Border Collie Dogs 101

Border Collie Dogs 101

Border Collie He’s fun, he’s energetic, he’s intelligent
and he loves his people. The Border Collie, originally bred to gather
and control sheep, is a people-oriented family dog and versatile working dog. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we present ten fun facts about the
fascinating Border Collie. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
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below. 10. He was called collie after the ancient Celtic
word “colley,” meaning useful or faithful. The Celtics began breeding Collies from the
dogs brought to Britain by the Romans to be smaller, more agile sheep dogs that were more
resistant to the cold than their predecessors. 9. Being originally bred on the border of Scotland
and England is how the Border Collie got his name. It is believed that the secretary of the International
Sheepdog Society, James Reid, an influential Scot, gave them the name when writing about
them in letters to his colleagues. 8. He’s an independent thinker. Dogs, in general, are pretty smart, especially
herding dogs, but no breed can beat the Border Collie. He was bred to be independent and solve problems
on his own even for complex tasks. 7. This independent intelligence is not always
good for training. Because he is so smart, you need to train
him right from the outset. He learns very quickly and pick up on everything
but may develop bad habits. When training him, make sure he stays focused
on the task, if he is not engaged his attention will wander. 6. Herding dogs like border collies have been
specially bred to chase and organize animals. This modified predatory behavior incorporates
stalking, crouching, nipping, but without the messy killing. The need to herd is so deeply ingrained in
him, that some modern owners actually rent sheep for their Border Collies to corral. He’ll herd anything though, including kids,
cats, squirrels, or anything else that moves, including cars. 5. It’s become a tradition at Animal Facts
to name celebrity owners in the number 5 spot. The Border Collie has some legends: James
Dean, the cultural icon and American Film Institutes 18th best male movie star, rock
legend, Jon Bon Jovi, frontman of rock band Bon Jovi, Tiger Woods, one of the world’s
most successful golfers, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. 4. Don’t expect to lay around the house with
a Border Collie around. The smarter the dog, the easier it is for
him to get bored. The Border collie is a working dog and enjoys
having tasks to keep him busy throughout the day. This high-energy dog needs to redirect its
zing or else he will misbehave. This energy means he’ll excel in dog sports
like agility and flyball. 3. You may catch your Border Collie giving you
a look when you have something delicious in your hand. This intense stare, “the eye”, intimidates
livestock and helps the dog herd and control them. 2. Queen Victoria was a true dog lover who took
a liking to many breeds and by many, we mean her name comes up quite often on Animal Facts. Hmmm, maybe we should do a video about her. In the early 1860s, she became an active Border
Collie enthusiast. At this time, the Border Collie began to separate
and become distinguished from the modern Collie. 1. Border Collies have all kinds of jobs, from
herder to search and rescue, but one career you probably haven’t heard of is “goose master.” One Florida company trains Border Collies
to keep geese off people’s property. The University of North Florida hired a Border
Collie named Bee to be the goose master for their campus. Bee keeps geese away from high-traffic areas. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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  1. Just to echo what Jacob said loudly in that these are NOT for novice or first time owners.

    Anyone set on taking on a BC should look to re-home ideally a breed specific rescue i.e. one that specialises purely in re-homing border collies and not all breeds, shapes and sizes of dog. BC's are notoriously difficult to re-train and re-home with many “generic”
    shelters inadvertently doing them more more injustice so please wherever possible use one that deals solely in rescue and rehoming of BC's
     Also worth noting is that registration and bloodlines does not guarantee a dog's suitability as a pet or worker which is another reason for re-homing instead of buying. I own one BC that cost nothing, came home in a plastic tub without papers or registration and turned out to be outstanding sheepdog we later had registered on merit. Similarly I have fully ISDS registered BC whose parents won several International Championships in sheepdog trials and a farmer, top level triallist and ISDS judge paid a small fortune to buy as a puppy and train up to work and compete. Despite coming from excellent bloodlines he could not care less for sheep so ended up being passed over to me as non-worker.

    There are no guarantees with this breed and the safest way to take one of these dogs is by re-homing from a reputable border collie rescue.

  2. I have a border collie and Australian Shepard mix, and every time she gets loose she runs after cars. I'm so scared she is gonna get hit, I live far back from the road. But once she gets out she runs, and it's so hard to get her back in the house. Can anyone help me out with some tips she is really smart but loves to run.

  3. Do not get a Border Collie if you do not have enough land for them to have a run around & also realise that you have to keep them stimulated as they are very intelligent dogs – you have to train them & they love it – I have loved all my Borders & Georgie that I rescued lived to almost 17 years old !!!!

  4. Love the border collie.
    Have a 8 month old pup now and she is smart and fun. Love her to bits. You need to have lots of patience but they will do anything for you. Don't want any different breed but this now that we experiences dis one

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