Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini Copper Going Gear Exclusive Edition Knife Review Extravaganza

Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini Copper Going Gear Exclusive Edition Knife Review Extravaganza

What do these three knives have in common. You’re like “DONT CARE.” Oh uh… they’re all going exclusive
editions. The Benchmade 940-1701, the Southern Grind
Spyder Monkey in copper, and the Boker Kwaiken Mini copper edition- which we
will talk about today. Let’s look at the dimensions of the Kwaiken
Mini first… Quacken Quicken, Quicken Loans, Quaker Oats… Hopefully that helps SEO… yeah copper gives
it that weight. The blade length, and cutting edge. Handle size and grip area. The spine thickness, and handle thickness. Then the tallness without the flipper then
the flipper protrusion. Cool. This is my second Kwaiken style blade in a
few months, the ystart and this one share quite a few things in common. First is the upswept blade style, whch raises
upward from the handle. It has a hollow grind and a satin finish made
from VG-10 steel. It’s super sharp out of the box. The Kwaiken mini blade pivots on an IKBS ball
bearing system that gives you fast easy deployments. The pivot action if you move it slowly by
hand… I wouldn’t describe as creaky, but not quite
as silky as my Lion steel SR-11 ball bearing flipper. But if you hit it just right it flies out
quickly. There’s only some minor jimping on the flipper
stud. The detent holds the blade in place when closed,
and I could not get it to fly open when throwing downward. Blade centering is pretty good… like 80%
perfect. Maybe 84.2 Maybe 89%… I’m really only decent at beer math and not
knife math. You really have to look closely. But people only seem to look that closely
on Benchmades. The handle… the handle is smooth and fits
my hand pretty well. There is not a ton of traction on this knife,
so it works best in a dry setting, and not hard use wet conditions. Like an office, opening letters. The handle has thick unmilled solid stainless
steel liners- and sitting on top of them are raw copper scales. The raw copper scales have a very smooth but
tumbled looking finish, similar to a stonewash. And since the copper is raw it will begin
to change color and luster as it adapts to your unique signature of filth. If you see a light green patina working it’s
way in that’s because you didn’t wash your hands after using the bathroom. The handle is a mostly open back design. The lock is a liner lock that’s fairly easy
to disengage. The back of the handle has a lanyard sleeve
for a cool sculpture bead of some sort, or using it appropriately as a neck knife in
the office. There’s a little bit of touchiness to the
but of the handle, not sharp but you do notice the several layers… probably not noticeable
if you hold it like a regular knife. Pocket clip. It’s tight but not too tight… got the right
amount of springiness for me. It is not a deep carry and about 3/4 an inch
sticks out from the top of pocket. The clip is FIXED and not configurable if
you like me to state the same thing different ways. Tip up blade backward in my right pocket-
which is great news for a right handed guy like myself. Let’s do a quick comparison. Now my favorite flipper has become the poison. I mean that one isn’t perfect, but I love
the length of the flipper stud- and it rockets out the handle. How may people does it bother that I say stud
instead of tab? I just get tab confused with my favorite soda. The Boker is nice and smooth too, and the
handle is a tad longer. How about that other Kwaikenish YStart…
flipping action is similar to the boker, and the knife is lighter Then the Lionsteel SR-11
which is a bigger knifer. Its a bit harder to deploy, but has a very
smooth deployment. Its also a larger knife. Ok so the Kwaiken Mini is a pretty nice looking
knife. The copper is a cool addition… but it does
add a more solid weighty feel to the handle. Translated it’s heavy for some people. They say, and by they I meant I googled it…
a roll of copper pennies weighs about 5 ounces, give or take. So hold a roll of those, and see how well
you like it. I’m more of a 4 ounce or less bro… but you
all know that by now. It’s thin and smooth and it slides in the
pocket easily. It’s relatively compact… I mean not ultra slim, but still it’ll leave
plenty of room in your pockets for a roll of pennies. If you like this review buy it at going gear
who provided this for review. There’s a discount code in the description
to save you a little bit… it might expire at any time. Like comment subscribe, follow me on instagram
and thanks for watching.


  1. I hate metal handle knives. It heavy expensive and slippery. I live in Canada and its to Fucking cold in the winter to use one.

  2. I’ve handled some bokers and I by far have more misfires with boker flippers than any other knife. My thumb might be weak though. Can’t wait for the ZT review.

    Would you ever consider doing a review of your camera equipment/lens? Not really in the outdoor gear genre, but also kind of is.

  3. I to enjoy purchasing in 4 or less ounces so that it last me but not long enough for it to lose its flavor😎…. Wait!… What?! Sorry wrong channel 😒

  4. The Cutting Edge is a damned classic. I'll defend that movie (and all of its many flaws) to my last breath. "Toe pick!" Ooh! And it features an old movie trope which seems to have fallen out of fashion: a New Years Eve party where all the guests actually know the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne and sing it in unison.

  5. The best IKBS flipper for me so far has been the CRKT Hootenanny. And every time I open I think of Frankie over at Birdshot IV shouting *HOORTNEERNY!*.

    Nice review. Keep doing yo thang.

  6. I personally am a huge fan of copper and superconductor tho many people claim it makes your hands stink like pennies. Can't say I've ever had my hands smell like pennies from knives or pennies.
    But the poison and antidote knives are absolutely gorgeous and I'm kind of a lot jealous. You should probably donate that to some poor Canadian dad names greg. Greg jorgensen from oshawa Ontario to be more specific.

  7. The Kwaiken is one of 2 Boker made knives I'm still interested in after a few ugly ones I used to have. That and the Exskelibur. Awesome review as always, I can see it got wet a little.

  8. Another awesome video. My vape mech mods are copper for the purpose of better electrical conductivity but the copper makes my hands green. Clear coating it stops the tarnishing but it chips away over time. I don't understand using copper for knife scales. It's soft, it will tarnish fast and makes my D*&K green😜. IMO, CF or Titanium or almost anything else would be better.

  9. The Cutting Edge does indeed happen to be my favorite movie… 80's movie about ice-skating, how could it not be!? That had me laughing pretty hard. Also appreciate learning about why all my knives turn green so quickly, and why i'm sick a lot! Thanks Knife Bro.

  10. Is this the right place for a loan? Google's SEO sent me here.

    That is a good looking knife. Thanks for the video, and Thanks also to

    I like this idea of copper creeping into the knife industry more. Much like it is, in more flashlights recently.

    If Nick Shabazz told me that my flipper was too long, I'd take that as a compliment!

    I'm now going to take another look at your Southern Grind Copper Spider Monkey video again.
    Damn you!

  11. The "Leave BM alone!" comment was a bit goofy, since every online knife community I've been in commonly complains about poor blade centering whenever it happens. Very few knives outside of the $200+ range ship dead center with any constancy, which is why self adjustment for centering is so commonly discussed.

    I only mention it because it came off kind of wounded fanboyish, rather than the comedic, deadpan, super chill thing that makes you so appealing, otherwise.

    I also heard the faintest rustle of your jimmies when you spoke about subscribers attempting to invalidate your against-the-grain stance on tiny flippers that suck to use. Those are very vogue, right now. Nick even coined the term "pocket pecker" for long flippers because he thinks they risk chewing up your pocket lining or other things in your pocket over time, in case you really don't know why anybody would say that.

    Don't be salty, man. You kick ass because you laugh off all the whining and actively break all the knife review rules.

  12. I have a mini Ti and the thing is so dense, then i changed the scales to twill, a bit of weight saving
    the copper scales and 5.00 ounces is just too much weight.
    Thanks for the review!

  13. I like this knife a lot for aesthetics, but the one I have (with micarta/copper) doesn't always deploy because the flipper tab is rounded away from where you would apply pressure. If the were to hit it with a 180 degree flip it would be hooked towards the finger and give more purchase for flipping.

    If you read all of this you need to get a job hippie.

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