Bright Copper Solution – Let’s See How Bright It Gets

Bright Copper Solution – Let’s See How Bright It Gets

So I had a customer asked me how much
does the bright copper really brighten a part up? So I thought I’d give it a
try. This is just a copper round actually that I hit it with a scotch brite pad to
scratch it up really good and then I actually palladium plated it just to get
it a contrast of color. And let’s see what happens we’ve got the Jewel Master
Pro HD setup here. We’ve got electro cleaner, activator which we’re actually
going to be skipping for this process and the copper. This here is the air
agitation kit which adds oxygen to the copper and makes it work correct. Then just turn the voltage up here for the electro clean and it shouldn’t
require too much electro cleaning. Honestly and I just need to get it
receptive to the copper you’ll notice it’s bubbling probably typically this is really
critical step but I think since I just barely got done hitting it with the
scotch brite it probably shouldn’t require too much. That’s probably good
I mean like I said I’m just gonna skip the activation step on this one. I’ve found
that with copper it’s not as important maybe because the the solution itself is
quite acidic I’m going to turn it down about 2.8 going for a final voltage of
1.7, 1.75 is the area I found is about right. If you get it up above 2 you start
risking getting burning and I’m going to just leave it in here for probably 5
minutes. We’ll see how bright it is after 5 and then maybe I’ll do it again after
10. So I’m gonna show it to you real quick it’s probably already copper, oh
yeah, already nice and copper but we’re gonna leave it in there and see just how
bright and shiny the bright copper will get it. We’ll see you get in about five
minutes and then I’ll check back in in about 10. Alright guys let’s check it
out we’re about five minutes in and it is definitely getting shiny you still
have the scratches in it I mean they’ll probably always be there but it’s
starting to get that shine to it. Let’s throw it back in see what happens after
let’s leave it in there for 10 or 15 minutes I’ll check back with you. Alright
guys so I left it in there for 20 minutes and just to show you this is
what it looked like before, roughly, and then this is what it looks like now. So I
mean it still has the scratches in it but as you can see my reflection it is
very shiny, so I mean that’s pretty amazing actually
between copper and bright nickel if I were to now go bright nickel plate that
throw it in the bright nickel for 10 – 20 minutes it would be a mirror. So that’s
why people do it especially on steel or gun parts or anything like that. Anyway
guys thought that’d just be a fun little experiment to do and I hope you guys
enjoyed it. This was the Jewel Master set up with a electro cleaner,
activator and the bright copper. The copper anode is necessary and the air agitation
is necessary. If you have any questions just throw them down below be happy to
answer them. As always subscribe, like our our channel and let me know any
questions you have. Thank you.


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