Bread, Gold and the Nagant Revolver (1981) movie

Bread, Gold and the Nagant Revolver (1981) movie

Central Studio named after M.GORKY FIRST CREATIVE UNION Go! Go! Go! Goddammit! Go! Go! Giddup, you fucking beast! Haeah! Go! Go! I’ll catch you up! Sasha, to the right. Right, here. Okay. Stop! Stop! Stop! I’ll leave you here. In compliance with the mandate,
here are 360 lb of grain. This road will take you to the station,
there catch a train to Moscow. Thank you. Can I ask you….? – I got it. Andronov!
– Yes? Help comrade Sokolova
deliver the grain. – Comrade Reutov, look, I…
– Secure the girl’s and the grain’s safety. – Alright, good luck.
– Yes! Thanks, Reutov, you really set me up! Comrade Reutov,
how’s this station called? Gorodok! Go! Hey, go! Go! In this beastly weather, by these muddy roads, and in this junk automobile? We ain’t got another one. And by train it’s way too risky.
You know it first-hand now. We need to deliver this gold. And urgently, like always? Right, urgently. Watch your backs,
if you go through Gorodok. These two guys are your backup. – Dyomin.
– Solyakov. – Get in the car!
– Yes, sir! Dyomin. What’s wrong? Get in the car. He helped us neutralize the gang
of Pockmarked, but the price was too high. lf… Well… No “ifs”. You’ll deliver the gold and get back. That’s it. Good luck. See you. – How’s the automobile?
– Malfunctioning. – What’s good – it’s filled up to the brim.
– This is at least something. – How will we go?
– Closer to the railroad tracks. – You mean, through Gorodok.
– Right. Okay. I’ll leave you here. – Remember me well.
– Good luck. – Thank you for all.
– Bye. A weird guy. So young, and so lifeless. He’s devastated. And who wouldn’t? Yesterday
he got back home and the house was empty. All his family are dead. He has neither
friends nor relatives. He’s all alone. Bread, Gold and the Nagant Revolver You’d better rest a bit, sir. To hell with all these “sirs”, “misses,”
like we’re some fucking bourgeois. You may call me by my name,
but I am not used to it. Not used to it. I hate your attitude. How could they admit you
to the Komsomol? Assigned this mission? Who were your folks? Huh? My dad was a doctor. And my mom was an actress. And I’m not a Komsomol member. Really? Really. I knew it. I had this feeling. Never mind. While we are together,
I’ll be your coach. But I’ll be educating you
in our proletarian spirit. Okay, try. Look, don’t you smile this bourgeois smile
of yours at me. Did you hear me? Thank you very much, Reutov. Like you did me good! Foisted her on me! Denikin is rushing to Moscow,
and I’m here with this… Where are you going?! You damned bitch! Sasha Antipov. Vasilyok? Kolya. Kolya Glodov? Do you know them? They’re from Reutov’s
food procurement squad. All got chopped to death. Bastards! That’s it. Let’s go. No time. Okay, let me do it. You better say why you are still
out of the Young Communist League? When it was formed, I was already
the Bolshevik party member. What? What did you say? Huh? Come on, don’t give me this crap! – How come?
– That’s how things are. – How can it be?
– I’ve been a party member since 191 7. So it’s 191 7, 1918, 1919… Okay. Hey, go! Go! Giddup! Yeah! Look, Olya… you know… don’t be mad at me
for being overcautious. I’m not mad at you. That’s fine, then. Yes, yes, come in! Here you go. Sit down, please. Sorry. My throat hurts so bad. I’m inhaling. They say it helps a lot. What can I do for you? I need to go to Moscow. It’s urgent. I’m afraid, miss, I can’t help you. The next train to Moscow might be
only tomorrow. Here’s my mandate. No, look at it well. Lunacharsky himself gave it to me. And don’t call me “miss”, please. Okay, Olga Aleksandrovna, I won’t. But anyway, the train won’t come sooner. We’re delivering grain for orphans. They’re dying there from hunger,
and every minute counts. Olga Aleksandrovna, these days thousands
of people are dying from hunger, diseases. If it were in my power, I would’ve given
food to them all and cured them all too. We got a hospital-train
standing on the tracks. I can’t dispatch the injured soldiers. Okay, I’ll try to help you. Thank you. Wait! Is this a bribe?! And… Oh no! It’s a tsar 100-ruble banknote? This is just a medication. My granny gave it to me. I had nothing at hand to wrap it up in.
I see your throat hurts so bad. – Are you the chief of the Gorodok station?
– Right, front and present. We’ll help you with tools, and if you don’t fix your automobile, we’ll dispatch you by train. I’m sorry. So don’t worry,
feel at home here. – We met somewhere, I guess.
– I don’t think so. – When is the next train?
– We expect it tomorrow morning. Can we have some boiled water, please? We’ll arrange tea now. Sugar is in the table.
Pillows and blankets are over there. – I’ll crash at the operator’s.
– Thank you. Make yourselves comfortable. – Help me up, guys.
– Okay. Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! Kolya! What’s happened, Kolya?! They blew up the tracks at the 4th double-track junction,
where the repairs are underway. What?! – They cut off the way to Moscow.
– What are you talking about?! – The Whites.
– How come they are there, Kolya?! What Whites, Kolya?! Sasha, careful! Stepan Ignatyevich,
what are we to do now? – Quick! Get out of here!
– Where to? Sasha! Get out of here! Sasha, where are you going?! – Come on, help me!
– We won’t make it. Help me! – It hurts so bad!
– Wait a bit. Put it back. Hold on, I’ll call someone. Don’t. Where’s Mute?! Beard! – I don’t know.
– Where’s Mechanic?! He’s killed. The gripsack. Where’s the gripsack. – The gripsack?
– Here it is. There’s gold in it. 3 bullions. Deliver it to the People’s Commissariat
of Finances. And what about you? I’m done, I’m dead. Go! Go! Sasha! Move it! They’ll smash you! Drop all this stuff, Goddammit!
Let’s go! Over here, bro! What the hell are you doing?!
Where are you going?! Stop! Get back! Sasha, slow down, please. It’s a half-way station. Let’s go check,
if there’re any Whites there or something. Shit, I guess there’s not a soul here. – How’s the water?
– It feels so good. Pour some more. They’re four all-in-all.
We’ll take them out quick. You and Olga go to the section car,
and we’ll try to make it to the carriage and shoot them all like partridges. No more violence, pal. I’ll approach them from the station
and try to talk to them. You go by the starboard and be at stand-by. – Shoot only in emergency.
– Okay. Get the section car here
and wait for my signal. – I’ll go with you.
– Why? It’s way too risky. Here. That’s the way! Got hurt? Go, bastard! Come on! Move it! What are we gonna do now? Where were your eyes, bastard?! You fell asleep! Hey, he’s gonna drown. Right. Fight your own kind,
and you’ll scare off the enemy. – Stop it, Sasha.
– What’s wrong? Alright. Get them in the carriage
and bring the section car here. Freeze! Hands up, bastards!
In the name of the Revolution… Easy, don’t get so fussy. – Let’s waste them all, Goddammit!
– Get them into the carriage. Hey, move it! I would’ve killed you all! Fucking counterrevolutionaries! Did I kill him? War is war. – The water’s high. Will the tracks be okay?
– It’s low here. It’ll be better farther on. You rescued us. – If it hadn’t been for you…
– And where are you heading? For now we just want to get out of here,
and then we’ll head for Moscow. – We’re delivering the grain.
– Get aboard. Let’s go. And what about you? Probably, you’ll make us company? Get aboard, it’ll be more fun
when we’re four. Alright. This is the place
where the Whites were in the morning. Looks like there’s no one here now. It’s quiet. Thank God! Let’s get down to work. This is the most dangerous part
of the way, then it’ll be okay. One, two, heave! Great! Keep it up! Hold it there! Or it’ll fall and smash your feet. And now put it down, and carefully. Inhale deep, exhale. Hands up. Hands up! This is an exercise to rest your muscles. Let’s go! – Look, a bitch!
– Gotcha, bastards. Why are you piercing me
with these eyes of yours? You’re not gonna scare me, bitch. Let’s better cut it, it’s not the first time
we’re having this talk. “So listen…” Who are these people?
And what about the train? I’ll start from the very beginning,
Arkady Nikolayevich. It all happened last night. You went to Gorodok, and my men and I lay in ambush on the
tracks, waiting for the train from Moscow. And then came this explosion! Beyond the woods. We rushed there.
And what do we see? 5 White officers blew up
the railroad track in the Red Army rear and deprived us
of the so long-awaited train. Please, forgive me,
but I got so mad that wasted three of them right on the spot. As for these two I brought them here. They are officers of the 10th
Cossack cavalry regiment: lieutenant Morozov
and lieutenant Smyslov. And we grabbed a crate with explosives,
too. But had no time to use it. Let me tell you that the crate contains bare
gun-cotton slabs. One spark is enough
to blow it all up to hell. Good point. I hate all these tricks
with explosives. Nikita, put the crate at the back. Wait. Better put it over here. First-class gun-cotton. I used the same kind to open the safe
in the Orlov bank. Gentlemen, comrades, my name is Arkady Nikolayevich
Mezentsev. Maybe my name rings a bell with you. The press often wrote about me
in-between the two revolutions. The assault on the post-train
at Nikolayev, the reckless robbery of the Kharkov bank, Mezentsev, who’d gotten the death penalty,
but broke out ofjail. And the like stuff. And this is Pashka, a Gypsy guy,
my right hand and a trainee. He’s an expert in railroad operations. As for this dude… he got a whole future ahead of him. Look, as politics is not in my line, I don’t care a shit for your views
and beliefs. I care for all these Whites, Reds,
anarchists and the like crap as long as they help me obtain
new material valuables. I’d welcome any tip as to where, when and how
my guys and I can get these valuables. Think about it,
while Pasha is gonna fill me in on you. I want to see you all alive. And now let’s get down to business. Officers,
I got a couple of questions to you. Very shortly the Reds will take
Gorodok back. You’re here, far away from the rear, and
the Cossacks are shaking down every house. Who or what are they looking for? Why all this useless assault? And why were the tracks, leading to Moscow,
blown up? Okay, let’s start with you,
lieutenant Morozov. What can you say? Mister Mezentsev, I’d rather talk to you
in private. Speak up, I’m listening to you. Look, you got not only your men here, later you’ll get it yourself
that my words are not for everyone’s ears. Speak up. – Gold.
– Close it! That’s the answer to all your questions.
360 lbs in 3 bullions. Colonel Bragin got info that the Bolshevik security officers, going to
Moscow, stopped at Gorodok yesterday. They wanted to catch the train to
Moscow and carried gold with them. Bragin decided to cut off this railroad
line and take Gorodok and… grab this gold! Right. The same old story. When will we deal with any smart guys? You, dirty scum! Bastard! Remove them from here
and throw at the forest edge. There are packs of stray dogs around, and they are so repulsively howling
at nights. Probably, from hunger. And I’m suffering from headaches
and insomnia. Go ahead, Pasha. Suddenly I see a section car
instead of the train. There are 4 people on it. The White officers had at least
a couple of gold rings, and those ones were Reds.
It was clear as day they had nothing. Right, we grabbed just 3 sacks
of premium grain. And that’s it. They’re over there, by the wall. And a gripsack with tools. As for the people, they are: Stepan Ignatyevich Zaytsev. The chief of the Gorodok station.
A non-party member. Olga Aleksandrovna Sokolova. The mistress of the first Moscow
foster home on Ordynka Street. It’s her place of residence, too.
The Bolshevik party member. She was sent on a mission
to deliver this grain. Aleksandr Yevgenyevich Andronov. A Red Fleet sailor,
a Komsomol member. He’s escorting Sokolova. Here. Vladimir lvanovich Gorbach. A security officer and a Bolshevik. He’s been sent home for treatment. Had an engraved revolver. “To the best security officer
from Dzerzhinsky.” Then the signature. How come, comrade Gorbach. Dzerzhinsky gave you a revolver and you disgraced yourself running away
from the Whites on a section car. Too bad. Why didn’t you die like a hero,
defending the town? Huh? Comrade Reds, have you all heard
about gold? What can you add? Who will start? – I will.
– You? Okay, speak up. – I got nothing to say.
– Are you kidding? Did you see how those two who liked
gags ended up? Yes, I did. Aren’t you afraid to die? Hey, look, Pasha,
he even didn’t wink. Is he a hero orjust a psycho? In case you want to grab the revolver,
it’s unloaded. – Can you give me a light, please?
– Bravo, Gorbach! With pleasure. I definitely dig you. I like you, too. And now order to put the grain
in your automobile. – Are you kidding again?
– No, I’m not. Check my right hand. And put up your hands. Now! We got nothing to lose.
You won’t leave us alive. And if you try to stop me,
I’ll blow up everyone here. Holy shit! Pasha, he’ll do it, he’s a psycho. Guys, guys, this man is not kidding. Let’s not risk it.
Gun slabs are no toys. Load the sacks in the automobile and stand back, all of you. Sasha! Why are you standing? Sit.
Give me the gun! Zaytsev, catch! Here. You got 30 seconds. Get them! How are things out there? It’s like this – the Cossacks are
on the left, a railroad bar is on the right. The grenade will explode upward
and to the left. I’ll be there. Here. – Watch out.
– Don’t worry, I know the town. Alright. Sasha, over here! Quick! Go! Wow!! Go! Gorbach, go! – Sasha!
– I’ll find you! Okay. Sasha! Freeze! Freeze! I’m gonna fire! Cossacks! Get down! Cossacks! Get back! Quick! Rear of the house! Quick! They are catching up with us! Move it! – Where are they?
– Somewhere here. We must look for them. – This is Sasha! Sasha!
– He’s diverting them away from us. Come on, move it! Sasha! – Sasha!
– Here he is. Move it! You scared the hell out of us! – Make a u-turn! We’re getting out of here!
– Hurray! Hurray! Are you okay, Sasha?
What’s wrong, Sasha, dear? Why, Sasha?! Why so, huh?
Why? Sasha! Sasha! Sasha, dear! Even bread is with lead bullets now. Okay. You get settled here,
and I’ll go out and stay on the watch. Just in case. He’s a very nice and kind man. Why are you doing it? We’re in the rear,
and there’s no danger here. It’s my habit. Vladimir lvanovich, do you have a family? I had a family. I’m sorry. It seems to me you’re always
looking for death. Am I right? No, you’re not. I guess, not. Do you promise me
you’ll watch your back? I found a sack here. Let’s pour off the grain into it. Probably, this one.
Too many holes in it. What is it?! Gold?! No. No. Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! Stepan Ignatyevich! I’m here. Why are you yelling like hell? Here. Stepan Ignatyevich, what’s wrong with you? With me? I’m okay. You… Easy, Vladimir lvanovich. What have you done? Why did you poke your nose in those sacks?
Why couldn’t you just be sleeping? – You…
– Vladimir lvanovich. I would’ve grabbed this gold
and taken off. Quietly, without kicking up any fuss. And what shall we do now? Huh?! Nothing. We’ll take this gold to Moscow and turn it in. No way. I’ve gone through all this ordeal. Why should I turn it in? Huh? I don’t want my kids
to be raised in foster homes. I want them to make a career and become respectable people in society. Then go the opposite side!
You need to stick with the Whites! Come on, Olga, dear.
The Whites have already lost the game. I’m for the Soviet power
with my both hands, my dear. May it live long and get stronger! But a gram of gold is a gram of gold under any regime.
And in all times. What a fucking bastard you’re, Zaytsev. A dirty scum! Great. Great. Say more. Come on. Shit on me. Or it’s kind of hard for me. I can’t do it this way. So? Come on, spit in my face! I’m not scared of you, and you got no guts
to do it. Never! – Olga!
– Right. Right, Vladimir lvanovich. You got me right, I’ll do it. Here, take it. And go away, bastard. No, that’s not it.
I’m forced to kill you. I got no choice. No! No! No! I can’t believe it! You’re dead! I knocked you off, Gorbach! You’re dead! I can’t believe it! It beats the shit out of me! I know I acted like a fucking SOB. But you… Come on, let’s split it. Take one for yourself. Why don’t you say anything?
Do you want two? Take two then! Why don’t you speak? Do you want to take all? No way, you won’t do it.
You just won’t do it! Why don’t you speak, huh?
Let’s make a deal. Okay? Wait! Let’s make a deal.
Stop! Don’t do it! I understand I’m a total ass,
a SOB. Look. You are so honest, so perfect. You won’t shoot at me, I got no gun
and can’t defend myself. I want to live. No! No! No! The People’s Commissariat of Finances Comrade, comrade, wait!
Where did you come from? – No big deal.
– What’s your name? What’s your name? Who are you? FORSTER HOME Written by
Robert SVYATOPOLK-MIRSKY Directed by
Samvel GASPAROV Directors of Photography –
V. YEGOROV, A. MACHILSKY Production Designers –
A. ZUBOV The State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR
State Committee on Cinematography Conducted by
M. NERSESYANTS Starring Gorbach – Vladimir BORISOV
Olga – Olga GASPAROVA Sasha – Yuri GRIGORYEV Zaytsev – Oleg KORCHIKOV
Mezentsev – Eduard MARTSEVICH Pasha – Elgudzha BUDULI Also starring: N. Dyomin, I. Klass,
S .Milovanov, Ye. Solyakov, M. Kokoyev, R. Mirsky, O. Vasilyuk,
S. Gasparov, Yu. Chuprin M. Gorky Film Studio
1980 THE END

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