Boho Leather Wrap Bracelet: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

Boho Leather Wrap Bracelet: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

To make this leather wrap bracelet, we’ve
got two pieces of leather. And this is a nice soft leather cord. It’s kind of
leathery on one side and suede-y on the other. Very soft. We have two pieces of
that. One piece we’ve already cut is 25 inches and then we have a longer piece
and this one’s 42 inches. And then we have some beads. We have nine of these
nice large round beads and eight of the smaller silver beads. And the key to
picking out these beads–you need to be able to fit two pieces of the leather
into the bead at the same time, so you need a bead with a large enough hole
that you can fit two pieces of leather in. So test that out. For this size bead
you need to be able to fit one piece of the leather in. So that can be a little
bit smaller. And then we also have a little hook. This is going to be our
clasp. This nice little silver hook. So to get started, what we’re going to do
is we’re going to take the end of our leather cord here–that’s the short piece–
lay it down and then we’re going to fold the long piece over. So this is our long
piece folded over like this. And we’re just going to start by tying a knot at
this end. So I’ve got those gathered together. I’m just going to tie an
overhand knot in the cord and then I’m going to pull it tight to make a nice
little knot. This is the loop that our hook is going to grab onto so it doesn’t
need to be too big here. I’m going to slide it up a little bit
and tighten it up a little bit and that’s going to be the end of our
bracelet. And now we’ve got three strands and the whole design of this wrap
bracelet is based on these three strands. And what we’re going to do is we’re
going to alternate putting two strands into a big bead and putting one strand
into a small bead. So I’m going to start by grabbing two strands. These are the
ends from the other side and I’m gonna start with a big bead. 9 of these. 8 of
these. So we start with this one because if we’re gonna start and finish with the
large bead. And I’m just going to feed both ends. And you might think that you
want to put the ends together to feed them in.
And I found that they kind of block each other’s way through the hole and it’s a
little bit easier to stagger it like this. Where one is a little bit longer
than the other to feed them in. And if you need to you can use a like a wooden
skewer to help you get those cords through there. And so I’m gonna pull
those cords in. I’m going to slide this up to the beginning. And now with my
other two pieces –other piece–I’m gonna slide these two pieces up here–and with
this piece I’m gonna slide this through the single cylinder bead. So now we’ve
got one bead on two strands and one bead on one strand. I’m going to move this
strand over. It would went through the big bead here. I’m gonna move it down to
here. I’m gonna take these two strands and feed them through a large bead. I’m
gonna alternate which cords go through the big bead and which go through the
small bead. So this one doesn’t want to come out. I can poke it. There we go.
And sometimes if you get one, it’ll bring the other with it. That’s what that one
just did. It’s nice friction. So now I’m going to slide this bead up here, pull
the cords taut. And now I put the single cylinder bead on the single cord that’s
over here. So my next move is to take one of these two cords. I’m going to choose
the center one. I can see it’s kind of the middle one here. I’m gonna move it
over to that side and I’m going to put these two ends–whoops–
through the big bead. So I pull that let me just straight my work out here so I
can see what I’ve got I slide up that big bead. And now I put a single on this
single cord that’s left over. And I’m just going to continue like this putting
two cords–one from before and one from the single–into a big bead. And then that
single cord that’s left over is going to go through the small bead.
Let me do that all the way down to the end. I’ll show you how to finish that. I’m just putting on our last big bead.
And I’m just gonna stagger those a little bit to feed that on. There’s our
last one. And pull it tight. And you can see now, if you look at the bracelet, you
can see it it alternates. Two go in the big bead here, these two, those two, these
two. And then alternating these cylinders on one, every other. This one will slide up
and up and back between these beads. That’s fun. That’s the fun part.
And now we’re going to finish it. We have a hook already for the clasp to go into,
but we need to put the clasp on. And even though these beads are pushed way down to the end, I ‘m going to put the clasp out here at the end. I’m just spread the
beads out. Because this is how long I want the bracelet to be. I measured it. So
I’ve got the two short strands from the folded over one and this extra long one.
So now I’m going to feed the longest piece of cord that I have into the
opening of my S-hook or clasp here. And that’s a little bit of a tight fit, but I
can just squeeze it through there. And then I’m gonna bend that back on itself.
This is gonna be our clasp. And then just to secure that, I’m going to tie a knot with
our ends. So I’m just gonna bring this down so it’s gonna be in the vicinity of our
knot. And I’ve got the two ends that were running alongside this third piece. This
is the long piece coiled back on itself. I’m gonna tie a knot right here. I do the
same kind of knot we did before which is sort of an overhand knot.
There’s my knot. This is that extra piece from the loop coming back on itself. I’m
just going to pull that so it’s a tight little knot. Pull each piece, pull it nice
and tight like that. And then all we need to do or trim these ends. And I’m just
going to trim it close here and on this side. And that’s going to secure us on this
end. And then I can spread my beads out a little bit throughout the bracelet. And
then the fun thing about this Boho Wrap Bracelet is that it wraps
around–so you’ll coil it round and round your wrist and round and then clasp it
and you have this fun little Boho Wrap Bracelet


  1. Hi! I'm getting ready to make this wrap bracelet but how do you measure the suede cord so it will fit a person's wrist? My wrist is 5 inches, measuring tape is snug, but want my bracelet a little loose. Thank you for the great video! I love wrap bracelets!

  2. Very nice video, and a great blog by you both sisters… 🙂 Greetings from Bulgaria! You can subscribre my channel, by the way i'm producing video clips by bible, helping the people to grow up in the faith!

  3. Kitty and Jen, hi, looking at all your videos and admire all you can do. I am a beginner, although I made things but not well. Now I’m thinking of trying to learn. Do you have beginner videos? I can find them and try to get the right way.

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