Bracelet Shamballa macramé facile avec perles

Bracelet Shamballa macramé facile avec perles

Hi everyone ! In this video, I will teach you how to make a shamballa bracelet it is the one who is in first position here by the way, it looks a lot like the ones next to it and I already taught you to do them in this video that you can see by clicking on the small “i” the bracelet consists only of square knots and beads you need 2 threads of 1 m (braided nylon cotton or other) and 2 strings of 50 cm you also need beads To start I take my 4 strings I leave about 8 cm and I make a knot Then I put the two shortest strings in the center and the longest on the exteriors the center’s strings are just going to be used to wear the beads but they will not tie knots The outer threads will work First I’m going to make a square knot I make a loop with the right string and it passes over the two center strings The left lead goes over this first thread and then it will go back in the loop but passing under the two center strings I pass the strings under and it goes diagonally up in the loop I pull on the two outer strings Then I’ll do the same thing on the other side the left thread forms a loop and passes over the two center strings the right thread goes over this thread and it’ll go back into the loop below the two center strings, diagonally and I’m going to pull the two outer strings You have formed your first square knot I’m going to do two more knots in the same way That’s a second square knot By dint of knotting we sometimes do not know anymore which way to start the loop for that there is a small clue it’s to spot the small relief here so here it’s on the right side it means that I will have to redo the loop on the right side that’s what I’m going to do right now for my third square knot I will now insert a bead on the two strings of the center And then I’m going to make a square knot but who will frame the pearl so I’m doing a right loop The string of the left goes over And then it will go through the loop crossing under the two center strings and going up diagonally and I pull on the two outer strings I will continue my sqaure knot by making a loop on the left You can now choose the number of knots you want to put between each pearl I will add two more sqaure knots and then I’ll add a pearl again And here is my second pearl I’m doing 3 square knots a pearl 3 square knots, a pearl, and so on as a bracelet to a sufficient length I finish it by making a knot And then for the closing I’m going to make a braid if you want to see other closing techniques you can come see my video I did about it so to make my braid I separate my four sons into three packs and therefore two strings alone and two strings together and I start braiding I block my braid by making a knot I cut and I make a braid on the other side And here is my bracelet is finished! I hope you managed to do yours too and I’ll see you soon!


  1. merci très jolie bracelet plus qu'à me mettre à l'ouvrage j espère le réussir à bientôt 😘🌸💐🌼

  2. trop beau ,mais tu achète ou t fils
    PS:je fais tout t bracelet 😘😝😝😝😝💕💕💕💕😍😍

  3. omg waw quand j ai vu tes tutos je suis abonne sur le champs
    bon courage
    c grâce a toi je suis devenue super 👍👍👍👍👍💜💜💜💜👍💜👍💜💕💜👍💕👍💜💜💕👍💜👍👍💕💜💜💕👍💜💜💕💕👍👍💜💜👍💕 je suis très contente

  4. Bonjour et merci pour ce tuto tres clair. je voudrais faire dans le meme principe mais en collier de qu'elle longueur doivent etre les fils,merci par avance

  5. Bonjour, je découvre vos tutos pour les bracelets que je trouve très bien expliqués et vos vidéos sont très claires. Par contre pourriez vous m'indiquer quel fil vous utilisez pour les bracelets macramé Shambala. Merci à vous. Je me suis abonnée tout de suite à votre chaine.

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