How old are you? Six If you kill- Yo man, if you take me out, chat’s gonna make fun of me man. I’m just gonna go ahead and leave man. I’m scared of you. All right, thanks, man Hey, yo yo yo yo chill chill chill. That’s me. That’s me. I’m looting. Let me loot. The fuck off my screen boi.
Kid: Holy shit! Hit ’em with that two tap baby. third one just in case I had to do the three Thanks, man. I’m a professional Alright, they’re in champ select right now, let’s listen in. Guy 1: Viktor are you gonna take heal? Or Exhaust? Guy 2: If you want me to I can.
Guy 1: I mean, I’ll do whatever you want my dude
Guy 2: Well it don’t matter Ooooh Bad mistake didn’t get rid of my Leona Outplayed Guy 3: Oh yeah that’s right you do play Leona a lot. Leona suicides! I mean this guy was talking about, uhhh You know his Leona is not being respected. They don’t ban it and boom. They get freelo No Ardent Censor? RIP! Maokai comin’ with the gank. Glacial Path comin’ in Holy ignite, Barrier popped He will not survive today
[We out dis bitch] Barrier not lasting long enough Ripperino Pepperino. Should’ve popped barrier a little bit sooner than that Oh pound! Dying to pound. All right, so we got Dominativez coming in. EU jungler playing on NA Gonna get Twisted Advance’d locked down locked down locked down locked down. Flashed on, Arcane Smash, Smite dropped Not gonna be able to catch up Gotta turn around Why is ‘Its Tricky’ walking forward with a, um, Viktor in front of his face? One T.Lords, and a laser beam to the back, another laser beam DJ will fall here and no buffs being transferred over All right, we got an invade coming in.
Lockdown! Smite dropped!
Maokai gets the red buff That’s what we like to call freelo. There’s the D trophy drop Oh shit! We’re going in hot here, he does have his ulti I think pops it turns Holy fuck. I never seen anything like this before!
Drops the Ulti. I don’t think he’s gonna be able to survive this though.
Needs to go the other way drop – Wow pound with the mechanics Dominativez should be able to go through the wall here No, but back down Laser beam pump faked. Juked. And there’s the W. Free kill, Freelo Bam maokai coming in dropping the Ulti all over has a red buff applied, but not gonna fight L0va backed out, huh? Maokai going in.
We got a Glacial Path fighting down in the bot lane Leona locking down Draven they get the kill and a little bit late on that ulti right there It looks like fab is gonna go down so comin through after that one death Oh, we got a fight down in bot lane!
Look at the lockdown!
Oh my god Draven’s gonna be six feet deep! Swag doesn’t have ulti and boom again the lockdown look at the CC they have on this team I never seen anything like it before.
Maokai, talkin about Leona, talkin about Lissandra Motherfucking needing them all for an ADC We got a fight here Poppin’ the Ghost Crack.
Pops that Ult, gets the lockdown Needs to pop the Ult onto Swag.
Pops the Ult and decides to turn and fight And there is Lissandra
Glacial Path, Q, lockdown coming in with an auto, T. Lords striking him down
Dominativez gets the D it Looks like he’s gonna go ahead and suicide to commit. Oh my god, Salt trucks coming out! Ten bones from Halfsmokedblunt, that’s my boy What’s up Halfsmoked? All right its back top lane That’s gonna be a lockdown, boom, lockdown back. right at Fucking Trundle another gank but Lissandra’s there for the gank does he have Ulti? He does not have Ulti Leona popped R for the lockdown save holy shit Swagajuani Has R but will she pop R? No, she won’t. Leona getting locked down from the stun Will she get locked down again?
Trundle will have his Ulti.
Draven popping his Ulti. We got Ulti’s left and right. Boom the daybreak stun lockdown not gonna be enough. Goddamn, Trundle no teleport, his ulti is about to come back up in about a second or two and there you go Oh, Lockdown, 1v1 situation! I’m pretty sure Draven wins this. I don’t know if Ownageinacan realized he- Okay, alright.
Draven’s just garbage at the game, and Maokai in a 1v2 situation.
Tower goes down He’s gonna get locked down, knocked up darkin, uh, OP you go darkin You get the knock-up you go assassin you get the move around with popping that stupid-ass ability and still get the slow Lissandra Will meet up with Dominativez from the EU region Playing these sub wars with a disadvantage in the ping department, and we got Tonzxc coming in though the banana and There’s a lockdown boom Auto attack, gets the blue. Fab’s coming in.
Trundle, blind as a motherfucker doesn’t realize but the glacial path Will get lissandra back to safety Trundle ‘I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just gonna farm here. Hey, hey guys You know man I’m just gonna keep walking forward, you know. It’s just a great day I’m just gonna go ahead and start hitting this turret. I’m gonna run through the tower shit man I’m gonna go ahead proxy because that’s how we do. I’m gonna hit the nos button. I actually see the three champs I’m gonna run through the niggas turret cuz I think I’m Trock2Dree. Oh but we’re gonna walk this way it Looks like, you know what? I take everything I said back bout this dude this dude Very smart path and look at him go boys. He’s gone. He’s saying later bitch. Oh wait turn fail boom No tower here, boom, hits the ulti. Turns and look at him go boom That’s gonna be fab coming in from the side. We got Leo there so all three of those guys looped around for nothing good awareness coming out from double-oh-seven Dominativez is looking to suicide boom lockdown boom There’s the double slow, and it looks like fab’s gonna drop the Ulti, but they’re not even taking no damage though that’s what we like call an ulti.
Solar flare and suicide by pound no ulti used it earlier and Bam, don’t know why he would turned into four champions.
Maokai has been smoking that good ass kush Looks like he’s gonna loop around and with two of his teammates down, does he go in for a nice ult? Drops a fat nug of chronic 101 I mean they got a lot of CC here, but they’re not gonna Go lissandra has everything up. If he dropped that ulti they might have been able to do something underneath that tower Dominativez chillin. Oh oh frontal checkin.
Gonna get knocked up split the fuck on There’s a slash/dash and D. Dropped boom, slashin’ through, pops the ulti doesn’t get his ulti off Boom double kill, baited.
Jesus Christ and solo 1v1 I mean that’s pretty sad when swag gets solo’d. Swag actually died with ulti So we um oh fuck what I do that son of a bitch so here You want to get onto the ad carry so whack? Goes in, should have started off with the Q Knock his ass out Auto. Not able to get another auto. Just drop your ulti, Jesus Christ fuck my life Draven overextending support let him die goddamn. Let him die Flash and ult nicely done Boom, Flash and arcane smash pull the twisted advance darkin Kayne comes in, missed knock-up, but there’s ulti from swag, swag can do a little bit of more damage here off to the side and uh I don’t know. We got a Varus that’s shooting and shooting, but he walks in suicides No kite-ation at all and that’s gonna be uh, two for- three for three? Two for three I guess three for three if we No two for- Yeah, two for three for the red team Not bad at all Back and forth people need to take what they get and run the fuck out what the fuck is this lag? holy shit All right looks like we’re gonna invade ok banshees off Maokai throwing a nice kush into the wolf camp, but that’s not a very smart idea look at him go doing work There’s Lissandra dropping ulti herself.
Fab’s gonna come in get the stun out on Lissandra We got a flank coming in from the back side that’s gonna be an easy kill for Why pop your ulti here? Nobody is like gonna die here Draven’s off Solo and By himself and goes down instead of staying with the team here. Trundle’s gonna get worked up and Swagajuani Get some free push down Up in that top lane. Leona nowhere to be found after taking out Draven. Draven if he had a brain now They’re gonna go for the Baron and boom. That’s probably gonna be game here Alright, let’s get a comms check But if they’re taking it Yeah but they’re not. why are they not taking it? God I got Knight’s Vow now.
just leave it. No point in fighting it We got the Infernal that’s at least good Mean 1/6, 1/5 I feel bad for the lissandra honestly. Who’s the lissandra? I think you deserve to be in gold The reason why you are losing these games is because you have people like these guys on your team. They’re holding you back Shut the fuck up You need to find yourself a partner like myself I saw that boost on your stream
Who the fuck is talking? Who’s talking? Tell me your champ. I was Maokai I saw Trick boosting you on
your stream You’re 1/6! You can’t even talk to me! You’re not even on the level, the knowledge to ??? the muthafuckin’ legendary muthafuckin’ Horsey strats! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Get the fuck off my screen! Permaban this fucking idiot! Get him outta here! Get him outta here! I don’t wanna see him anymore! All right, well, Anger management? All right, so let’s get back the dragon goes over to the red team they’re going in diving pretty hard Molokai six feet deep. Look at Viktor zone flexed the fuck out of the ADC Trundle doin work They will be able to get this tower And that’s gonna be G motherfucking G Looks like they’re about to get two inhibitors Flash in darkin double man knock-up. Leona locks down darkin but darkin is not stopping Kayn walking forward, eatin’ turret shots, will fall to the tower But they will take Leona and looks like it’s going to be Maokai spawning. Oh! Laser beam trip. Maokai throwing that fat nug a twenty twin twin and boom! Barrier popped and Maokai all by himself Draven chucking axes. More axes Lisandro is gonna have to back up. There’s a nice little nug again Stun, lock down, dead. Draven, axes axes, Swagjuani tower takes out Viktor and that looks like it’s gonna. Be game and looks like we’ll be moving on over to the bronze motherfucking game


  1. interesting how these guys are so much better than bronze players.
    dont get me wrong, they still suck, but they don't hurt my eyes, unlike bronzies

  2. Did that kid say he was 6 at the beginning? What the fuck kind of retarded parents let a 6 year old play shit like that? Fuck me

  3. Editor please please change the intro song to that trick enhanced version you used one time. That had me in stitches for hours!

  4. i think the editor has such a nice middle ground – he edits to where you can notice the edits and theyre useful but not to the point of where its more editing than video

  5. I can understand that every low elo player is bad mechanicly and its acceptable . But those fcking largemouth dumbheads like the Leona guy who have so much confidence , they should die in hell and get buttfucked by a big wet spoon and then smack their head right in the monitor!

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