Hej venner, det er mig Sylvia tilbage med en ny video. Velkommen tilbage til min Kanal. Så idag, er vi ikke i mit studio, som i kan se. Og det er fordi vi laver en video med, Charlie: Den lækreste lyseste hud på YouTube. Sylvia: Jeg er. Charlie: Jeg lavede ild emojien. wtf men ja, som du kan se udfra titlen af videoen. Vil vi lave den her Challenge Måske ikke en Channel, et tag måske, der har været på youtube. Egentlig skal min kæreste bedømme mine Fashion Nova Outfits. Charlie: De er alle tiere πŸ™‚ Sylvia: Aww.. Jeg betalte ham til, at sige det. Charlie: Venner, det her er ligesom dunk off. Hun går ud, jeg skal holde et skilt op ligesom dette. De alle bliver tiere, så bare gør dig klar. Sylvia: Abonner før vi starter med videoen, Jeg smider to videoer op hver uge. Måske vil han være med i dem, måske vil han ikke, jeg ved det ikke. Du skal bare abonnere. Og uden videre lad os komme igang med at prøve noget tøj. Okay, sæt nummer et babe, her er det. Look at how enormous these are on me. It’s a small. Why is it so big? Charlie: If you didn’t say that I would’ve thought it Fits fine. I like the outfit. If we went on vacation you would wear that. That’s like, honestly, like, got some Jamaica vibes. I can see you wearing that to dinner, like, in a resort. Sylvia: Take me on vacation and I’ll wear it. Honestly, I don’t want to start too high, but only because it could get a little bit better. Sylvia: Oh my god I was not expecting you to give me good ratings! He’s usually so judgy with outfits. Charlie: No, I like that outfit. I’ll let you know if I don’t like an outfit. That’s a 9 in my books guys. Fashion Nova, starting off right. Okay, outfit number two. This one’s a different vibe. [Charlie: JEEZ :D] It’s more lounge wear. Charlie: The dogs like this one. Sylvia: I really like the color of this one. What do you think? Charlie: I think that’s my favorite one right now, even though you only did two. I love the tightness, heh heh heh heh πŸ˜‰ Sylvia: I really like this one, actually. I wasn’t expecting to like it this much But it’s really comfy, and it’s cute. Charlie: This one’s comfy, a lie? Sylvia: It’s really thin. I’m not like, for super thin clothing, but, I still like how it looks, so. Charlie: Yeah, let’s give it the Prince test. What do you think? Prince: *barking* Charlie: I like the matching, I like the colors, I like how tight it is. You know what? I hate that I had to do it, guys, already, but the flame emoji is coming up. Sylvia: Oh my God this is going so well! Charlie: This is a double five. Did you pick all the good outfits first? Sylvia: No. Charlie: Wolfie literally is in love with this outfit. Sylvia: So, this one’s a hit with the dogs and the boyfriend, so. I’m glad you like it πŸ™‚ Charlie: I think it’s just because I’m H’d at you, so Any outfit is gonna look fine. You could wear a f*cking garbage bag. I’m still H’d. Sylvia: I was not expecting this! You think all my trendy outfits are like, weird. Charlie: Some of them are. Like, I don’t like the weird hats you wear and stuff like that. Like, sometimes she tries taking it too extra. I’m telling you, the next outfit she’s gonna bring out, She’s gonna look like Peter Pan or some sh*t. This one’s a flame, I can’t hate. Sylvia: Okay, flame. So far we’re starting off strong Outfit number three. This is a pair of classic, Fashion Nova jeans. Charlie: This looks nice! Sylvia: They’re known for their jeans. I really like these jeans, they’re so comfortable. They’re like, they’re jeggings, they’re like stretchy. Yeah. It’s a crop top. It’s kind of like, It’s like really cropped. I feel like if I lift my arms, you can kind of see my under-boob, but, I’m not hating it. Charlie: Ahh, this one, it’s alright. No, I actually really like this one I do like this one, too – this one’s hipster, like you have to wear your hair like a certain way, when you wear it. Sylvia: Like how? Charlie: Put it into a ponytail slicked back. Yeah, yeah, that’s the outfit. I’m H’d! Sylvia: These jeans are honestly some of the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever put on. Charlie: I’m not even trying to boost, cause, guys, I love to hate on stuff. Sylvia: I’m so surprised. He’s giving me such good ratings! Charlie: That’s cause the clothing is nice. Sylvia: You judge my outfits all the time, like, badly. Charlie: Like, the clothing looks nice. Sylvia: Wow, you’re being nice. I’m feeling this outfit, too. Charlie: Yeah, I like the jeans, they’re really like, tapered, fitting, tight. The top is nice And I like the reckless thing around the neck. That’s like mad, fashion forward. Sylvia: Fashion Nova is usually hit or miss for me. I’ve ordered from them a bunch of times before but I’m kind of surprised because everything is a hit so far. Charlie: And I like the color, the red and black are like two of my favorite colors. They are literally my favorite color and favorite shade, so I’m H’d. Color combination, she knew. Sylvia: I feel like you could wear this crop top with like, a lot of different things too. Okay, Well, That’s it. Next outfit. Okay, what’s this, outfit number four? I don’t know how I feel about this one. What do you think? Charlie: This reminds me of my sister, like dancing. This is like a ballerina outfit. Sylvia: I honestly, saw this on like, you know, the Instagram bad b*tches, And it looked really good on their body type, but I feel like I’m too twiggy for this. My legs just look so tiny. Charlie: On it’s own, it literally looks like you’re going to, like, ballet lessons. Sylvia: Yeah, I know. This looks like a dance outfit. Charlie: I feel like with a few accessories, if you had like, maybe, like a, bag right here around you’re waist. Sylvia: Yeah, a waist bag. Charlie: And maybe like a fur, likkle, jacket over top of it, It could be nice. Sylvia: Babe, you should style me. Charlie: I know what I’m talking about guys. Like, I’m the f*cking swaggiest guy on YouTube. I’m giving it a seven. Sylvia: Better than I thought. I would probably give this like a Four, honestly, because I don’t feel like I’d be comfortable enough wearing this out, cause it’s so thin. I’m even wearing like super thin Thongs and like you can see it, you know. That makes me uncomfortable. Charlie: It’s not really an outfit Sylvia: I know. Charlie: Like, where would you wear that? Like, that’s the only reason I had to give it a seven, cause by itself you cannot be wearing that. Sylvia: Yeah, I just feel like this isn’t made for my body type. I don’t know that I like this one just yet, but it is very comfortable, So maybe I’ll just like keep it as like, a lounge wear type of outfit. It’s a seven in Charlie’s books. Charlie: I wouldn’t throw it out. Sylvia: I don’t not like it enough to return it, but I don’t like it enough that I would wear it. Charlie: It probably cost ten dollars. Sylvia: Outfit number five! I feel like you’re gonna have some sh*t to say about this one. Look at his face, look at his face! Charlie: That’s ov, that’s ovv. Charlie: What’s going on? That would be a ten if she was in the next Tokyo drift being one of the racecar girls. BUT… Honestly, if you like this, you’re Lil Uzi’s favorite rap song. [Rap Music] Charlie: It is nice, but I just don’t like it. Sylvia: I feel like this one I wouldn’t wear as a set. It’s like, too much as a set. Charlie: You look like the manager of a diner. That looks like a uniform, not an outfit. Sylvia: It’s a set, babe. It’s called a set. Charlie: It’s ov. Sylvia: What if I wear one or the other? Charlie: You could wear one or the other. Sylvia: And you’d like it? But together, it’s just, I don’t know, I have to see. but together, It’s like so extra. Sylvia: Yeah, it’s a lot. He doesn’t like anything extra. I like this outfit. You give it a four, I give it like, a seven, cause I can do a lot with it. Charlie: It’s a four. Maximum. Sylvia: it’s a seven. Okay. Next outfit. Doesn’t fit me right. These are a little bit big. Charlie: I like that one. That one is sick. Wait does it come pre-tied like that? Sylvia: Yeah, it does. Charlie: Oh, that’s sick. Sylvia: I don’t know, I kinda wish I could untie it. Charlie: I like that, and I don’t even mind the jeans being a likkle baggy. Sylvia: It’s supposed to be up to here, like this. Charlie: You could just pin the back. I LIKE this one. Sylvia: You do? Charlie: Yeah. Sylvia: And then, wait, I gotta show you with the jacket. Charlie: Is the jacket part of the outfit? Sylvia: Not really, but, I needed to bring it out for one of them, so. Charlie: Wow the future really is female, guys. It’s all about self-love. Sylvia: I really like the top. I love the top. Charlie: Really empowering, you know. It’s all about empowering. Sylvia: It is. Okay, the top for me, is a 10. I feel like it would work with so many things and it’s so easy to just throw on. Charlie: This outfit! Are you ready? What do you think I’m gonna give? Sylvia: I don’t know. You said you really like it. Charlie: Wait, the jacket is part of it, right? Sylvia: I wouldn’t wear the jacket with the outfit. Charlie: Yeah, I think it’s a little too much Jean. But, you know, I’ll still give it this. What do you think I’m gonna give it? Sylvia: An 8. What?! Well then why did you say you like it?! Woahh! The fire emoji! You really like it?! Charlie: This is a 10. I like it, cause it’s just on you. And I like you, so. Sylvia: But how come you don’t like the last one on me? Charlie: That one was hideous. Sylvia: But it’s still on me. Charlie: And this one’s all about female empowering, and I’m all about that. 2018 guys, come on, get together. That’s a ten. Sylvia: I really like this one too. If these were perfect though, I feel like I would like it more, if they actually fit me but, it kinda adds a little extra swag. Charlie: I like the shirt. Sylvia: HUHHHH! Charlie: What? Sylvia: Epiphany! So, I guess I just realized, They will fit me, if I just tighten the sides up, so I can wear it low or I can wear it high-waisted. These Are bomb!! Charlie: There’s only one thing I don’t like about them. It’s the back pockets. They don’t exist. They’re tripping me out. They’re fake back pockets, and for that reason, nine point five. I HATE fake pockets. Sylvia: He gets so mad cause he can’t put anything in them. Charlie: Yeah, but girls don’t really use pockets, so that’s still a ten. Sylvia: Yeah, just for style. I give this outfit a ten, too. I really like it. Look how deep they are. I can put my whole arm in. But, I think I like this outfit enough that I’d take an Instagram pic in it, and that’s saying something, soo, It’s a 10. @sylviagani. Follow me so you can see the pic of my Fashion Nova fits. Charlie: I might just have to buy matching camo pants, so we could take like a couples pic. Sylvia: You never take couples pictures with me. I always ask you. Charlie: They’re all in my Instagram drafts. Sylvia: I didn’t make the cut. Charlie: They’re coming soon guys. Sylvia: Okay, next outfit. This one, I kind of don’t even Want to come out, cause I don’t know what I was thinking, but, we’ll get you to be the judge. Charlie: Why are you pulling the shoulder down? Sylvia: Cause I tried to make it look extra cute. Charlie: No, put it back up. And zip it all the way up. That’s a vibe. Sylvia: Is it a pajama at this point? Charlie: Why is the chest going out like that? What is going on? Sylvia: I have a uni-boob now. I told you. This makes it cuter. Charlie: No. I don’t like that. I don’t like when you put it like that. Sylvia: This is how I’d pose on Insta if I wore it. Charlie: I’m not, I’m all about simple things. Sylvia: Okay, okay, fine. Charlie: You tried too hard to make something. I like the outfit, though. That’s nice. Put the hood up. You look like Red Riding Hood. Sylvia: I kind of feel like this is a pajama onesie. Charlie: That’s like a, I don’t care, like, I’m going out to Target. Sylvia: Maybe I’ll wear this today. Honestly, I do like the outfit. I really do like the outfit a lot. Sylvia: Really? I’m so shocked! I almost didn’t come out in this outfit. What is it? Charlie: Cue the intense music. [intense music begins to play] Sylvia: Show us! Charlie: It’s an eight. Sylvia: Oh my God! I thought you would literally make fun of me for wearing this one. Charlie: It’s an eight! I like it. Sylvia: Wait, the fact that you like it kind of makes me like it a little more. Charlie: And, like, it really does look expensive. Sylvia: No, it doesn’t. Charlie: Like, if I saw Justin Bieber wearing it, I’d be like, sh*t that’s hella expensive. Just cause it’s like, who’s wearing it makes it what it is. Sylvia: Oh my God. You’ve made me love it. Charlie: So, if I see that Sylvia Gani wears it, I’m like, that’s expensive. Sylvia: It kind of doesn’t feel expensive though, like, I’ll be honest, the material is very, very thin. It makes it comfy, But it kind of feels pajama-y. So, we have one last outfit, let’s see how it goes. Last outfit! I feel like we’re going out with a bang! Charlie: Jeeeeez! I’m H’d! I hate the color. Sylvia: That’s what I like the most about it. Charlie: I can’t even lie, I love the fit, and like, how it looks on you. That would be way better in like, a tan thing. Sylvia: I like the color, it’s unique. That’s my favorite part. Charlie: BUT…. If that was in like, an off-white color, it would be ov. It shows your curves nice, I like the fit, I think it’s nice. Sylvia: I feel make you could make this kind of dressy, but you could also wear it with like, sneakers. Charlie: Do people actually use the pockets? Sylvia: The pockets are kind of annoying because you can see the outline. Charlie: And the rips, I do like the rips, too. Honestly guys, I have to give it this. I wanted to give it the flame. It’s super nice though. It’s a nine. Sylvia: I’ll take it, I’ll take it. Charlie: Only because I don’t like the color. Sylvia: The color is my favorite part, so I’m giving this a ten. Okay guys So, that is all of the Fashion Nova outfits that I have to show you, Charles, and I would say, this was pretty much, it was a success. What did you think? Charlie: A raging success. Sylvia: I put this one back on because it’s his favorite. This is my flame emoji outfit, guys. I wanted to see this one again. Sylvia: He literally, I was fine to do my outro in the other outfit, he made me put this one back on. I really like Fashion Nova, I’ve been ordering their stuff forever. I was curious to see what Charlie thought of it. A lot of their stuff is Affordable. The quality is like Okay You know, it really depends on what you’re getting. Charlie: You can not tell that it’s cheap stuff. Like, it does look good. Sylvia: So Cardi B. Ain’t lying. Charlie: Fashion Nova actually has some wavy sh*t. Sylvia: Alright. Well, you heard it from Charlie. Charlie: BUT, hit the like button, I wanna see Sylvia in bathing suits. heh heh heh heh heh πŸ˜‰ Sylvia: Expensive versus affordable bathing suits. Charlie: Cheap versus – yeah, I’m H’d. Hit the like button and I’ll react to those. No problem. Sylvia: Look, he’s so excited. He’s like, “yes!” Charlie: Comment down below which bathing suits to buy. Sylvia: That’s all for today’s video, make sure you’re subscribing to Charlie’s channels, if you haven’t. Make sure you click this button, right here, to subscribe. And then, click one of these videos somewhere over here to keep on watching. Have a Sylvia Gani marathon, and I’ll see you in my next one! Bye guys! mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah! Bye.


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