Bracelet Brésilien Petits poissons (Intermédiaire) 3 couleurs

Hi everyone ! In this video I propose you once again a model of bracelets on the theme of fish I know it’s already the third;) the first one I can’t show it because I didn’t have it anymore The second was that one it’s called “fish bones” and the one we’re going to do today this is the one I called “little fishes” you can make all the fishes of the same color Or you can choose 2 colors it’s an intermediate level model I no longer explain the knots, but you can see the video called “the 4 basic knots in brazilian bracelet” I took 4 black strings, 2 pink strings to make fishes and 2 white strings to also make the fishes It’s an 8 strings bracelet and all the threads measure 1 meter And that’s how I place my strings at the start the black threads will make the outlines and the pink and white threads will make the little fishes First I’m going to do a black chevron with the tip up Step 2: the head of the fish Step 3: the eye of the fish 4th step: we will close the head of the fish 5th step: bridges on the sides I do the same thing symmetricaly on right side Step 6: The tail of the fish 7th step: the small black dots you managed to make the pattern for the first time ! To continue you go back to step 1 Good luck ! And here is the final result … I hope you liked this bracelet tell me what you thought about it in the comments and see you soon for a new bracelet 🙂

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