Braided Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Hello, this is Sandy and welcome to another jewelry making video. Today we’re going to be making this bracelet with
beads and the strands are braided together for a very different and interesting look. So I was inspired to make this bracelet when
I saw this flower arrangement and just loved the deep rich fall colors so I snapped a picture
with my phone and took it with me to the bead store to buy my beads and as you can see,
here are the beads I got. I got six different ones in orange and reds and pinks and purple.
I’ll be using just the darker purple for this. Some of the strands, I won’t be using everything.
You want to get them all reasonably similar in size. I think these are the biggest and
these are the smallest, but they’re not crazy different. It’s not like I’m using big 10mm
beads and little tiny seed beads because we’re going to be braiding the strands together
so they need to be similar in size. To finish your bracelet, you will need two
of these three hole connectors, a clasp, a bit of chain to make your bracelet adjustable,
two jump rings, you’ll need 12 each of wire protectors, crimp covers and crimps and then
I also have some additional spacers and bead caps here to use instead of some of the ones
that are on strands and you’ll need six lengths of bead stringing wire, about 16″ long and
several of these little bead bugs, these bead clamps that keep your beads from falling off.
For tools, you’ll need wire cutters, chain nose pliers and crimping pliers. So you can see I’ve already started here putting
two of my stringing wires onto each of these three loops. I just left one to do so I can
show you how to do it and it’s the same way that’s we’ve done many projects in the past.
Onto your wire slide a crimp and a wire protector and then slide that wire protector over the
loop of your finding. Like I said, I have two on each of these three loops for my six
strands and then that wire end goes back through the crimp. You can squeeze together the ends
of your wire protector and then use your crimping pliers to flatten that crimp. First in the
u-shaped section furthest from the tips of the crimping pliers, give it a good squeeze
and you’ll see you have a u-shaped crimp and then you grab that sideways into the section
that’s closest to the tips and that will fold it. Always test and make sure that’s nice
and strong and then use wire cutters to trim off the excess wire and then use crimping
pliers, use those end tips, the little curved end to pick up a crimp cover and put it right
over that flattened crimp. Squeeze gently to close and now it’s a nice finish. It looks
like you have a bead there and so you’ll repeat to add six strands to your wire and then it’s
just a matter of stringing your beads onto this wire. Now I did a little pre-stringing and testing
and you’re going to need a lot more beads than you might think to make a bracelet length.
So to get started, I’m going to go ahead and string 12″ of beads. That’s why I cut 16″
lengths of wire, so I’d be sure not to run out, but I’m going to string 12″ of each of
my beads onto these strands and if you have like a thicker bead and a smaller bead, you
can put those together. Try to make your pairs of strands about equal in thickness. It’s
not a huge deal, but I think it would look a little bit nicer in the end. So you just
string on your beads and make sure to use your bead bugs to clamp all the ends securely. Okay so I’ve strung on all my beads and added
bead stoppers to the end and what you want to do for each strand is kind of hold it up
so that all the beads have slid down to your first end. Bring your stopper right up against
the last bead. It’ll move a little bit as you’re braiding, but you don’t want any gaps
and do that for each strand. Next it’s helpful to find something kind of
heavy to hold onto this end while you’re braiding, so I’ve got just a little pair of vice grips
that I can clamp onto that just to hold it down and then you’re going to separate out
your three pairs of strands and then just simply braid them. So if you don’t know how to braid, it’s very
simple. It’s left over middle and now that’s the new middle and then right over middle
and then that’s the new middle and then you just repeat. Left and right and that’s all
there is to it. Now you may want to try this a couple different times. Try braiding it
more tightly, more loosely until the look that you get suits the beads that you have
and you like the look and you just keep going until you’ve reached the length that you want
your bracelet to be. You may want to try it on your wrist because this has some thickness
so you’ll need a little bit more than the actual measurement of your bracelet and I’ve
found for, let’s see, about 7″ of bracelet I used about 9″ of beads. So once you’ve decided you’re at an end, then
you’re just going to remove the excess beads on each strand one at a time and finish them
off on your other three hole separator the same way using crimps and wire protectors.
Take care when you pull them up snug. You don’t want to pull up your braiding too snug
or you may distort it. Just pull it up just enough so that it lays nice and flat like
this. So here you can see I’ve finished my braiding
and I’ve added all but one of my strands of beads to the other three hole connector and
the easiest way to do this is to start with the two that are going to go on the middle
loop and then do the pair on the right and the pair on the left and I thought I would
just show you the final one. So what you want to do is with each strand
is take your strand and just give the beads a push down the wire and make sure that there
aren’t any gaps, empty spots on the wire. Then you’re going to hold your beads near
the loop that they’re going to be attached to and see where you want to remove beads
from. So I’ve got the whole thing stretched flat. I’ve got my string of beads tugged taut
and I’m going to remove it, remember that you’re going to take up space with your wire
guardian and with your crimp and crimp cover so I think I’m going to take off everything
from this bead after. So then you can just hold it over a dish or something to remove
the beads and then add your crimp, your wire protector. Make sure your strand is twisted
the way you want it to be and then add your wire protector to the loop and of course the
wire goes back through the crimp and in this case, it really is a good idea to leave a
little bit of slack just so the beads can move freely and lay nicely and then just use
your crimping pliers to flatten it and add your crimp cover as before. And so here’s your braid all completed. Now
keep in mind sometimes these end pieces want to flip through here and actually undo your
braid and you just tuck them back through just the same way. Just tuck this back through
until it looks right again. And the final steps are to open a couple of
jump rings. Use one to attach your clasp and use the other to attach your piece of chain
and your bracelet is done. Here’s another look at the bracelet we made
today. I hope you like this idea of making strands of beads and braiding them together.
This isn’t only limited to a bracelet. You could use the same thing to make a focal section
of a necklace. So thanks so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts’
videos. If you like this video, please make sure you have subscribed to my YouTube channel
so you’ll see more like it. You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on
my blog. Happy creating.

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