’s just gonna tell us how we’re gonna map this around
the sphere so to do that I’m just gonna hit add input texture coordinate and for
here I’m just gonna say object to vector and now just kind of wraps it around
arbitrarily around the object I don’t have to worry about UV or anything I’m
just gonna use object for this and now what I’ll do is I’m gonna add some
creasing in by using a math node and I know math is a little scary kind of
sounds scary but trust me it’s really not so if I hit shift a and I go over to
converter and I say math I’m gonna drop math over this line and it’ll it’ll wire
itself up and then what I’ll do is also I have two values here and I can use
additive you can use multiply there’s a number of different math operators in
here I’ll leave it at add four down and I can go shift a I’ll go to texture and
I’ll say Voronoi throw in Voronoi go factor plug that into the second one and
now you see you’re getting these creases in here added on top of this noise
texture and when you play with the scale of this you can kind of start making it
look like a like a hammer type like kind of like gold leaf very thin gold shader
and if you’re using Eevee that’s pretty passable now I can change
this to cycles and you see it looks even nicer so what I can do here now is
instead of using the bump in cycles you can go ahead and use a displacement and
that’s gonna make this look even cooler so watch this if I hit shift a and I go
to vector and I say displacement and I
throw displacement in here hookup displacement to displacement of your
material output and then I can take this value here and I don’t need to really
use the bump at this point I can take that out and throw that into height and
then for this shader you simply want to go down here to this material when you
have the selected go all the way down hit settings and you see it says bump
only for displacement method if I change that to displacement and bump Wow
so that’s probably a little hot and I kind of don’t think I want it that hot
so if I take the scale down now I can just kind of push it up a little bit and
it pushes it out and there I have a very kind of interesting looking somewhat
gold leaf looking shader and it’s all procedural and we did it all in blender
and you didn’t need any kind of texture map you could go ahead and find a foil
texture map and or a gold texture map you know will goldleaf and use it on
here but we don’t we want to just generate that within blender itself and
this is this videos about how to do that so now like it take bump that’s not
really being controlled by anything I can kind of just disconnect that if I
want or you could leave it connected and bounce back between evie and cycles and
get that look and lastly what I can also do is I can take this base color I can
hit shift a and throw a ramp in there okay and I’m gonna take the white and
I’ll click on the white uses eyedropper tool and choose this color here and now
I can plug color into base color and I can control this with a fernell effect
so I can hit shift a go to input go to I can do for now or layer weight either
one factor to factor and now I can play around with these colors
and I can make kind of at the glancing angle I can change it and just add a
little more punch to the gold and this is optional
purely optional you don’t have to do this but this gives you a little more
just a little more punch and a little more control but other than that there’s
your base color there’s something that looks pretty golden and that should work
for you and one last thing we can do with this is uh if you don’t wanna have
that hooked up that’s fine we can take our noise scale down a little bit and
just play around and get something that looks I don’t know a little less harsh
so we have the shader on here and if I were to move this guy over very last
thing we’re gonna do in this video move him over and being that we have it set
on an object over here what I can do is I can go add I just say I can head in
like Suzanne I haven’t used to Zen in a while in a video so you Suzanne here and
if I just take Suzanne and I give her the same material you can see that she’s
now kind of covered in that gold leaf – and the cool thing about that is that
we’ve used this not the not for the Voronoi texture I mean you could take
object to vector and do the same thing and that’ll break it out on every
everything but I just wanted to leave that off and just just use vector in
this case for the noise texture and the Voronoi just kind of arbitrarily goes on
top of it and you can see that it looks like it’s kind of covered in this sort
of gold foil kind of gold leaf look help me click off that so you can see it
better so if I were to render this you could see what it looks like so I’ll do
that and pause the video and come back so here we have the render and you can
see here that I just went into color management under cycles and I took on
four filmic here I just put very high contrast and it just kind of bumps is
that ponch’s us out of it from base contrast so once this is attached to any
other object you can go obviously and adjust the UVs if you want this is
just generically using the object but you can go ahead and just you’ve ease
and everything and still I get a little distortion here and stuff you can go and
how to fix that that’s not really not too difficult there’s a there’s video up
here I have on on using you v’s but other than that this is pretty much how
I would go about just basically crafting something quick and dirty to look you
know like gold leaf so hopefully that helps you and if you got something on
this video hit like subscribe share it and I will just keep making more thanks
talk to you the next video bye


  1. awesome tut really
    ..but is it right that the program is lagging abit when in node editor ? cuz i have this problem

  2. Kev, thank you so much for this video! It's EXACTLY what I need! I really really like your tutorials because if your steps are followed, one will achieve the exact results you get, and learn along the way. You are demystifying nodes in Blender for me. Thank you again!

  3. awesome..thanks! Did you get the displacement with a noise texture work on eeveem, too? I don't find a method to use a noise texture as value for displacement in eevee, just bump works.

  4. Thanks for making this gold material, I think I'm the subscriber that asked about it lol.

    If you want another suggestion, maybe bronze/copper for statues or ancient swords

  5. Dude, good job!
    Ur blender looks amaizing. Can you explain more, about your themes and utilities, which you use?

  6. ๐Ÿ˜ once was Goldfinger, now itโ€™s Goldshader. Pls let me ask: where you got the Screencast keys for 2.80 from, youโ€™re utilising here?

  7. Would have been nice if you hid the giant gizmo covering the sphere…great vid though

  8. I don't like Cycles that much, it is going in circles and too dotty for me ๐Ÿ™‚ But your gold looks quite convincing! I like gold and if I had a half a kilo I would be very happy and buy me a much faster computer….

  9. thanks for explaining how displacement node works with cycles ( and extra settings to enable ). Love the fact you can just use height with it

  10. If you just want a kapton foil type, just distort the object you want using subdivide and then add a glossy shader

  11. Damn son. That's bad ass. Need this shader for my life. I want to apply it to my actual life. is that possible? Tutorial please?

  12. Hello blenderbinge, is there any way to "convert" the applied material to the texture (image file)? Because i need that to port the object to the game engine.

  13. Yeah… just the right kind of tutorial on a Sunday Morning: Money grows on trees and Gold is made in Blender! Get filthy rich now!!!

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