BORN TO BE WILD | Creel Chihuahua | Copper Canyon | Travel Vlog

we have been looking for the Tarahumara Tribes for a while now Since we got to copper canyons. They live in caves and we really wanted to take photos of that. Sounds really amazing and as we got to this Hotel Lucky enough The best tour, and the most often tour is to go and see those tribes so This morning were just filling up on some Coffee and off we go Before coming to Chihuahua, it was the Tarahumara that mostly drew me in in my mind I imagines these Free spirited Living wild But seeing it for myself, i feel that its not as simple as that there is definitely a deep struggle amongst them some of the children have these hard sadness in their eyes and working instead of being nurtured and the elderly just look exhausted were in the valley of frogs its literally only a few seconds from the valley of mushrooms its actually crazy how they do look like toads a little bit I’m not going to lie the tour we got on from the hotel one. she said it was in English and it isnt, because we have not been involved in this tour what so ever it kind of sucks! but i guess, you get what you payed for and we could have done all this on our own because we did plan on renting scooters but i guess….. but we came here for the Natives because these people are amazing so I was just flying a Drone over the lake and theres like a little village here, and lots of kids and they all saw the drone, and they all ran in and there was like 12 kids it’s probably the most fun they ever had in their lives it’s so cool like how in Europe you don’t attract any attention, people are just like “Drone ah whatever” but in here it like joins people together look a rainbow are you ready for a 20mile ride in the mountains on the bikes? yeah after the valley of mushrooms and the valley of frogs it was hard to be enthused by another valley and…if we had done our day differently Maybe we would have never met our new friend Ceasar hola England Hola we were just sitting in the hotel look who came a Cow wondering around because i did so much biking today decided i deserved some icecream because Natasha can’t have icecream I thought id have icecream to myself and i asked for three bubbles and she gave me two tubs thats to much icecream it’s scooter day I love scooters I love scooters so much. every time were going to travel I’m going to get a scooter and after riding in Vietnam, this is like a piece of cake it is a piece of cake indeed shell we continue our journey? lets do this say goodbye creel this is it this is Goodbye to Creel Goodbye to Chihuahua and Goodbye to Barrancas it’s time for us to go somewhere warmer Somewhere futher and have more fun I will miss this place. But i wont miss the cold

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