Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Jan 27 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Jan 27 / 2017-18 NBA Season

– home of the defending champion Golden State Warriors who once again at the best record in the NBA of thirty nine and ten Taco Bell and for the visiting selfish and Brad Stevens may walk for Golden State they are hole Guarded him When he was with Cleveland is usually quite toxic Sam Brown goes in and quickly squashed the first tuple knows a game back in November 16th boston won at 92 88 as Al Horford nails the three-pointer And I’ll Hawkins for this Celtic team is a difference make on both sides of the floor defensively as February compound little water Thompson one of the best in the business as exhibited by that play knocks it away. Curry back to Thompson for the layin The NBA he’s had His first taste of Oracle Arena Balak brown bounce another round quickly with Julian and things come Up guys that Louis curry nails the prick I read reduce later. Please Vince gets insight like handing off the glass. That’s a pretty loop Raymonde reads left wide open and nails it Rico Nice girl Brooke plate Thompson’s number one right now on the loose Horford face And his perimeter game solid the other way we’re gonna take advantage the Trulia’s chose to help Pay them falling away, that’s good In comparison how much bigger they are on the perimeter this year round Irving and Tatum Hancock stuff so we have to ask ourselves do we value winning or stats because as Durant an accident. Why is Dragic All-star team I don’t agree with that I just think we need to do a better job be consistent with the thought process For selecting me as a seat program that they’re going through they don’t need to go through it the referees need to get more calls Right and the players need to stop acting like Kevin Durant was like turning points two assists Nice looking from Germany’s in the game Morris’s jump shot is good. It’s just tuition. He can take the pressure off his Kyrie Irving on the offensive end curry launches Stepford bread one of the problems with sagging off the bigs of Golden State’s is they have clear passing lanes to curse Everybody knocking down shots right now Irving way downtown that’s good Kyrie Irving Marcus Morris comes up short Rozier good hustle for the rebound In England Brown attacks goes for the gold lamp is good And again the Celtics commence their the number one rated team in terms of defensive efficiency as Andre, Iguodala connects down the jumper oh Dear kicks it out Galen Browns, that’s a bridge a cliff Brown forts of course after successful College coach at Butler Durant gets to the paint shop as good as he falls down when he was Knocked away I get that all over the steal Throws it up the klay Thompson throws it down We close up this place Hopson tatom’s Irving goes right it’s Reyes scoop layup is good. He’s now six performances that guy built that a granite or what? Irving’s fires away Kyrie Irving seven four seven crumbs Morris launches its rhythm knocks it down Morris super-thin who doesn’t lose on the team that doesn’t matter listen if I’m Chris fall I’m just going to the games get my own uniform and going on the court with his fourth rebound Hopson didn’t expect to pass The for all stores in Iguodala out there free turn Rogier Set straight got it Terry Rozier with Durant, right? Morris mops shot falling away – Jason’s Tatum and Jalen Brown But he also said he expects a different type of defense he said the Warriors are great at mixing it up and you’ve got it They’ve got to be better at flipping screens when they trap to the three-point line. You can’t get great players everything Gotta take away lay it Harper’s comes back and knocks down the three in the NBA in three-point percentage Curry again Steph Curry from downtown Irving long distance, that’s good Kyrie Irving 4 for 4 from downtown both teams have pulled off Curry again to the basket scoop layup. It’s good. Weeks are the permanent shot blockers Late shots to get to the pace row there the Pachulia finishes off now across the board as long as players Upset with every single fall while they realize that that’s one of the things are addressing clay tops of beautiful shot that he maybe get A call wrong is a player that they’re just respecting the guy is he coming on soon – I think players are upgrade Fucking in a mirror and treating people with respect Thank you Steve Kyrie Irving draws the foul shots good and one earthing answers after the thing that’s I cannot believe it’s how often obvious calls are complained about and To me that’s the one where that you didn’t think you foul And I don’t have any respect to that some are movie facts at home night outs Disrespecting and talking to them throwing the basketball at their legs doesn’t mean that’s not how you handle sorry for free handle it Cass be saluting mines curry curry fires Hurry 84 0 the third laceration. He’s gonna be out two weeks. They sent a home But you’re right, that’s not the end of the story didn’t wash it like Scoob there We’re trying to figure out how to get away from freaks which is preventable Draymond Green throws it down Jaden that erupted night left-handed scoop layup only his second Round steps into a three shot it genuine brown from downtown this third knocked out of his hands by Iguodala Draymond Green back to Livingston is inside and lays it in with a left hand Vines room back out Horford’s Oakland baseline jumper is good and Despite a cup still just a four-point game with under seven and a half to go Durant Sal. I jacked out of that one Sit out Tatum takes off Back out launching spikes puts up a three. That’s good rookie from Germany went back in the NBA And doing nice things for the Celtics David West gets his side Six to shoot for Kyrie Irving Launches a three rattles and hold Kyrie Irving five for five Warriors have led by as many as ten here in the fourth quarter hurry to the basket high off the glass Some points early drives stops left-handed backs at home 32 eliminating the contest Using that upper body strip, you can make the case there was contact again yeah, Hopson on Kyrie Irving routers opens from the corner drives on Iguodala shut off nicely Brown stays with tries the banks Will go with curry gets the rebound Hurry portray They’re an able to save it Adri will reset sorry being chased by multiple Celtics to the basket laughs Thanks, Janice. Good the scene from downtown Inside the Horseman’s Horford left-handed backs at home. They had missed their last Late Thompson crowds Irvin gets past the scoop layup and stripping the gorgeous move from Irving he’s Urban gets away from draymond Green quickly to the basket left another beauty from urban to point games Rozier comes off the screen Launches a three pointer. That’s good Jim Watson, and it’s a one-point game So we’re being expected try and miss it Celtics now two fairly hits the rim Did you sit up fight, but he violated it at the rim it had the Radley at the rim But one it’s over if not something still with the last chance with one point six remaining. Yeah, that’ll do 49 points for Steph Curry What a matchup between professional


  1. Yo this game was lit deff a nba finals pre view game curry vs Kyrie two of the best pg in the league let's go Boston we got to get that 18th banner

  2. we going need to see more of this cavs team. shame they aint no more cavs – warriors games. one must wonder if the Celtics can play the warriors so close what these new cavs can do.

  3. Celts starters were 🔥, missing Marcus Smart didn’t help, Larkin and Ojeley on Curry and Durant hahaha good luck
    Celtics did good though they were on a losing stretch lately while warriors were on a winning stretch and only a 4 point game that could’ve been anybody’s at the end really good game

  4. That was a real clutch basket by terry rozier. At the end they're but warriors came up at the end though but good effort by both teams good luck to both though #BOSTON BABY FOR FINALS!!! 9:05

  5. This was such an unbelievably good game to the point that you'll respect both teams even if your not of a fan of either one


  7. To anyone who reads this comment next year which will more fun to watch? 76ers vs Celtics, Celtics vs Cavs, Warriors vs Celtics, or Houston vs Celtics

  8. Warriors bread and butter is transition offense, the Celtics damn near ran em off the court in the first quarter, they couldn't keep up and got burned badly at their own game. With Hayward's 20ppg, as well as Browns and Tatum's accelerated growth, the Celtics are unbeatable.

  9. If Kyrie is healthy then Boston will be in finals vs Warriors…. the real nba finals than boring cavs vs warriors…

  10. Celtics VS GSW
    Irving (Curry), Horford (KD), Tatum(Thompson), Brown(Green), Hayward(Cousins)
    Celtics 2nd starters (GSW bench)
    Rozier(iguodala), Morris(McCaw), Baynes(Livingston), Smart(looney), Theis(Bell)
    Celtics BENCH (GSW reserves)
    Bird, Ojeleye, wanamaker
    GSW: Jerebko b/c the rest is trash

    The Celtics are gonna annihilate the warriors. Even with Kyrie & Tatum on the bench the Celtics (19-0 run back in November). Warriors bench stands no chance against the C's 2nd unit. Even Bostons Ojeleye & Bird can match up VS Iguodala & Livingston because of their defense, youth, and athleticism. If Ojeleye stopped Giannis he can easily school Iguodala. The process next season will be coming off Bostons bench & that is a dual that will be known as Ojeleye/Bird. Yes the Warriors do have a crazy starting 5 but so do the Celtics. Eventually Brads system will crush & exhaust the warriors b/c besides their crazy defense they have an entire 2 starting lineups & an Ojeleye/bird that they can rely on, while the warriors only have their starting 5. The celtics literally just made the King go west & persue hollywood rather than a ring, the same way they made Gaymond call up Boogie.

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