Bracelet turns out to be fake gold

Bracelet turns out to be fake gold

Yeah, so I bought this chain from my friend he said he had found it. He says 14 karats right there get a little closer right here there, it says 14 Karats but he found it, so what we did was took it to a jeweler, he weighed it and you know, he gave us a, an estimate of how much he would buy it for and I told him that I want to buy some gold
so if it did turn out to be white gold, that I would buy it from him and then, you know, but the thing is the jeweler didn’t test it again, he just pretty much looked at it and said he would buy it I’m not sure what he did to it, to check, but it’s definitely the one, so I’m going to test it out we’re going to see if this is real gold, so I’m just going to I have a nice scratch right there so, I’m going to check first if it’s real 14 karat gold. And, just going to put a little drop on that right there and uh…. no it’s not, you can see it it all just disappeared so actually, we’ll test out here with the 10 karat, see if it’s even 10 karat gold got a little scratch there. See what happens with the 10 karat solution okay that’s, that’s still staying there is it 10 karat? nope, that’s breaking apart too so, it’s not 10 karat gold either. So, this is not even gold so, this is fake. Like I said, I took this to to get it appraised then they just pretty much just looked at it said it wasn’t gold. So, I mean, said it was gold so then I bought it, but apparently, it’s not


  1. If it was fake it would bubble and turn to another Color if it disappears it means either your using the wrong solution or scratched I have that exact chain (figaro is what it’s called) and it’s Been tested by 4 different juilers and all tested positive for solid gold and ps: don’t pore chemicals on metals you don’t know are valuable or not if you don’t know you’re doing

  2. Do you know that there is no such thing as white gold? The scratch you made could have been the rhodium plating (which they use to get the gold white), assuming it actually is gold.

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