Bracelet (Alot and Gina’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Bracelet (Alot and Gina’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Mama, don’t leave me! Mama! Don’t leave me, Mama! Mama! Dear Charo… we couldn’t believe that our mother would
leave us all of a sudden. Ate and I cried every day. One day, Papa and us
moved to the mountains, which were littered with rebels. And whenever he
goes out to farm, the two of us would be
left by ourselves. If Mama doesn’t love us,
then I don’t love her too. What are you saying, Gina? Papa. Where did you go, Ate? I’ve found Mama, Gina. She’s in Manila. I was so happy when I saw
Mama and our siblings. You need to see her. I don’t know why, but all of the pain
I felt when she left us was replaced with happiness. Gina? Gina, my dear?
Please come in. You came just in time.
You should eat with us. I won’t stay long.
I need to go back to Papa. I only went here to ask
why you left us. Your brothers are here. Rodel, Albert,
your Ate Gina is here. – Ate!
– Rodel, Albert, this is Gina. Though I’m still hurt
with my mother, I chose to stay to be
with my siblings. But I didn’t feel that
Mama wanted to be with me. I felt like she was
so distant to me. Three months passed
before I went home to Papa. Papa? Papa? Papa! Papa! But to be honest,
I was surprised when I found out that
you’re Gloria’s daughter. She doesn’t really talk
much about her children. But no matter how hard
she tried to keep her secrets, the truth eventually came out. What are you talking about? Where are you going, anyway? Show some manners, will you? I asked you a question. I said where
are you going? Why are you asking? When you left us
on that bridge, did you tell us where
you were going? You didn’t, remember? How dare you ask for respect
like you deserve any? And you weren’t satisfied
with leaving me and Ate. You even gave away
one of your children. Who told you that? We’re your children, but you gave us
away like kittens. You never gave
a damn about us! Don’t speak about something
you know nothing about! What else should I know aside from the fact that
you’re a terrible mother? Gina, I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean– When I become a mother, I will never be like you! I finished high school
on my own, and found a job
abroad soon after. Eventually, I started
my own family. I gave my children
love, time, and attention, everything I never got
from my mother. I stayed by their side, especially in the most important
moments of their lives. Hello? What? What is it, Ma? It’s your Lola,
she had a stroke. Maybe I should just go home. I don’t want to bother
your family here. Just stay here, Ma. You need someone
to look after you. Bye! Ma. Thank you so much. I love you, Ma.
Thank you for staying even though we had
to wait for so long and your feet were
already hurting. Thank you. This is another item checked
on my bucket list. What’s this bucket list
you’ve been talking about? It’s a list of the things I
want to do before I die. Die? Why are you
talking about dying? I wish we can go to
the beach next time because we haven’t done
that as a family, right? Right. And I want to go to Paris,
see the Eiffel Tower, and have a lovely 18th birthday. Alot, what are this? Where did you
get these bruises? I think it’s just from
the crowd earlier. Don’t mind it, let’s just eat. – Are you sure?
– Yes. Alot? Oh god… Alot, you’re burning hot! Cedy! Jed! Get up!
Get a towel and some water! Your sister is having a fever! Hold on, dear. Doctor? How was my
daughter’s blood test? I’ll get straight
to the point. Your daughter’s condition
is very, very serious. She has leukemia or
cancer of the blood. We need the NKTI to
examine her blood to find out how aggressive
her leukemia is. For now, it’s best if we admit
her here in the hospital to monitor her condition. Ma… You don’t have to hide
the fact that I’m sick. I already figured it out. I saw the test results earlier, and I did a bit
of research online. This is just cancer. You don’t have to worry
because I’ll be okay. I will fight on, I won’t lose
to this sickness. Sorry, guys, but I think I’ll make a really
cute guy with this short hair. That’s okay, Alot! I’m so tired of being
a heartthrob, anyway. Great confidence and all. So why do you get
dumped a lot, then? – Let’s take a picture!
– Sure thing! Let’s take
lots of pictures, okay? – I look really cute!
– Let’s put that on her. Ma, are you okay? What’s with the wig, Alot? Oh, this? My friends
gave this to me. Does it look good? What’s the problem? It’s just that
I didn’t make it in time at the foundation office. But I’ll come back tomorrow. It’s fine, Ma. Because I know God will
always take care of me! As long as I’m alive,
there’s always hope. That’s right! Well, in my case, as long as I have veins,
there’s always hope. I know you can do it,
Nurse Jenny! Sorry that my veins
are acting all shy today! Alot served as an inspiration
not only to her family, but to other people, too. Thanks to the help
of generous individuals and various
government agencies, Alot was able to complete
her chemotherapy. What did my tests show? You’re cancer-free now, Alot. Congratulations. For real? Yes. We still need to keep
an eye on you. You have to take it easy. – Okay?
– Yes, Doc. – Thank you, Doc!
– Thank you so much! Thank You, Lord! – Excuse me.
– Thanks, Doc. Thank you so much! I’m so blessed! – Dear.
– Lola! Happy birthday! It’s all I could afford.
I hope you don’t mind. Thank you, Lola! Okay, have fun! I’ll go join your brothers
over there. – Alot!
– Ma! What happened? – Pick her up!
– Watch her head! Careful! Did my cancer return? You need to undergo
chemotherapy again. I need to undergo
chemotherapy again, Ma? I don’t want to do it again. Dear… Don’t give up. You’ll get better again. How much will that
cost us again, Ma? I’ve been too much of
a burden to you already. What are you saying?
Don’t mind our expenses, dear. We already got
through this before, we’ll get through this again. God is good. We’ll find a way. We promised each other, right? We’ll be together always. Stop crying, okay? Look at this. Lola gave this to me. It’s beautiful, right? And she wanted you
to have this. You two might not
be fighting… but you two aren’t
talking either. Please fix your problems, Ma. And do it for real this time. Not just for pretend. Oh, you’re so silly. Please forgive Lola, Ma. But I know everyone will be
happier and more content once everyone in our family
has forgiven each other. I know I’ve hurt you so much… But I hope you can
still forgive me. Though you may not
always see it… But I love you very much. Because you are my daughter. Because you are my daughter. – Ma! Lola!
– Alot! – Gina, come here!
– Alot, wake up! I just want to rest, Ma.
Please… Please don’t say that, dear. You will get better. I won’t take long, don’t worry. I just have to get the
blood samples that you need You’ll be
on your way to recovery once the procedure’s done. Just wait for me, okay? I saved a note in my phone… I want you to read it
once this is all over. I’m so sorry, Ma… I just can’t take it anymore… Listen to me, dear. I know
you can get through this. Can you do this for us, Alot? I have the blood samples
with me now, Aldrin. How’s Alot now? Have they taken her out
for the procedure? Alot has already gone
into a coma. There’s nothing we can do now. Don’t say that, Aldrin! I’m not giving up on her… Alot! You still have to tick off all the other items on
your bucket list, right? But if you’re tired already… …then you can rest now. It’s alright, dear.
I understand… It’s alright, dear.
I understand… No one will take your place
in my heart. Dear Mama and Papa, I hope you can forgive me
for giving up. And for making you suffer
for so long. With the little time
I have left, I realized just how trivial
the items on my bucket list are. I realized very late that
happiness doesn’t mean going out and exploring
the world. because my true happiness was
my family all along. I love you all so much. Bucket list, checked. There may not be any greater
pain than to lose a child, to live with the fact
that my own daughter will not live long enough
to fulfill her dreams. Despite this, Alot’s presence in our lives, however short, taught me that love can be achieved through forgiveness. She was the bridge that helped mend a broken bond. Alot may be gone, but she will live on through the love
that she helped rebuild. Yours truly, Gina


  1. Pang ilang nood ko na to pero yong luha ko tumutulo parin.

    Ang galing ni Sharlene at ni Miss Meryl at ng buong Team. Grabe parang totoo talaga yong acting nila ilang minutes palang tulo na agad ang luha mo. 😭

  2. Sana mabigay kay Sharlene yong role as Maxine and si Donny naman si Gab. Alam ko magagawa nila ng maayos yon sa kilig factor check! Sa acting skills check na check! And may pagkakatulad din sila lalo na sa height difference. Papatok yon panigurado. πŸ’œ

  3. Diko natapos episode Na to the night na pinalabas Ito last night and tribute of a friend of ours he's 16 yrs.old he died last Aug.31,2019 and he suffered from dengue and leptospirosis lahat ng line dito halos the same SA nangyari sa friend namin yun bang nakita mo lahat ng hirap tapos sasabihin ng doctor Na congrats for your second life Hays in then yung magpapakita sya ng lakas SA family and friends then he knows the time that he go to the paradise of our Lord miss you so much my dear friend gabayan mo always si mama and papa mo ate at si bunso bye Paulo salamat SA lahat ng memories. We missed you so much

  4. iyakk ako ng sobraaa. at sobrang nkarelate ako. parang si mama lng na di ako iniwan nung halos mmatay na ako sa sakit ko. I love you Ma and syempre sino pa ba ang di mangiiwan khit kelan samin kundi ang Panginoon. Salamat Lord. utang ko po Sayo ang buhay ko and I'll give it back to you in return πŸ˜‡πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ patuloy na maglilingkod di lng sa music ministry kundi sa pagsunod po sa kalooban Mo. 😭

  5. yong hinintay nya lng na payagan cya ng mama nya sa kanyang hiling para mag pahinga na sabay tulo ng luha 😭😭😭😭😭😭sakit

  6. grabee MMK lang tlaga ngpapa iyak sakin ng ganito kadalasan isang mata ko lang naiyak pero ngayon sa dalawang mata ko na eh dahil po sa ganda ng episode ng story.,sobrang galing nyo po mga cast..CONGRATZ po & GODBLESS!!!..

  7. Ito yung grabe iyak ko😒grabe hanggang ngaun ang song nito naga palakas nang loob ko ngaunπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  8. I hope my parents would do the same , for me. Not to get hurt when im gone.. 2 session done.. hope to be free from it.. hope is what i only have in this situation. Fighting.. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Š

  9. i really luv the story!! ung mag ina at ung apo n nagkasakit… super galing. natauhan ako!! i luv u mama.. i luv my mom so much too!

  10. Sobra lungkot mamatayan nang mahal sa buhay…naalala ko tuloy ang kapatid ko namatay din sa cancer sobra sakit ang bata pa niya😒😒😒😒😒

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