Bracelets: DIY Tube Bracelet! Bracelet Making Tutorial Out of String & Tube charm

Hi everyone, I have another bracelet tutorial
for you today and I just love how quick and simple this one is to make and on top of this
it looks absolutely adorable. So basically you just need to make simple bracelets like
these ones and then you layer them with different colors of string. I really hope you like it
and let’s get started. All you need to make these lovely bracelets
are golden tubes some golden beads and different colors of knotting cord. For the tools you
need an embroidery needle and scissors. Jewelry making always recalls so many beautiful
memories of my childhood. As kids we were playing with my girlfriends outside all summers,
and one of our favorite things to do was making bracelets from flowers and willow trees. Maybe
that’s why bracelet making is very close to my heart and walking into a craft store still
feels like being a child in a candy shop. To begin, cut about 10 inches or 30 centimeters
of string. Take a golden tube and thread it onto a string. If you don’t have the golden
tubes you can use any other beads that have a hole and can be thread onto the cord!
Place the bracelet on the surface and cross the ends like so. Now take another 10 inches
of the knotting cord and we are going to make a simple sliding closure. Center the string
over the two overlapping ends of the bracelet. Take the left end of the string, go under
the middle strands and over the right end of the string. See here I went under and here
over. Now take the left end of the string go over the middle strands and through the
loop. Pull both ends to tighten the knot. Since I started on the left before, I need
to start on the right this time. Go under the middle strands and over the strand
on the left. With the left end of the string go over the middle strings and into the loop.
Pull both ends to tighten the knot. Now start on the left again. Go under the middle strings
and over the right one. With the right string, go through the loop and tighten. For the next
knot start on the right, go under the two center stands and over the left one. With
the left string go through the loop and tighten the knot.
Then just repeat this a few times, switching the starting side between left and right.
This is a basic square knotting technique and I like to use it for my sliding closures
because it’s simple, quick yet very neat in the end. This way the bracelet will be adjustable
in size and we will easily be able to put it on and take it off the wrist without damaging
it. Once your closure is about half an inch long,
thread one of the string ends onto an embroidery needle. Sew up the center of three knots along
the backside of the closure. Do the same with the other end of the string. Sometimes it’s
a bit difficult to sew through the tight knots so pliers can come handy if you’re struggling
when pulling the needle. Trim away the excess cord and melt the tips with the lighter for
the extra hold. To finish off you can just make a simple knot
on each end of the bracelet’s string or you can thread on two beads first. I decided to
go for the beads and once they’re on, I am just making a final knot on each side of the
bracelet. Cut away the excess cord and melt the tips with a lighter. It doesn’t take more
than 15 minutes to make this adorable bracelet. I made six of them using different colors
of string. I think bracelets make such a perfect gift for your friends or yourself. Taking
time to make a present is much more valuable than buying something in a shop and everyone
appreciates cute little homemade gifts. These bracelets look fantastic layered with other
bracelets as well. See how cute they look together with my heart bracelets which I made
in my previous bracelet tutorial! So that’s how easy this was. Let me know if you try
to make them yourself. A few days ago I realized that my channel here on YouTube has hit ten
thousand subscribers so thank you so much for this. Thank you so much for the amazing
support and all the beautiful comments. They really motivate me to film more videos for
you guys. So keep doing this. I love you all so much and I’ll see you very soon!

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