BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content

BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content


  1. If my school just told me what they said in this video, maybe I could've actually read my summer readings instead of sparknoting

  2. Who's the editor man??? Editing of this video content is absolutely amazing… Even the playback music is gorgeous… Love your content bro…

  3. Absolutely brilliant video, got me excited about reading again, and surprisingly, I just bought Becoming by Michelle Obama to jump start my reading after a long time of just working and listening to podcasts. GREAT JOB!

  4. Thank you for creating this amazing video! Can't believe just from one topic itself can bring so much reflection. Gotta get to Portugal and visit those bookstores in person!

  5. This is the reason why I stopped watching movies ,Anime playing video games and pretty much all forms of digital entertainment other than books and the ocasional youtube video,my book list is way too big ,and it would be impossible to read it all without sacrifices,my last thing to cut is youtube,but I guess I'm too adicted

  6. Is it wrong that I got shocked by the amount of books he should read in one year? Six books? I read 50 books a year. I was thinking he would teach me to read like, sixty, seventy books a year

  7. YouTube recommended me this video because they know I should be reading my summer reading book before school starts tomorrow.

  8. I wish books were more durable, especially paperbacks, because I’m broke and I want to be able to read a book again and again but the spine cracks the cover gets bent.

  9. Literally have been thinking about wanting to read more but always being inclined to watch youtube, netflix and go on social media instead just recently. Thank you for this

  10. OKAY I'M STUNNED….This guy just expanded my potential…i'm a reader …i read about 20-30 books a year & now after seeing this video i think i am going to be more productive and absorbed in the process…i loved this video …we need more ppl like him…

  11. This has been on my recommended videos for a while since I watch booktube videos every now and then. Never clicked it due to its length.

    Boy was I surprised. This blew all booktube videos out of the water. Thank you man. Keep it up.

  12. All those book shops are amazing! Meanwhile I can’t read half of the books I want to because I can’t find them in my town((

  13. I read around 80 books a year and my formula is reading on the commute everyday up to an hour or so. 5 days a week I read and somedays on the weekend as well.

  14. I probably had this video saved in my 'watch later' playlist for almost 4 months. I just saw it today and W O W. I related to every single word you said at the beginning and feel like these people were giving advice to me, specifically. This really helped me a lot, thank you!!!

  15. Beautiful documentary, but as an argentinean I gotta say that El Ateneo Grand Splendid isn't even the most beautiful bookstore in this video and, most importantly, its book selection SUCKS. Everytime I go I get angry and don't buy anything. It's basically a nice bestsellers store, nothing more.

  16. It's 3 in the morning, and for me it means drunk-like state. I am a terrible reader. I do not read almost nothing, and when I do, I am very, VERY slow. I do not want to be a super reader that reads 50 books a year, but I want to read 5 to 10 a year. For some that might be a misery of books, but for me that would be an incredible improvement. My goal is to read 1 book a month. I have other hobbies that I want to still enjoy, but I recognize the value of being able to read and understand what you are reading. I will do my best to read 30 mins a day, and see where that leads me to. And as a matter of fact I will comment every week here what I read. This will be my personal blog, yet everybody will be able to see my progress. I will start tomorrow and see how it goes.

  17. First at all, this yt video was so professional like I'm watching a TV show (I don't watch TV shows at all)
    Thank you so much Max

  18. Ahhhh I miss reading.. but am too old to read YA, and too young to read self help books if you know what I mean.. I feel like books directed at my age group don’t have the same hold that books did in my younger days

    Also obidas seems to be my dream city 😍😍

  19. This video has made my whole day better. 10 minutes into the video I stopped it read a book for 35 minutes and then went back to the video I love it.

  20. But to read as much, you shouldn't writes resumés for each chapter as I do. Is that it? But what's the point of reading that much if you don't have sth to remember the main points? It's like forgetting your knowledge!
    Even if it is less annoying than always summurizing.
    How are you reading you people? I'm just curious, cause I'm losing the pleasure.

  21. This is it. I think this is the single best video I've ever watched in all of youtube, no kidding. From the usefulness of the information, to the quality of the interviewees, to the beautiful editing, and to the unexpected and inspiring reflection about slowing down at the end. Besides it's a topic I think a lot of us deeply relate to nowadays, that anxiety of hoarding books (I know I do) and not reading even half of them haha. Thank you 🙂

  22. I have a really hard time picking up books and an even harder time finsihing them. This sucks because I love books and I have SO many books to read on my list. Probably over 100. I always tell my friend "there's so much to read and so little time, with even less motivation." This really helped! Making myself see it as "you just need 30 minutes a day" is so a big help with my crippling lack of motivation, it's a set goal instead of "I'm gonna read this book." I know it's such an easy concept and I've thought of it before, but this video put it into perspective. I'm so happy right now, I'm gonna start cutting through my book list!

  23. The book they were dared to read. Don't read it:

  24. Who's the voice actor you chose for Anne Frank's Diary? I feel like listening to that audiobook with that specific voice actor 9:54 would be an interesting experience.

  25. I realize "Max Joseph" will almost certainly never read my comment, but thank you. This has been a far more enjoyable video than most of the content on YouTube and has inspired me in a number of ways.

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